Prices in Malta: Food in stores, dinners in restaurants, cigarettes

Current prices in Malta are important to know for the visitors. Let’s start with the fact that the currency in Malta is the euro, therefore, holidays spent there will be relatively expensive, but not all prices will bring us to our knees, and many of them do not differ significantly from those found in other parts of Europe (here we refer you to our other articles on current prices in the world).

Malta is a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean and over 70% of the products are imported from other countries (often from the closest Italy).

An important aspect is also the date of our stay in Malta.

Current prices in Malta / Check how much money to take with you on your Maltese vacation.
Current prices in Malta / Check how much money to take with you on your Maltese vacation.

In the summer prices will be strongly increased and this applies not only to accommodation, but also to prices of food in stores and restaurants as well as car rental. There is one and unchanging rule: the larger  and more tourist-oriented the city the more expensive it is – ex. Valletta, Sliema or Victoria.

If you stay in smaller spots, the prices will definitely be lower.

You should also remember that in smaller stores or at the market there may be a problem with card payments.

In addition, stores are open approximately until 20 or 21.

Let’s check what are the prices of specific products in Malta:

Current prices in Malta stores / Check prices of food and drink, alcohol and cigarettes.
Current prices in Malta stores / Check prices of food and drink, alcohol and cigarettes.

Prices of food and drink in stores in Malta

Due to the fact that most of the food is imported to Malta, apart from bread, meat, some cheeses as well as vegetables and fruit, their prices will be slightly higher compared to what we know from continental stores. Fruit and vegetables as well as imported alcohol are certainly more expensive.

In Malta, apart from small shops, there are also supermarkets (e.g. Lidl, Tower SuperMarket, Supermarket Pavi), where prices are slightly lower. Interestingly, however, you will buy fruit and vegetables cheaper in small greengrocers and market places.

  1. loaf of bread approx. 1 euro
  2. baguette 0.60 euro
  3. bread roll 0.35 euro
  4. milk 0.90 euro per liter
  5. butter 1.80 euro per cube
  6. eggs 1.90 euro for 12
  7. white cheese from 3 euro per kilo
  8. local cheese from 4 euro per kilo
  9. large cup of yogurt 1.20 euro
  10. sliced ​​sausage approx. 2 euro per packaging
  11. pasta around 1 euro per 500 gram packet
  12. rice 1 euro per kilogram
  13. chicken breast 5-8 euro per kilo
  14. minced pork approx. 8 euro per kilo
  15. beef from 7 euro per kilo
  16. potatoes from 1 euro per kilogram
  17. tomatoes from 1.50 euro per kilo
  18. cauliflower 1.20 euro for a large piece
  19. apples from 1.80 euro per kilo
  20. orange from 1 euro per kilo (at the market)
  21. bananas from 1.50 euro per kilo
  22. grapes 4.70 euro per kilo
  23. coffee 2.30 euro per 250 gram packet
  24. tea 2 euro for a package of 25 teabags
  25. water 0.50-1 Euro for 1.5 liters
  26. juice 1.10-1.20 euro per liter carton
  27. Kinnie 1 euro for 0.5 liter

Alcohol and cigarette prices in Malta:

  1. local beer 1.30 euro for a half-liter bottle
  2. imported beer 1.70 euro for 0.33 liters
  3. local decent wine 4-5 euro
  4. vodka 9.50 euro per bottle
  5. rum 13 euro per bottle
  6. whiskey 12 euro per bottle
  7. cigarettes approx. 5 euro per packet

Prices of dinners at restaurants in Malta:

As everywhere in the world, the price of a meal depends on the place you choose. Will it be fast food, cheap eatery or Christmas restaurant.

On average, you have to count 12 euro for dinner, but you will still find meals for less than 10 euro. The cheapest are the snacks from the so-called street food, which you can buy for as little as 0.50 euro (cookie with filling, not necessarily sweet).

  1. fast food set from 6 euro
  2. cheeseburger in fast food around 2 euro
  3. a small portion of fries from 1 euro
  4. a slice of pizza from 1.5 euro
  5. sandwich with toppings (salad, fries) approx. 3 euro
  6. breakfast set from 3 euro
  7. salad from 7 euro
  8. soup from 5 euro per portion
  9. pizza from 5-6 euro
  10. Maltese starter set 9 euro
  11. octopus dish from 10 euro
  12. ​​rabbit dish from 15 euro
Prices of dinners in restaurants in Malta / See how much you will pay for a pizza or dinner for the whole family.
Prices of dinners in restaurants in Malta / See how much you will pay for a pizza or dinner for the whole family.

Drink prices in restaurants in Malta:

  1. coffee 1-2.50 euro
  2. tea 1-1.5 euro
  3. water 0.50-1.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  4. coke 1-2 euro for 0.33 liters
  5. a glass of wine 2-3 euro
  6. local beer 2-3.50 euro for half a liter
  7. imported beer 2-3 euro for 0.33 liters
  8. liqueur approx. 4 euro for 25 ml shot

Price of transport in Malta:

  1. bus ticket (2h) 1.50-2 euro
  2. weekly bus ticket 21 euro
  3. ferry (Malta-Gozo) round-trip 5 euro
  4. taxi average 10 euro for entry, plus 2 euro for each kilometer
  5. car rental from 110-130 euro per week
  6. gasoline 1.3 euro per liter

Accommodation prices in Malta:

It all depends on the standard and the date of your stay. In the summer you will get a weekly stay in a decent hotel for 500 euro, in the low season you will find a similar one for 100 euros.

Hostel prices are on average 28 euro per night. However, a one-day stay in a 3-star hotel already costs at least 80 euro per room. You can also rent an apartment, which in the low season can cost less than 100 euro per week.

Finally, a few words about the prices of attractions in Malta:

Prices of attractions in Malta:

  1. cruise to Blue Grotto 8 euro
  2. cruise to the place where Azure Window once was 4 euro
  3. Archaeological Museum on Gozo 3 euro
  4. Roman House (Domvs Romana) 6 euro
  5. Catacombs of St. Paul 5 euro
  6. aquarium in Qawra 13.90 euro
  7. The Malta Classic Car Collection 9 euro
  8. Popeye Village 11-15 euro depending on the season
  9. Megalithic temples in Mnajdra and Hagar Qim 10 euro
  10. Hypogeum Ħal Saflieni with a guide 35 euro
  11. The National War Museum in Valletta 10 euro

You can read more about this in our article on tourist attractions in Malta, where we discussed the topic of interesting places and monuments on the island that are worth seeing and visiting.

Current map of Malta

Locate on the map of Malta all objects that interest you:

And finally, a few interesting facts about Malta:

It is also worth visiting the official tourist site of Malta where you will find more information on prices on this island.

Describe your experiences and your opinions on current prices of food and drinks in Malta in the comments. Every opinion counts!

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