Prices in France

Prices in France do not differ much from what we can expect in other Western European countries. Considering the country as a whole, of course. When it comes to regions and tourist places, the case is a bit different.
Prices in eagerly visited parts of France are high. Especially if we are going to visit Paris, Cote d’Azur or the French Alps.
Such places as Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Megève, Chamonix or Courchevel are actually synonyms of luxury holidays.

Current prices in France

Food and intercity transport are quite expensive in France. Taxis and accommodation prices are expensive. You have to pay a lot for cigarettes, the price of which in 2020 finally reached EUR 10 per packet and for vodka. In contrast, wine in a country where it is almost a national symbol is surprisingly cheap.
So what prices in France should you be prepared for, whether you are going on a trip or a vacation? Below we will try to answer all the bothering potential travelers questions regarding the prices of accommodation, transport, fuel, attractions and, of course, food.
So let’s check the current prices in France.

Current prices in France / Dinner at a restaurant for the family, pizza, breakfast / Food and food in shops
Current prices in France / Dinner at a restaurant for the family, pizza, breakfast / Food and food in shops

Accommodation prices in France

Many people say that accommodation prices in France are high when it comes to hotels and expensive when it comes to hostels, which can be dirty. Of course, it all depends on the place where we intend to stay and the date of the accommodation. Of course, the most expensive is during the holidays, especially in August, when half of Europe is going on vacation.
It’s also better to avoid Cannes for its annual film festival. Then all hotels in the area strongly raise the prices of accommodation. So if someone wants to save a bit, then they have to come to France either before or just after the season.
However, the average accommodation prices in France are as follows:

  • accommodation in a hostel is at least 40 euro per person
  • the cost of a night in a two-star hotel is 70 euro
  • accommodation in a three-star hotel sanctuary costs over 90 euro
  • a night in a four-star hotel will cost us at least 130 euro
  • for the greatest five-star luxuries you have to pay an amount from 350 euro upwards

The cost of accommodation in France, even in a shared room, is high, as it can cost from 20 euro upwards. So it’s best to hunt for promotions on accommodation booking sites some time before departure.

Prices for public transport and for moving between cities in France

The price of traveling by public transport in France is quite expensive. Of course, everything depends on the specific city and the amount of fees set in it. On average, it can be assumed that we will pay a ticket for a single journey in France from 1.5 to 3 euro. It is much more profitable to buy daily or even multi-day tickets if you intend to use mainly public transport. It is also worth knowing that many sightseeing cards also allow you to travel by public transport.
When it comes to the cost of moving from city to city, it is also not the cheapest. The following buses look best against this background:

  • bus ticket Paris-Marseille 20 euro
  • bus ticket Marseille-Nice 10 euro
  • blablacar bus ticket on the Montpellier-Marseille route from 11 euro
  • blablacar bus ticket Agde-Montpellier from 6 euro

When it comes to trains in France, the fastest (TGV) trains are really very expensive. An exemplary route from Paris to Marseille by fast train, the cheapest option is at least EUR 100 per person.

Taxi and fuel prices in France

Taxi fares are noticeably higher than in other European holiday resorts. We will pay from 3 to 9 euro to start the course in France. In addition, each kilometer driven will cost us about 2 euro, which is practically twice as much as in other countries. In turn, the hourly waiting for a taxi here costs from 25 to 60 euro. It’s not cheap.
However, when we go to France with our own car, then the most interesting issue for us is fuel prices. As with taxis, they are not the lowest. Average fuel prices in France are as follows:

  • gasoline 95 1.6-1.7 euro per liter
  • gasoline 98 1.66-1.83 euro per liter
  • diesel 1.50 euro per liter
  • LPG 0.85 euro per liter

In addition, it is worth remembering that in France, tolls are charged. Unfortunately, fuel prices at motorway stations will also be higher. It should also be added that the prices of other articles in shops at the stations are very high.

Food prices in shops in France

Food prices in France are not the lowest. Vegetables, fruit and meat are quite expensive here. The prices of some cheeses can also be surprisingly high. However, sweets, ready meals and colorful drinks are less expensive here.
It will be expensive in small shops, which are not too many in France. It is better to do basic grocery shopping in supermarkets. The cheapest ones are: E. Leclerc, Hyper U and Géant. In addition, in France, you can meet such markets as: Aldi, Franprix, Lidl, Netto, Auchan, Carrefour and Monoprix.
Average basic grocery prices in France:

  • baguette 0.90 euro
  • butter rolls 2 euro for 10
  • croissant 0.70 euro
  • bread 1.40 euro for a loaf
  • butter 2.90 euro per cube
  • milk 1 euro per liter
  • fruit yoghurt 1.75 euro for a 4-pack
  • yellow cheese 3.50 euro per package
  • camembert cheese 2.50 euro each
  • sandwich cheese 2.50 euro
  • processed cheese 1.50 euro
  • roquefort cheese 2.90 euro
  • eggs 3 euro for 12
  • sliced ham 2.50-3.50 euro
  • minced meat 3.50 euro for 500 grams
  • sausage 23 euro per kilo
  • chicken fillet 11 euro per kilogram
  • beef 17 euro per kilo
  • pork loin 8 euro per kilo
  • mussels 5 euro a kilo
  • fish fillet 13 euro per kilo
  • ream 1.80 euro per kilogram
  • pasta 1.80 euro for 400 grams
  • breakfast cereals 3-5 euro per package
  • ketchup 1.50 euro for 500 ml
  • olive oil 8 euro per liter
  • jam 1 euro for a jar
  • chocolate-nut cream 5 euro for a jar
  • chocolate from 1.20 euro per plate
  • chips 1.50 euro per package
  • ice cream 4-5 euro for a package of 500 grams

Average fruit and vegetable prices in France:

  • strawberries 7 euro per kilo
  • oranges 2.50 euro per kilo
  • lemons 2 euro per kilo
  • bananas 2 euro per kilo
  • apples 2.60 euro per kilogram
  • pears 3.20 euro per kilogram
  • melon 2.50 euro per kilogram
  • watermelon 1 euro
  • grapes 1.50 euro for 500 grams
  • tomatoes 2.80 euro per kilogram
  • cucumbers 1.50 euro per kilo
  • onion 2.10 euro per kilogram
  • lettuce 1.20 euro each
  • carrots 1.30 euro per kilogram
  • potatoes 1.90 euro per kilo
  • cauliflower 3.30 euro apiece
  • mushrooms 5 euro per kilo

Average prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in France:

  • water 0.70 euro for 1.5 liters
  • fruit juice 1.70 euro per liter
  • carbonated drink 1.50 euro for 1.5 liters
  • cola 2 euro for 1.75 liters
  • energy drink 1.10 euro for 0.25 liters
  • ice tea 1.70 euro for 1.5 liters
  • wine from 2 euro upwards
  • local beer 1.80 euro for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer 2.20 euro for 0.33 liters
  • vodka 15 euro for 0.7 liters
  • vermouth 7.70 euro for 0.75 liters
  • cider 2.50 euro per bottle
  • rum 18 euro for a bottle
  • whiskey 17 euro for a bottle
  • a pack of decent cigarettes 10 euro


Current prices in France / Food and drink in shops and restaurants. Croissants and coffee in France
Current prices in France / Food and drink in shops and restaurants. Croissants and coffee in France

Meal prices in restaurants and bars in France

The prices of restaurant meals in France depend on the specific city or resort and distance from the center or the sea. The closer it is, the more expensive it is. For a dinner in an inexpensive restaurant in France, you have to pay between 9 and 20 euro. A meal in a slightly better establishment can cost around 18-35 euro for three courses per person. Street food, fast food, is the cheapest. Then you can fill your stomach for just a few euro.

Average street food and fast food prices in France:

  • cheeseburger 2.60 euro
  • fast food set in a well-known chain store 8.50 euro
  • kebab 5-6 euro
  • simple bakery lunch with drink and dessert 7-9 euro
  • falafels (Arabic dish) 6-8 euro
  • pita with filling 4-7 euro
  • panini sandwich 4-5 euro
  • salmon sandwich 4-5 euro
  • fries 3-4 euro

Average meal prices in restaurants in France:

  • pizza 15 euro
  • breakfast 8-10 euro
  • lunch from the menu of the day (+ starter or dessert) 14-17 euro
  • starters from 5 to 10 euro
  • a dish from the menu 15-25 euro
  • oysters with a glass of wine 7 euro
  • mussels and chips 17 euro
  • spaghetti 10-12 euro

Average prices of drinks, desserts and alcohol in cafes and bars in France:

  • water 1.60 for 0.33 liters
  • cola 2.50 euro for 0.33 liters
  • drink 3-5 euro
  • cappuccino 2.80 euro
  • espresso coffee 1.90 euro
  • latte 4 euro
  • cake 3-4 euro
  • a small fruit tart 3-5 euro
  • a glass of wine 3-4 euro
  • mulled wine 2.50 euro
  • small beer 3-4 euro
  • large beer 6-8 euro
  • cider 3-6 euro
  • drink 5-15 euro


Prices in France / Wine, beer, breakfast, lunch, dinner / What are the prices in France?
Prices in France / Wine, beer, breakfast, lunch, dinner / What are the prices in France?

Prices for attractions in France

The prices of attractions in France vary greatly.

  • Louvre 15-17 euro
  • Pantheon in Paris 9 euro
  • Museum de l’Orangerie in Paris 9 euro
  • Montparnasse tower in Paris 20 euro
  • catacombs in Paris from 12 euro
  • Crypt in the Abbey of St. Wiktor in Marseille 2 euro
  • Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) in Marseille 14 euro
  • Marseille Calanques (National Park) cruise 30 euro
  • Marseille Fine Arts Museum 5 euro
  • The wrought iron museum in Rouen 4 euro
  • Jules Verne House in Amiens € 7.50
  • zoo in Amiens 6.60 euro
  • Amiens Art Museum 2 euro

Check also the most interesting monuments and tourist attractions in Paris.

Prices for souvenirs from France

  • macaroons 4-5 euro per package (in supermarkets)
  • Provencal herbs 1-2 euro per pack
  • Dijon mustard 2 euro per jar
  • Foie Gras 5-10 euro for a jar
  • absinthe 20-25 euro for 0.7 liters
  • calvados 15-25 euro for 0.7 liters
  • Marseille soap 1-2 euro for two / four cubes

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