Prices in Dubrovnik: Food in shops, cable car, entrance to the ramparts, lunch at a restaurant

There are legends about prices in Dubrovnik, some of which are unfortunately true. Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in Croatia. Prices for accommodation, food and tourist attractions are much higher here than in other Croatian cities, such as Split, Trogir or Zadar. Therefore, you need to prepare for such expenses so that you do not experience unnecessary shock on the spot.

Prices in Dubrovnik

The amount of money we spend in Dubrovnik largely depends on the time we come to this city. Other sums will be spent by a person who will only visit here for a few hours of sightseeing, and completely different if we decide to spend the weekend in Dubrovnik.

While you can arrange accommodation at a decent price, but away from the center and old town, the prices of food in pubs and restaurants of Dubrovnik and, interestingly, parking spaces are really high practically throughout Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik: prices of food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol in stores and bars.
Dubrovnik: prices of food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol in stores and bars.

If you’re looking for savings, it’s best to come to Dubrovnik during the low season. May or early October are still tempting with their good weather (see what the weather is like in Croatia), and some prices are lower. Thus, the crowds of tourists on the streets of the old city are melting, making visiting Dubrovnik much more pleasant.

But from the beginning … Let’s check the current prices in Dubrovnik.

Prices of public transport in Dubrovnik

There are several bus lines around Dubrovnik. We can easily reach the defensive walls of the old town. With these buses we will also reach some suburban towns and other nearby cities.

Tickets can be bought at kiosks, then they will be 3 kuna cheaper or simply from the driver.

We can choose:

  1.     ticket for an hourly ride around the city – 12 kuna
  2.     hour ticket purchased from the driver – 15 kuna
  3.     full day ticket – 30 kuna

As for the price of bus tickets to other cities, for the route to, for example, Cavtat we will pay 25 kuna, to Slano 23 kuna, and to Stone 40 kuna. It is also worth checking the timetable, as some routes are not available every day. You can find the timetable here.

However, getting to the airport in Dubrovnik will cost us from 35 to 45 kuna. Depending on the carrier, since the service from the bus station to the airport is served by several companies. By the way, search for cheap flights to Dubrovnik.

Taxi and parking prices in Dubrovnik

Taxi prices in Dubrovnik are not the cheapest, but compared to other prices of this city they won’t knock you down. And so for the start of the course we will pay an average of 25-30 kuna (in the normal tariff) and about 7-11 kuna for each kilometer driven.

The taxi driver’s hourly waiting will cost us HRK 50-60.

If someone is interested, we will buy a liter of fuel (gasoline) in Dubrovnik for 10-14 kuna. See also what are the prices of highways in Croatia.

On the other hand, parking is a bit more complicated.

First of all, Dubrovnik has been divided into five parking zones (from 0 to IV), in which the price for parking depends on the specific place. Of course, the closer to the old town, the more expensive it is. The old town is completely car-free, and nearby parking spaces are reserved for nearby residents.

And so in zone (II) closest to the old town, the price for an hour of parking is HRK 40. In the first zone, we can not park for more than two hours at all. For example, the all-day cost of leaving your car in a public car park near Pile Gate is 700 kuna!

And this is not the peak of dizzying prices, because they can reach up to 1500 kuna per day.

If we want to save, then we will find parking spaces at the price of 10 kuna per hour, but at least one and a half kilometers from the center. It is also worth knowing that these prices are slightly lower in low season. The exact cost can be checked here.

The second thing is that on the access roads to Dubrovnik in the season there are traffic jams and local parking lots are crowded and there is a problem finding a place to set up the car at all.

Let’s check how other prices are in Dubrovnik.

Prices in Dubrovnik / Accommodation, parking, entry to the ramparts, observation cable car.
Prices in Dubrovnik / Accommodation, parking, entry to the ramparts, observation cable car.

Price of accommodation in Dubrovnik

Accommodation prices in Dubrovnik are also not cheap. As in the case of parking lots, there is a rule here – the closer to the old town, the more expensive. Despite this, we can even find a few hostels next to the old town, which, however, are always crowded in the season. Slightly cheaper lodgings can be hunted in the port area of ​​Gruz.

Low season prices will also be lower.

  •     we will pay an average of HRK 350 per night for a hostel in Dubrovnik
  •     a night in a two-star hotel in Dubrovnik costs 450 HRK
  •     we will pay over HRK 600 per night for a three-star hotel facility in Dubrovnik
  •     a night at a four-star hotel in Dubrovnik costs around HRK 960
  •     accommodation in a luxury hotel in Dubrovnik costs at least 2100 kuna

Lower prices of accommodation are offered to locals who rent their rooms or apartments in Dubrovnik. If you are looking for accommodation and come to Dubrovnik with your own car, it is worth immediately asking for a parking space.

Why -> see chapter above.

Now let’s check what tourists are most interested in if they ask about prices in Dubrovnik.

Food prices in Dubrovnik

Food is best bought in Dubrovnik, as everywhere, in supermarkets. There, food prices should be slightly lower than in small, private shops. As for supermarkets, in Dubrovnik we can choose from such chain stores as: Pemo, Studenac, Tommy, Konzum, and a bit distant from the center of Lidl.

It is best to go to the local market in Dubrovnik for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and local products (olive oil, rakija, etc.). One of them is located in the southern part of the old town, between the Natural History Museum and the church of Saint Ignatius, just before the stairs leading to the temple.

The second one is located by the port, in the Gruz district.

Prices in Dubrovnik: Food and dinners at restaurants and bars.
Prices in Dubrovnik: Food and dinners at restaurants and bars.

Average prices of food products in stores in Dubrovnik

  •     bread 14-15 kuna for a loaf
  •     eggs 35-48 kuna for 12
  •     local cheese 90-180 kuna per kilo
  •     white cheese 50-100 kuna per kilo
  •     yogurt 1.80 kuna
  •     milk 6-15 kuna per liter
  •     sausage 170-360 kuna per kilo
  •     chicken breast 90-190 kuna per kilo
  •     beef 135-185 kuna per kilo
  •     rice 30-38 kuna per kilo
  •     potatoes 10-15 kuna per kilogram
  •     onion 4-9 kuna per kilo
  •     cucumbers 4-12 kuna per kilogram
  •     tomatoes 7-22 kuna per kilogram
  •     lettuce 8-15 kuna
  •     bananas 9-23 kuna per kilo
  •     apples 8-15 kuna per kilo
  •     orange7-15 kuna per kilo
  •     pears 10-18 kuna per kilo
  •     water 8-34 kuna for 1.5 liters
  •     sparkling water 12-50 kuna for 0.33 liters

Check current prices in Croatia this year.

Price of alcohol and cigarettes in stores in Dubrovnik

  •     beer 10-18 kuna for half a liter
  •     imported beer 15-22 kuna for 0.33 liters
  •     wine 70-120 kuna per bottle
  •     cigarettes 28-32 kuna per pack

Prices of dinners at restaurants in Dubrovnik

The prices of food and dinners in the restaurant in Dubrovnik are high and interestingly, regardless of whether we move away from the old town or not. Unfortunately, there are no cheap pubs in this city where you can eat for pennies.

 For dinner in a slightly cheaper restaurant in Dubrovnik we will pay about 50 to 120 kuna anyway.

At an average level, the price of a three-course meal will cost between HRK 150 and over HRK 400 per person. If we want to eat cheaply in Dubrovnik, we are doomed to fast food or bread from a local bakery.

  •     burek 4-8 ​​kuna each
  •     cheeseburger 15-20 kuna
  •     French fries 30 kuna
  •     sandwich 38 kuna
  •     hot hog 38 kuna
  •     grilled vegetables 40 kuna
  •     kebab 60-70 kuna
  •     tortilla from 60 kuna
  •     fast food set 60-70 kuna
  •     salad from 40-45 kuna
  •     fish and chips from 70 kuna
  •     spaghetti bolognese 90 kuna
  •     chicken wings 120 kuna per serving
  •     steak with lettuce and fries 170 kuna
  •     a plate of grilled meat 150 kuna

Prices in cafes and bars in Dubrovnik

  •     dessert 30 kuna
  •     ice cream dessert with fruit  45 kuna
  •     ice cream 30 kuna for two scoops
  •     fruit salad 45 kuna
  •     banana split dessert 50 kuna
  •     espresso 7-20 kuna
  •     cappuccino 10-30 kuna
  •     water 15-25 kuna for 0.33 liters
  •     cola 18-30 kuna for 0.33 liters
  •     domestic beer 22-50 kuna for half a liter
  •     imported beer in a bottle of 25-45 kuna for 0.33 liters

Prices for visiting sights in Dubrovnik

Ticket prices for sights and attractions in Dubrovnik are also high.

  •     Dubrovnik city walls – 200 per person
  •     cable car to Srd Hill – 170 kuna per person, two ways (90 kuna each way)
  •     a two-hour trip in the footsteps of “Game of Thrones” – 160 kuna per person
  •     Museum of the Franciscan monastery – 40 kuna per person
  •     Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik – 130 kuna per person
  •     Natural History Museum -130 kuna per person
  •     Fort Lovrijenac – 50 kuna per person
  •     War Photo Limited exhibition – 50 kuna per person
  •     cruise to the island of Lokrum – 150 kuna per person (including entrance to the island)
  •     renting a double kayak in Dubrovnik – 150 kuna per hour
  •     2-hour sunset cruise – 610 kuna per person (with dinner and a glass of champagne)

Finally, one more thing that should interest tourists asking about prices in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Card

For people who want to visit as much as possible in one day or stay in the city for a long time, buying a Dubrovnik Card is a good way to save money. It is a discount card that allows you to enter the 9 biggest attractions of this city and use public transport free of charge.

In addition, we can get discounts in selected stores and restaurants. Online purchase and more details here. More on the website of the city of Dubrovnik. There are three types of Dubrovnik Card to choose from:

  •     One day, valid for 24 hours from the time of use (entrance to the facility or bus transfer). Thanks to it we can enter 6 museums, two galleries and the city walls in Dubrovnik free of charge. Its cost is 250 kuna.
  •     Three days, valid for 72 hours from the time of first use. Includes 6 museums, 2 galleries, city walls and a museum in Cavtat and a 20% discount on the ferry and entrance to the island of Lopud. Plus, free public transport in Dubrovnik and two routes to Cavtat (bus route No. 10). The price of this card is 300 kuna.
  •     Weekly, valid for seven days from the time of use. Thanks to it we will enter 6 museums, 2 galleries, the city walls and the museum in Cavtat. In addition, we get a 30% discount on the ferry and entrance to the island of Lopud. This includes, of course, free public transport in Dubrovnik and four routes to Cavtat (bus route No. 10). The cost of this card is 350 kuna.

Dubrovnik map

On the map below you can locate all these places in Dubrovnik:

And what do you think about prices in Dubrovnik? Let me know in the comments below.

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