Prices in La Palma / Dinners in restaurants, food in shops

La Palma is one of the youngest of the Canary Islands. It differs from the others mainly due to the lack of strongly developed tourist infrastructure. On the island of La Palma you can still feel and see the untouched wildlife. Volcanoes, salins, natural pools, black beaches and picturesque towns, where there are still well-preserved buildings from the colonial times tempt many tourists.

However, the island has fortunately protected itself so far against excessive expansion of the accommodation and catering base.

Prices in La Palma
Prices in La Palma

There are not many holiday resorts and shopping centers in La Palma. Food shopping is done here in smaller shops and marketplaces. There are also few supermarkets where you can buy basic food cheaper. When it comes to accommodation, instead of large hotel rooms, smaller hotels, hostels and private accommodation predominate. In turn, eateries are rather small pubs, serving a not too complicated menu with not very sophisticated dishes. For all this, it is rather fresh and constantly prepared. Deviation from the norm may only be premises in typical tourist spots.

And what are the prices in La Palma against this background?

Accommodation prices in La Palma

The situation of accommodation, we presented above. The most popular on La Palma are guesthouses and aparthotels. They are also the most common on the island. Interestingly, accommodation in hostels is slightly cheaper than on other, much more popular Canary Islands. However, hotels are more expensive, although in Gran Canaria you have to pay even more per night in a room of the same standard.

  1.     the price of accommodation in a hostel costs on average 13 euro
  2.     a night in a 2-star hotel is already 68 euro per room
  3.     accommodation in a three-star facility costs 71 euro per room
  4.     and a night in a four-star facility will cost us on average less than 100 euro

Prices of food and drink in La Palma

Food prices in shops in La Palma do not differ much from other islands. It is known that the cost of individual products may vary slightly, but it is also influenced by the fact that we buy in La Palma mainly in small stores or at the market. Of course, shopping at the market stall will certainly be a slightly cheaper option. However, there we may not find all the products we are interested in. Sometimes you can bargain a bit.

  •     bread 0.90 euro for a loaf
  •     baguette 0.50 euro each
  •     eggs 2.30 euro for 12
  •     yogurt 1 euro per cup
  •     local cheese 3-8 euro per kilo
  •     white cheese 1.50-3.50 euro per kilo
  •     sliced ​​ham 1 euro per pack
  •     chorizo ​​2 euro per packaging
  •     sausage 11 euro per kilo
  •     beef 3-11 euro per kilo
  •     chicken fillet 5 euro per kilo
  •     rice 1 euro per kilo
  •     potatoes 1-2 euro per kilo
  •     onion 1 euro per kilo
  •     cucumbers 0.60 euro per kilo
  •     tomatoes 0.70-1.50 euro per kilo
  •     lettuce 0.90 euro
  •     oranges 1-1.50 euro per kilo
  •     apples 0.80-2 euro per kilo
  •     bananas 0.70-1.80 euro per kilo
  •     olive oil 1 euro for a small bottle
  •     water 0.50-1 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     sparkling water 1.40 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     non-carbonated drink from 1 euro
  •     1.80 euro cola for 2 liters

How much for beer and other alcohols in La Palma? Let’s see!

La Palma prices
La Palma prices

Alcohol and cigarette prices in La Palma

Alcohol and cigarette prices are also similar to those in the other Canary Islands.

  1.     local beer 0.40 -1.50 euro per can
  2.     imported beer 0.80-3 euro for 0.33 liters
  3.     decent wine 4 euro per bottle
  4.     sangria around 1.40 euro per bottle / carton
  5.     banana liqueur around 4 euro for 0.3 liters
  6.     whiskey 14 euro per bottle
  7.     rum with honey from 6 euro per bottle
  8.     vodka 9.50 euro per bottle
  9.     cigarettes 3.80-4 euro for a decent pack

Prices in restaurants and bars in La Palma

The prices of meals in restaurants, and more precisely in pubs and bars on La Palma, do not differ much from those that can be found on the other islands of the archipelago. Some dishes are slightly more expensive, while others are slightly cheaper. There is nothing to count on a multi-page menu. Anyway, the shorter it is, the more tasty the food we usually get. Local cuisine is mainly based on the surrounding fish and seafood, goat cheese and meaty soups. A meal in a cheap restaurant will cost us between 5 and 10 euro per person. In a slightly better place we will pay around 30-35 euro for two people. It also depends on what you order.

  1.     soup from 5 euro per serving
  2.     fast food set 5-9 euro
  3.     salad from 8 euro per serving
  4.     pasta with sauce 6-12 euro per serving
  5.     cheeseburger 1.50-2.50 euro
  6.     breakfast set at the bar from 5 euro for one person
  7.     seafood from 10 euro per serving
  8.     fish from 12 euro per serving
  9.     ice cream from 2 euro per serving
  10.     fruit platter from 5 euro per serving
  11.     espresso coffee 0.70-1.40 euro
  12.     cappuccino 1-2 euro
  13.     water 0.60-1.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  14.     cola 1-2 euro per can
  15.     sugar cane juice 2 euro per serving
  16.     a glass of wine 4 euro
  17.     local beer 1.50-2.50 for half a liter
  18.     imported beer from 2 euro for 0.33 liters
  19.     drinks from 4 euro

Prices of transport in La Palma

Prices for public transport on La Palma are exactly the same as on neighboring islands. Only driving a taxi is a bit more expensive here. We will pay the same for refueling as in Tenerife or Gran Canaria.

  •     gasoline 0.90-1.10 Euro per liter
  •     one way ticket, public transport 1.40 euro
  •     entry to a taxi 3 euro plus another 3 for each kilometer driven

Prices of attractions in La Palma

Let’s check now how much are tickets for visiting the monuments and tourist attractions on the island of La Palma:

  •     optional trip with a guide around the island about 50 euro per person
  •     small museum in the Parque Cultural La Zarza 2 euro
  •     Maritime Museum in Santa Cruz de la Palma 4.50 euro
  •     Belmaco Caves Archaeological Park 3 euro
  •     Interpretation center of the Marine Reserve of La Palma 2 euro
  •     Astronomical Observatory Observatorio Del Roque de los Muchachos 9 euro
  •     Tazacorte Banana Museum 2 euro
  •     Maroparque Botanical Garden 11 euro

If you are more interested in this topic, we invite you to our guide to tourist attractions on La Palma where you will find all the most interesting places and monuments on this island.

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