Prices in Portugal

Prices in Portugal are at a moderate level. More precisely, it means that the cost of accommodation, food in shops and restaurants and attractions is lower compared to other Western European countries, but still higher by 20-30% than those from Central and Eastern Europe. Interestingly, this does not apply to all goods, as coffee in a cafe, oranges, fish and seafood, and local wine in bars are cheaper.

Current prices in Portugal

Portugal is noticeably cheaper in comparison to such holiday destinations as Italy or Spain. The prices of restaurants and shops are not great, even in these more touristic places. Despite this, many people still believe that the country is expensive. Yes, Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve coast are more expensive than other regions. However, these differences are not significant enough to dissuade tourists from visiting Portugal.

Prices in Portugal / Food in shops, dinner in a restaurant of food and drinks
Prices in Portugal / Food in shops, dinner in a restaurant of food and drinks

Accommodation prices in Portugal

Accommodation prices are highest in the two most important cities in Portugal, Lisbon and Porto, and in tourist resorts on the Algarve coast. The cost of accommodation depends of course on the date of arrival. In summer, accommodation prices are simply higher, so if someone wants to save a bit, it is better to avoid Portugal from June to September.

Then the cost of accommodation may be even 1/3 lower.

Accommodation prices in this country also depend on the standard. In Portugal, you can choose from a full range of accommodation, from hotels to whole apartments for rent. The cost of accommodation depends on what we actually choose.

Average accommodation prices in Portugal:

  •     dorm room 7-10 euro per person
  •     hostel 20-26 euro per night
  •     two star hotel over 45 euro a night
  •     three star hotel 80 euro a night
  •     four star hotel almost 100 euro a night
  •     5-star luxury hotel over 180 euro a night

Prices for public transport and taxis in Portugal

As for the cost of public transport in Portugal, it depends on the specific city. On average, we will pay from 1.20 to 2 euro for a single transport ticket. A day ticket will cost from 5 to 8 euro.

Sample transport prices in Portugal:

  •     hourly ticket for the metro in Lisbon 1.30 euro
  •     hourly ticket for all transport in Lisbon 1.45 euro
  •     train from Lisbon to Cascais 2.25 euro
  •     train from the capital to Sintra 4.5 euro (return)
  •     bus from Sintra to Cabo da Roca 4.25 euro (return)
  •     full-day hop on and off bus ticket in Sintra 5 euro
  •     train from Lisbon to Porto over 30 euro
  •     bus from Lisbon to Porto 20 euro
  •     bus from Lisbon to Fatima 12.50 euro
  •     bus from Porto to Fatima 17.50 euro

When it comes to taxi prices in Portugal, you have to pay from 3 to over 4 euro to start the course. In addition, about 0.50 to 1 euro for each kilometer traveled. As you can see, these are not shocking sums. However, for an hour of waiting for a taxi driver, you have to pay from 15 to 30 euro.

Current prices in Portugal / How much what is in Portugal?
Current prices in Portugal / How much what is in Portugal?

Fuel prices in Portugal

If we travel in Portugal by our own or rented car, we have to take into account the local fuel prices. Depending on a specific station, their prices are at the following average level:

  •     gasoline 95 1.64 euro per liter
  •     gasoline 98 euro 1.78 per liter
  •     diesel 1.47 euro per liter
  •     LPG 0.63 euro per liter

See also prices in Madeira.

Food prices in shops in Portugal

The prices of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, as well as local wine, can pleasantly surprise you in Portugal. When it comes to shopping for food, it’s best to do it in chain stores. It will be cheaper in stores such as: Jumbo, Lidl, Continente, Minipreço or Pingo Doce. In addition to these supermarkets, you can also find Coviran stores, a Spanish chain, which, however, has slightly higher prices. Just like the small local shops scattered around the area.

There are local markets (mercado) in many places in Portugal, where you can buy local vegetables and fruits, fresh fish and seafood, and regional products. It is best to buy bread in local bakeries (padaria) or pastry-cafes (pastelaria), where the selection of various pastries is usually huge and the prices are affordable.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Portugal:

  •     bread roll 0.10-0.20 euro
  •     baguette 0.40-0.50 euro
  •     bread 1.10 euro
  •     toasted bread 1.30 euro
  •     full grain bread  1.70 euro
  •     pastel de nata 0.60 euro
  •     butter 2 euro a cube
  •     eggs 1.70 euro for 12
  •     sliced ​​cheese 2 euro per pack
  •     cream cheese 1.15 euro per pack
  •     blue cheese 1.35 euro each
  •     a small yoghurt 0.60 euro
  •     milk 0.65 euro per liter
  •     corn flakes 1 euro per package
  •     sliced ​​ham 1.50 euro per pack
  •     pasta 0.60 euro for half a kilo
  •     rice 0.90 euro per kilogram
  •     chicken 5.20 euro per kilogram
  •     beef 9.60 euro per kilogram
  •     sausage 12 euro per kilo
  •     frozen octopus 8.50 euro per kilo
  •     fresh fish 5-10 euro per kilo
  •     fresh prawns 8-12 euro per kilo
  •     dried cod 5-8 euro per kilogram
  •     frozen pizza 2-3 euro
  •     chips 0.90 euro per package
  •     biscuits 1.50 euro per package
  •     chocolate 1.60 euro for a plate
  •     tea 1.50 euro per pack
  •     instant coffee 4.70 euro for a 100 gram package
Food  and drink prices in Portugal
Food  and drink prices in Portugal

Fruit prices in shops in Portugal:

  •     orange 1.20 euro per kilogram
  •     mango 4.40 euro per kilo
  •     banana 1.10 euro per kilo
  •     pear 1.90 euro per kilogram
  •     apple 1.60 euro per kilo
  •     nectarine 1.60 euro per kilogram
  •     lemon 1.20 euro per kilo
  •     kiwi 3 euro per kilogram
  •     tangerine 1.10 euro per kilogram
  •     watermelon 1.10 euro per kilogram
  •     melon 1.70 euro per kilogram

Vegetable prices in shops in Portugal:

  •     cucumber 0.80 euro per kilo
  •     tomato 1.40 euro per kilogram
  •     onion 1 euro per kilo
  •     lettuce 0.90 euro apiece
  •     potato 0.90 euro per kilogram
  •     mushrooms 4.70 euro per kilo
  •     pepper 2.60 euro per kilogram
  •     corn in the cob 2 euro for 2 pieces
  •     zucchini 0.90 euro per kilogram
  •     sweet potato 1.70 euro per kilogram
  •     broccoli 1.40 euro per kilogram
  •     cabbage 1 euro per kilogram
  •     garlic 1.30 euro for 0.25 kilogram
  •     eggplant 1.60 euro per kilogram

Prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in a shop in Portugal:

  •     water 0.60 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     cola 1.65 euro for 2 liters
  •     tomato juice 0.90 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     orange juice 1 euro per liter
  •     ice tea 1.40 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     energy drink 1.40 euro per can
  •     cider 1.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     wine 4-5 euro for a bottle
  •     local beer 1 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     imported beer 2 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     whiskey 10 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     gin 11 euro for 0.7 liters
  •     vodka from 10 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     cigarettes 5 euro per pack

How are prices in Portugal restaurants?

Prices in a restaurant in Portugal / Dinner for the whole family, pizza, fast-food
Prices in a restaurant in Portugal / Dinner for the whole family, pizza, fast-food

Prices in restaurants in Portugal

Lisbon, Porto and tourist resorts such as Lagos, Albufeira or Faro are most often the most expensive places when it comes to average food prices in restaurants. In turn, the northern part of Portugal, in direct proportion, positively surprises tourists with its low prices in pubs and small gastronomy.

Average price for a meal in low-cost places in Portugal starts from € 5 to € 12. In slightly better restaurants, the price for dinner starts from 10-15 euro upwards. Of course, the cheapest way to eat is fast food and street food. In this case, you can eat for 3 to 6 euro.

Another option is to buy bread in a nearby bakery, where you will pay from 1 to 4 euro for sweet pastries.

Average fast food and street food prices in Portugal:

  •     fast food set in a well-known chain store 5-8 euro
  •     cheeseburger  1.80 euro
  •     fried chicken wings 8 euro
  •     large pizza 12-18 euro depending on the toppings
  •     bifana (bread roll with meat) 3 euro
  •     cheese and ham toast 2.80 euro
  •     rotisserie chicken + fries 6-10 euro

How much is dinner in a restaurant for the whole family in Portugal?

Food prices in restaurants in Portugal

  •     breakfast set (croissant, cookie and coffee) 3.50 euro
  •     soup of the day 1.5 to 3 euro
  •     starters 1-4 euro
  •     traditional Portuguese cake from 6 euro
  •     dish of the day 7-9 euro (usually a cutlet + fries + some vegetables)
  •     turistico menu 12-15 euro (two courses, dessert + drink)
  •     octopus salad 4-8 euro
  •     grilled sardines + potatoes + vegetables 10 euro
  •     fried prawns 8-10 euro
  •     cod casserole 10-14 euro
  •     fish stew 15 – 25 euro
  •     grilled octopus 10-15 euro
  •     fish shashlik 16.50 euro
  •     rice with seafood for two 25 euro
  •     paste 10-12 euro
  •     tortellini 13 euro
  •     veal dish 8-15 euro
  •     pork dish 7-15 euro

Let’s also check other prices in Portugal.

Prices in cafes and bars in Portugal:

  •     fruit mousse 2 euro
  •     fruit salad 3-4 euro
  •     rice dessert 2-3 euro
  •     ice cream 2-4 euro
  •     pastel del nata 1 euro
  •     pancake with toppings 2 euro
  •     coffee 0.80 euro
  •     latte 1.50 euro
  •     cappuccino 1.40 euro
  •     tea 1.50 euro
  •     lemonade 1.40 euro
  •     cola 1.30 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     ice tea 1.40 euro
  •     juice 1.50-2.50 euro
  •     water 0.90 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     local beer 2 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     imported beer 2 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     a decanter of homemade wine 3-8 euro
  •     a glass of sherry 1 euro
  •     a glass of port 4 euro
  •     drinks from 5 euro

Prices for souvenirs from Portugal

  •     hand-painted bowl 4-8 euro
  •     pictures painted on cork wood 5-9 euro
  •     cork purse 3 euro
  •     sea ​​salt 0.70 euro per kilogram
  •     olive oil in a 5 liter container for 20-25 euro
  •     honey 3-6 euro
  •     canned sardines 1-3 euro
  •     pastel de nata (cookies) packed in a box of 4.50 euro
  •     cherry liqueur 8-15 euro for 0.75 liters
  •     Moscatel wine from 5 euro upwards
  •     port wine from 4-5 euro upwards

Prices for attractions and monuments in Portugal

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