Prices in Denmark

The prices in Denmark are really high. This applies to grocery shopping, accommodation, transport, as well as tickets to tourist attractions and souvenirs. Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries that are at the forefront when it comes to prices in Europe. Both earnings and expenses are simply high here.
The currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK), the value of which is approximately 0.60 groszy. So you can pretty quickly convert the Danish prices by simply dividing them in half. The highest cost for tourists visiting this country will definitely be accommodation and food, especially if you have to eat out.
Prices in Denmark for accommodation, food in pubs and transport, whether by public or intercity transport, are very high. Of course, as everywhere else, this is influenced by the distance from the center and attractions, because the further they are, the lower they are. In addition, the capital city – Copenhagen is the most expensive, but it will also be expensive in Nyborg, Vejle and Roskilde. In smaller towns, you can expect slightly lower prices. However, anyway, when you leave for Denmark, you have to be prepared for large expenses.

Prices in Denmark / Food and drink in shops / Current prices in Denmark / Beer, cigarettes, alcohol
Prices in Denmark / Food and drink in shops / Current prices in Denmark / Beer, cigarettes, alcohol

Accommodation prices in Denmark

Accommodation prices in Denmark are very high. Even a night in an ordinary hostel will not be cheap accommodation. If someone is limited by a not too high budget, then they have to look for accommodation outside the city center or promotional accommodation on one of the well-known internet portals.

Average accommodation prices in Denmark are as follows:

  • a night in a hostel costs around 300 DKK
  • accommodation in a room with shared bathroom 400 DKK
  • an overnight stay in a two-star hotel is already an expense of 650 DKK
  • a night in a three-star hotel facility costs around 890 DKK
  • accommodation in a 4-star hotel costs an average of DKK 1,190
  • and for the most luxurious accommodation you have to pay from DKK 1230 upwards

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Prices for public transport and intercity transport in Denmark

The prices of moving around Denmark, whether by public transport or intercity transport, are very high. Just look at the cost of a single local transport ticket. The way out of the situation is to move around the city by rented bicycle, which is a very popular means of transport among the inhabitants of Denmark. The cost of renting it for the whole day is around 75-90 DKK. Of course, this option will be perfect in favorable weather conditions. Otherwise, you will have to use expensive public transport.

Average prices of public transport in Denmark:

  • a single one-way ticket costs between 20 and 27 DKK
  • a single ticket for all zones in a given city costs 108 DKK
  • a day-long ticket for public transport costs over 130 DKK

However, intercity travel, whether by train or bus, is not cheaper at all. Unfortunately, tickets for this type of connection are one of the most expensive in Europe. For example, the cost of a train ride from Copenhagen to Odense is over 300 DKK, while the route from the Danish capital to Aarhus costs almost 400 DKK. On the other hand, a train ticket from Aalborg to Aarhus costs almost 195 DKK. So it’s not cheap. Bus connections from a well-known carrier – Filxbus have slightly lower prices and it is worth looking for a little cheaper intercity connections in Denmark.
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Food prices in Denmark / Drinking and eating in shops / Beer, alcohol, cigarettes, pizza
Food prices in Denmark / Drinking and eating in shops / Beer, alcohol, cigarettes, pizza

Taxi and fuel prices in Denmark

Taxi prices in Denmark are very high, even for local residents who only use them as a last resort. You have to pay between 36 and even 75 DKK for the very start of the course. Additionally, you also need to add between 10 and 25 DKK for each kilometer traveled. On the other hand, an hour of waiting for a taxi in Denmark costs from 250 to 550 DKK.
Fuel prices in Denmark are also high. For a liter of 95 petrol, we will pay between 10 and 12 DKK here, while for a liter of diesel fuel an average of 10.50 DKK. It is worth mentioning that most of the car parks in the city are paid. However, to get to Copenhagen, you need to cross a toll bridge (Bridge over the Great Belt), for which the car has to pay DKK 245, one way!

Food prices in shops in Denmark

Food prices in shops in Denmark are high, and compared to the rest of Europe, they are only higher in Norway and Switzerland. This is especially true for meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as cold cuts. When it comes to cheaper products, unfortunately, they are only those highly processed, i.e. not very healthy.
To save a little, it is worth shopping in Denmark in cheaper stores, such as Netto, Aldi, Fakta and REMA 1000. However, it is better not to do big shopping in such supermarket chains as: Kvickly, Irma, Fotex, SPAR, SuperBrugsen and Dagli’Brugsen . The prices of the food in them are just ridiculously high!
It is also worth knowing that in the evenings some products, especially such as bread, are discounted. However, if we need something while exploring, it is worth visiting the 7-Eleven stores, where food prices may even be slightly lower than in those more expensive supermarkets. In general, there are no small shops in Denmark.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Denmark:

  • butter DKK 14 per cube
  • milk DKK 9 per liter
  • eggs DKK 23 for 12
  • bread roll 4 DKK
  • baguette DKK 10
  • bread DKK 18 for a loaf
  • crispbread DKK 15 per package
  • sliced ​​cheese DKK 20 per pack
  • cottage cheese DKK 15 per cube
  • small fruit yogurt 6 DKK
  • 30 DKK breakfast cereals
  • muesli 20 DKK
  • sliced ​​ham 8 DKK for 100 grams
  • sliced ​​smoked salmon DKK 50 per pack
  • noodles DKK 8 per pack
  • rice DKK 14 per kilo
  • sausage DKK 130 per kilo
  • minced meat DKK 44 per kilogram
  • beef DKK 90 per kilo
  • chicken breast 65 DKK per kilo
  • fish 100 DKK per kilo
  • oil DKK 12 per liter
  • salted peanuts 35 DKK per can
  • chips DKK 20 per package
  • chocolate DKK 17 per bar
  • chocolate bar (eg. Mars, Snickers) 12 DKK
  • sugar DKK 10 per kilo
  • coffee 30 DKK for 250 grams
  • tea DKK 15 per packet

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Prices in shops in Denmark
Prices in shops in Denmark

Average prices of vegetables and fruits in shops in Denmark:

  • cucumbers DKK 12 per kilo
  • onions DKK 9.50 per kilo
  • tomatoes DKK 22 per kilo
  • lettuce DKK 11 apiece
  • potatoes DKK 12 per kilo
  • broccoli DKK 10 apiece
  • pears DKK 23 per kilo
  • apples DKK 19 per kilo
  • oranges DKK 20 per kilo
  • bananas DKK 18 per kilo
  • blueberries 20 DKK for 300 grams
  • melons DKK 16 per kilo

Average prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in shops in Denmark:

  • 1l orange juice 15 DKK
  • 1.5l water 10 DKK
  • 2l of cola 20 DKK
  • energy drink DKK 15 for 0.25 liters
  • local beer 12 DKK for half a liter
  • imported beer DKK 16 for 0.33 liters
  • bottle of wine 60 DKK
  • bottle of vodka 126 DK
  • bottle of rum 135 DKK
  • bottle of gin 125 DKK
  • 145 DKK whiskey bottle
  • cigarettes DKK 45 per packet

Meal prices in restaurants in Denmark

Food prices in restaurants in Denmark are very high. In addition, their cost is influenced by the exact location of a given premises, the closer to the center or any tourist attraction, the more expensive it is. A meal in a cheap restaurant in Denmark costs an average of 125 DKK, and for a three-course dinner in a slightly better place, we will spend 300 DKK.
The way out of the situation is street food or a visit to the popular fast food. The favorite delicacy in Denmark are herring sandwiches (as in other Scandinavian countries) and hot dogs. Stalls with this type of food can be found here in every city and town.

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Average fast food and street food prices in Denmark:

  • fast food set 75 DKK
  • cheeseburger 23 DKK
  • fries 30-40 DKK
  • herring sandwich from 35 DKK upwards
  • hot dog from 25 DKK for the small version
  • nachos with additions 45 DKK
  • churros from DKK 55 per serving
  • sweet rolls 20-30 DKK
  • pizza from 55 DKK
  • fried noodles with vegetables from 70 DKK
  • fish and chips from 90 DKK
Food prices in a restaurant in Denmark / Lunch for the whole family / Pizza
Food prices in a restaurant in Denmark / Lunch for the whole family / Pizza

Average food prices in restaurants in Denmark:

  • smoked salmon, scrambled eggs + bread 90DKK
  • smoked eel with additions 100 DKK
  • hamburger + fries + drink DKK 125
  • sandwich with herring from 70-80 DKK
  • hamburger from 90 DKK
  • pizza from 95 DKK
  • seafood salad 120 DKK
  • shrimp soup 125 DKK
  • fish + chips 150 DKK
  • a portion of baked ribs 175 DKK
  • grilled chicken fillet with toppings 185 DKK
  • beef tenderloin with additions 200 DKK
  • grilled salmon with potatoes 200 DKK
  • steak with toppings approx. 300 DKK

Average prices in cafes and bars in Denmark:

  • ice cream DKK 26 per scoop
  • ice cream from a vending machine from DKK 28
  • ice cream dessert 70-80 DKK
  • creme brulee 95 DKK
  • pancakes with ice cream 85 DKK
  • apple pie with ice cream 55 DKK
  • cheesecake – 50 DKK
  • brownie with ice cream 60 DKK
  • chocolate mousse with whipped cream 60 DKK
  • water 19 DKK for 0.33 liters
  • cola 24 DKK for 0.33 liters
  • ginger beer 35 DKK
  • milk shake 45 DKK
  • ice-tea 30 DKK for 0.5 liters
  • juice – 25 DKK for 0.3 liters
  • hot chocolate 35 DKK
  • espresso DKK 26
  • cappuccino 38 DKK
  • beer from the local brewery DKK 45 for 0.5 liters
  • imported beer DKK 40 for 0.33 liters
  • a glass of wine from 45-65 DKK
  • drinks from 65-75 DKK
  • a shot of rum or whiskey 50 DKK

Prices of tourist attractions in Denmark

The prices of attractions for tourists in Denmark are not low. Some of them really cost a lot. On the other hand, you can also find completely free attractions here.

  • entrance to the Bornholm Rotunda 10 DKK
  • Naturbornholm in Aakirkeby 120 DKK
  • Automobilmuseum in Aakirkeby DKK 60
  • Art Museum – Bornholms Kunstmuseum 70 DKK
  • Railway Museum – De Bornholmske Jernbaner Museum in Nexo 40 DKK
  • Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen 95 DKK
  • Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen DKK 160
  • Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen 120 DKK
  • Museum of Modern Art ARKEN 130 DKK
  • Art Museum – Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen 115 DKK
  • A visit to the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen DKK 100
  • Legoland DKK 399 for one day

Prices for souvenirs and things to bring from Denmark

  • postcard 4 DKK
  • scented candles from 23 DKK
  • liquorice biscuits DKK 15 per 100 grams
  • canned Danish butter cookies 40 DKK
  • remoulade (something ala mayonnaise with vegetables) DKK 12
  • Bornholm kippers (canned herring) 10 DKK
  • Bornholmske Rugkiks (cookies) 30 DKK
  • Bornholm distillates mini-box 60 DKK
  • Bornholmer Akvavit 85 DKK vodka for 0.5 liters

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