Prices in Majorca


Majorca is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago. It belongs to the Kingdom of Spain, so the currency is Euro.

There is no denying that this island is heavily geared towards tourists from Germany and partygoers from Great Britain.

For this reason, prices, especially in the season, are very high, mainly when it comes to dining in restaurants, partying or tourist attractions.

However Majorca is by no means the most expensive island in the Mediterranean. It all depends on what and where you buy.

Prices in Majorca
Prices in Majorca

The further from tourist centers the cheaper – the same wisdom applies to the distance from the beach. The most expensive restaurants and shops are usually right on the waterfront. However all it takes is little planning and creativity to leave Majorca without a debt 🙂

Let’s check the current prices of food and drink in stores and dinners in restaurants.

Food prices in Majorca

It’s best to shop in supermarkets. Small stores are simply more expensive and have no “buy one, take another for 50%” promotions. There are several supermarket chains in Majorca, it is best to buy in Lidl, Eroski or Spar, although it can be more expensive there.

Cool drinks are usually slightly more expensive than uncooled ones. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, you’ll get the best prices at local markets.

However, you need to know that most of this range is still imported from the Spain, because Majorca doesn’t have many crops and fruit orchards. The island is more tourist than agriculture-oriented.

Food prices in Majorca
Food prices in Majorca

Prices of food and groceries in stores

  1. milk (1l) 0.60-0.90 euro
  2. baguette 0.50 euro
  3. bread 1.20-1.50 euro
  4. butter (200g) 1.70 euro
  5. small yogurt 0.50 euro
  6. eggs (12) 1.30 – 1.70 euro
  7. cream cheese for sandwiches 2.20 euro
  8. yellow cheese (200 g) 1.70 euro
  9. local cheese 12-13 euro per kg
  10. ham 12.50 euro per kg
  11. frankfurters 5 euro per kg
  12. pasta (500g) 1 euro
  13. rice 0.60 – 1.40 euro per kg
  14. olive oil (1l) 1.55 euro
  15. chicken breast 4.50-6.00 euro per kg
  16. beef 13-16 euro per kg
  17. tomatoes 1.40-1.80 euro per kg
  18. lettuce 0.85 – 1.00 euro per item
  19. potatoes 1.30-1.60 euro per kg
  20. oranges 1-1.85 euro per kg
  21. bananas 1.20-1.90 euro per kg
  22. chocolate (100g) 0.80 – 1 euro
  23. sugar 0.70 euro per kg
  24. coffee (250g) 1.50 euro
  25. tea (20 teabags) 1 euro
  26. water (1.5l) 0.30 – 0.90 euro
  27. fruit juice in a carton (1l) 0.80 euro
  28. can of soda 0.35 euro
  29. cola (2l) 1.50 euro

See how beautiful Majorca is:

Alcohol and cigarette prices in Majorca:

  1. local beer (0.5l) 0.60-0.80 euro
  2. imported beer (0.33l) 1.30-2 euro
  3. decent wine 5-8 euro
  4. sangria around 1.35 euro per liter
  5. liqueur 5-8 euro per bottle
  6. decent whiskey (0.7l) 13 euro
  7. decent vodka (0.7l) 9.50 euro
  8. decent cigarettes 4-5 euro per packet

Fruit prices at the market:

  1. oranges from 0.40 euro per kg
  2. nectarines 2 euro per kg
  3. strawberries 3.5 euro per kg
  4. cherries 4,5 euro per kg

Dinner prices in restaurants in Majorca

You will eat a not excessively exquisitive warm meal for around 10-12 euro in a cheap restaurant. A three-course dinner for two is already an expense of 30-50 euro. You can eat the dish of the day for around 8-10 euro (two dishes + dessert, sometimes a drink)

  1. set of tapas appetizers 3.4 5 euro depending on the serving size
  2. seafood in the form of starters 4-6 euro
  3. pizza slice 3-4 euro
  4. kebab 5 euro
  5. ​​large sandwich approx. 5-6 euro
  6. fast food set 7-8 euro
  7. paella (sometimes plus a glass of wine) 15 euro
  8. coffee, 1.50-2.50 euro
  9. water (0.33l) 1-2 euro
  10. cola (0.33l) 1.50-2 euro
  11. local beer (0.5l) 2-3 euro
  12. imported beer (0.33l) 2-4.4 euro
  13. drinks by the beach on average 4-8 euro per glass
Prices in Majorca stores
Prices in Majorca stores

Accommodation prices in Majorca

Majorca is a typical tourist destination, there are also plenty of accommodations. You can choose from hostels, apartments, rooms for rent and of course hotels. The price range is equally wide – from cheap to the most luxurious. It all depends on your wealth. For example, a night at a 2-star hotel costs about 70 euro in Palma de Mallorca. In turn, a night in a four-star room costs 157 euro per night in the same town.

Prices of transport in Majorca

  1. public transport ticket 1.50 euro
  2. monthly ticket 25-37 euro
  3. a ticket to the airport for 5 euro
  4. taxis 3-4 euro for entry plus 1 euro for each km
  5. renting a car about 20 euro per day, cheaper when online and for several days
  6. the cost of gasoline is 1.3 – 1.5 euro per liter

Prices of attractions in Majorca

  1. train to Soller (Palma-Soller-Palma) 32 euro
  2. dragon caves 15 euro for 13 and older, 8 euro for 3-12 years old
  3. Zoo Natura Parc 15 euro for 13 and older, 9 euro for 3-12 years old
  4. Aquarium in Palma 22 euro adults and 14 euro children
  5. Kathmandu Park 27 euro adults and 20 euro children
  6. La Reserva de Puig GalatzĂł Nature Reserve 14 euro adults, 7 euro children from 4 to 12 years old

We wrote about prices in Majorca, below we present a short video showing the beauty of this island and we will write about its attractions soon!

We look forward to hearing your feedback on local stores and food prices in Majorca. A lot of interesting information about the island itself can also be found on the island’s official website, which will also lead you to interesting places and attractions.

Map of Majorca

Locate on the map all the places that interest you in Majorca:


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