Prices in Kotor: Food in stores, dinners in restaurants, accommodation, cigarettes and alcohol


Prices of accommodation, food or tourist attractions are one of the more interesting topics when it comes to holiday trips to Montenegro. It is not surprising, because everyone has their own budget planned and, if possible, wants to know how different costs look in a given country.

Prices in Kotor

The situation is similar when it comes to prices in Kotor. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news to start with – the city is one of the most expensive places in Montenegro. Both when it comes to prices of accommodation and meals in restaurants, as well as admission to monuments and other attractions.

This situation is primarily influenced by the mass interest in this historic city and the large influx of tourists. In general, the entire area of ​​the Bay of Kotor is much more expensive than other parts of the country.

Including other parts of the coast.

For this reason, although Montenegro is a cheaper alternative to Croatia, just like in Dubrovnik, you have to reckon with higher prices for everything. It is also worth adding that this country is one of the few cases when the costs of traveling to the capital are not the highest.

Let’s check the current prices in Kotor.

Prices in Kotor: Accommodation, restaurants, attractions.
Prices in Kotor: Accommodation, restaurants, attractions.

Prices of accommodation in Kotor

Accommodation prices are conditioned by many factors. One of them is the date when we intend to visit the place. The cost of accommodation in Kotor will be significantly lower if we arrive in the period from October to May. The most expensive month here is August.

Also the distance from the city center, or as in the case of Kotor – from the old city, also has a big impact on the final price for accommodation. The closer to the old town, the higher the cost of renting a flat. In addition, prices differ from each other, depending on the existing standard, which is a common practice all over the world. This is what it looks like in Kotor:

  1. night in a hostel 15 euro per night (off season only 8 euro)
  2. a day at a 2-star hotel costs 32 euro
  3. accommodation in a three-star facility is 68 euro on average
  4. 1 night at a four-star hotel will cost around 130 euro

Food prices in shops in Kotor

Food products in Kotor are bought rather in small stores. There are not many large supermarkets here. However, some food should be stocked at the Kotor market. There you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, sweets, local cheeses, nuts, honey, fish, salted meat, wines and liqueurs as well as handmade soaps at stalls. The advantage of this type of place is definitely the ability to negotiate prices. Because of this, you can save some euro on food.

  •     bread 0.50 euro for a loaf
  •     eggs 1.45 euro for 12
  •     milk euro 0.75 per liter
  •     white cheese 3 euro per kilo
  •     local cheese 4.50 euro per kilo
  •     sausage 9 euro per kilo
  •     beef 6.50 euro per kilo
  •     chicken breast 5 euro per kilo
  •     rice 1.20 euro per kilo
  •     potatoes 0.50 euro per kilo
  •     lettuce 0.70 euro
  •     tomatoes 0.80 euro per kilo
  •     onions 0.70 euro per kilo
  •     cucumbers 0.45 euro per kilo
  •     apples 1 euro per kilo
  •     orange 1 euro per kilo
  •     bananas 1 euro per kilo
  •     pears 1.20 euro per kilo
  •     water 0.55 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     bottle of wine 3.80 euro
  •     local beer 0.80 euro for half a liter
  •     whiskey 15 euro per bottle
  •     vodka – 10 euro for a bottle
  •     rum 21 euro per bottle
  •     a pack of cigarettes 3 euro

Prices of meals and dinners in restaurants and pubs, as well as street food in Kotor

An average of 20 euro per person must be spent for a meal at a mid-range restaurant in Kotor. However, with a little effort, or using the so-called street food, we will eat at a price of 5 euro. Everything, of course, depends on what we want to eat, where (whether in the middle of the old town or on the outskirts of the city) and what appetite we have.

If we want to save a little, you just need to look for dining options where the locals eat. There will be no beaters in front of the pub 😉 The second way is to order the set of the day. From the menu, we simply choose one of the options of the so-called dish of the day, be it fish, vegetable or meat. In this way, a portion of the soup and a second plate with meat / fish, French fries or rice and a salad get to our table. And what are the prices of meals:

Prices of street food in Kotor

  •     cheeseburger 1.10 euro per piece
  •     3.50 euro fast food set
  •     1.30 euro sandwich with cheese and ham
  •     2.50 euro cevapi sandwich
  •     sweet pancake 1.20 euro
  •     fries 1-1.50 euro per serving
  •     tortilla with chicken and vegetables 3 euro
  •     grilled sausage 2.50 – 3 euro per serving
  •     vesalica 2.50 – 3 euro per serving

Prices for dinners in pubs and restaurants in Kotor

  •     shopska salad 3.50 – 4 euro per serving
  •     pasta with sauce 4.80 euro per serving
  •     a portion of chicken wings 3.50 euro per serving
  •     cevapi with fries and vegetables 4.90 euro per serving
  •     portion of chicken fillet in sauce plus fries 4.70 euro
  •     pljeskavica with fries and a salad of 5 euro per serving
  •     fish soup, salad + piece of fish 13 euro per set
  •     meat soup, salad + a piece of chicken or pork chop 11 euro per set
  •     vegetable soup, salad + risotto with vegetables or pasta with a sauce of 10 euro per set

Prices in cafes and bars in Kotor

  •     baklava 1.20 euro for a 150 gram serving
  •     piece of cake 1.20 euro for a 120 grams portion
  •     tiramisu 2 euro for portions
  •     muffins 0.50 euro per piece
  •     sweet rolls, buns 0.80 euro per piece
  •     cappuccino – 1.40 euro
  •     espresso – 1 euro
  •     cola 1-2 euro for 0.33l
  •     water 0.75 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     local beer 1.80 euro for 0.5l
  •     imported beer 1.80 euro for 0.33l

Prices of transport and fuel in Kotor

  •     liter of gasoline 1.30 euro
  •     public transport ticket 1.80 euro one way
  •     bus ticket from Kotor to Budva 4 euro
  • taxi ride from 1 euro for entry + 0.70 euro for each kilometer driven
Kotor - prices of food, dinners, drinks, cigarettes and alcohol in Kotor.
Kotor – prices of food, dinners, drinks, cigarettes and alcohol in Kotor.

Prices for attractions in Kotor

The price for climbing the hill to the fortress of Saint John, where there is a lookout point over the whole city and the bay, has increased significantly in recent years. The inhabitants of Montenegro, just like the neighboring Croats, are beginning to benefit greatly from such a large group of tourists visiting Kotor.

  1. cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor 2.50 euro
  2. cat museum in Kotor 1 euro
  3. entrance to the fortress of St. Jana in Kotor 8 euro
  4. cruise on the Kotor Bay 15 euro


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