Prices in Croatia: stores and restaurants

Croatia is one of favorite holiday destinations, which is why we are so interested in the prices of fuel, food and attractions on the spot.

The country is not cheap and hasn’t been for years. Croatia is one of the most expensive countries in the Balkans. Even the equally popular Greece is a bit cheaper. Prices are rising every year (as everywhere) and you have to come to terms with it … or change the direction of your holiday trips.

Kuna: Currency of Croatia / Current exchange rate

The Croatian currency is the kuna (1kn – 0.135 euro), so it can be assumed that the prices in Croatia will be about 13% of those in eurozone, expressed in euro. That’s the way it is, that where there are tourists, it can be more expensive.

Croatia is not an exception in this respect. The prices of dinners in restaurants and food products in stores on the coast are higher than in the rest of the country.

On the other hand, the high density of gastronomic establishments is competitive, so it can be a bit cheaper in smaller towns.

Dubrovnik is the most expensive city and place in Croatia.

In other larger and equally popular cities it is not cheap either. To save a little, it is worth shopping in chain stores and eating in pubs located as far as possible from the shoreline and from major tourist attractions and monuments in Croatia.

Let’s now look exactly at current prices in Croatia.

Prices in Croatia
Prices in Croatia

Prices of food and drinks in stores in Croatia

The current prices in Croatia provided by us are averaged and apply to seaside resorts during the summer. This is when we spend our holidays in Croatia. All these factors have a big impact on final prices,

so we encourage you to share your own experiences and opinions, because we know that prices in various resorts of Croatia may also be slightly different.

Food prices in Croatia
Food prices in Croatia

Markets and shops in Croatia, i.e. where to shop?

The cheapest purchases you can do in chain stores such as Konzum, Tommy, Studenac, Lidl and Spar. In each of them, every week you will find some products in the promotion so the prices will then be lower than those given here by us. There are of course other, smaller or family stores in Croatia but these are the most popular.

Dairy, meat, fish and bottled water are certainly more expensive in Croatia than in other parts of Central Europe. Fruit and vegetables are not cheap as borscht, despite the hot climate.

Slightly cheaper you can buy them at a market stall or straight from a local farmer, where, for example, for a kilo of watermelon costs 3 kuna. Another option is also promotion in the supermarket ?

Prices of food and groceries in stores in Croatia

  1. butter 20 kuna
  2. milk 6-7 kuna per liter
  3. eggs 15 kuna for 12
  4. small yogurt with fruit 4-5 kuna
  5. local cheese 50-60 kuna per kilo
  6. yellow cheese sliced ​​6-7 kuna per pack 100 g
  7. cottage cheese 10 kuna for half a kilo
  8. ham prsut 19 kuna for 100 g
  9. frankfurters 10 kuna for a package of 300 g
  10. bread 8-9 kuna for a loaf
  11. roll 1-2 kuna
  12. tomatoes 10-13 kuna per kilo
  13. cucumbers 8 kuna per kilogram
  14. potatoes 5 kuna per kilogram
  15. oranges 8-10 kuna per kilo
  16. bananas 10-12 kuna per kilo
  17. grapes 10-12 kuna per kilogram
  18. chicken breast 50-70 kuna per kilo
  19. minced meat 30-40 kuna per kilogram
  20. fresh fish (dorada) 80-85 kuna per kilo
  21. rice 8-9 kuna per kilogram
  22. noodles 8 kuna for 500 g
  23. vegetable oil 11 kuna per liter
  24. olive oil from 50 kuna per liter
  25. chocolate 8-9 kuna per plate
  26. sandwich cookies 13 kuna per pack 220 g
  27. chips 11 kuna for a large package

Prices of drinks in Croatia:

  1. ground coffee 20 kuna per packet 250 g
  2. instant coffee 60 kuna for 200 g
  3. tea 15-20 kuna per box, depending on the type
  4. mineral water 6 kuna for 1.5l
  5. cola 12-13 kuna for 2l
  6. juice 10 kuna for 1l
  7. energy drink 10 kuna per can

Alcohol and cigarette prices in Croatia:

  1. Croatian local beer 7-9 kuna per can of 0.5 l
  2. Croatian local beer 20-22 kuna for a 2l bottle
  3. imported beer 10-12 kuna for a bottle of 0.33l
  4. Croatian local wine from 30-40 kuna per bottle
  5. whiskey 100 kuna for 0.7l
  6. vodka from 75 kuna per liter
  7. local rakia 65 kuna for 0.5l
  8. local liqueur from 60-70 kuna per liter, depending on the type
  9. pack of cigarettes 25-27 kuna
Prices for dinners in restaurants in Croatia
Prices for dinners in restaurants in Croatia

Prices of food and meals in Croatia

It is known that dinner in Dubrovnik in the Old Town can be at a premium. It can also be expensive in all places along the sea. In real restaurants it will certainly be more expensive than in taverns and konobas with local food.

The cheapest is the fast food from nearby booths.

On the other hand, fresh fish and seafood dishes are very expensive, especially served by restaurants. The most popular food is definitely pizza and pasta. In turn, the most popular meat are cevapcici, or kebab.

On average, you need to spend roughly 40 – 70 kuna on a meal or dinner in an inexpensive restaurant in Croatia, depending on the dish. However, in a better restaurant to eat well you have to spend 90-120 kuna, but with drink included in the price.

Fast-food prices in Croatia:

  1. hamburger 25-30 kuna
  2. fast food set 35 kuna
  3. ​​fries 15-20 kuna
  4. kebab 30-40 kuna
  5. squid pie 40 kuna
  6. pancake with filling 15 kuna
  7. ice cream 10 kuna per serving

Prices of meals and dinners at restaurants in Croatia:

  1. salad 40 – 60 kuna (up to 80-90 in Dubrovnik)
  2. soups 18-22 kuna
  3. pasta 50-60 kuna
  4. pizza from 50 kuna up
  5. risotto from 40 kuna
  6. fried squid 60 kuna
  7. fish dish approx. 65 kuna
  8. stuffed grilled vegetables 50 kuna (vegan)
  9. meat dish (ex. liver stew) 55 kuna up

Prices of drinks and alcohol in restaurants and bars in Croatia:

  1. coffee 7-8 kuna
  2. cappuccino 10 kuna
  3. water: 10 kuna for 0.33l
  4. cola 13 kuna for 0.33l
  5. beer from a stick 15-20 kuna for 0.5l
  6. canned beer at the beach bar 15 kuna for 0.5l
  7. imported beer 16 kuna for 0.33l
  8. a bottle of wine from 60 kuna up
  9. a glass of local alcohol from 9 kuna
  10. a glass of imported alcohol from 18 kuna
Accommodation prices in Croatia
Accommodation prices in Croatia

Accommodation prices in Croatia

Price for accommodation depends on several factors:

  1. a) the date on which you arrive,
  2. b) state of equipment,
  3. c) and the size of the premises that you rent,
  4. d) the popularity of the city
  5. e) or distance from the sea.

The most expensive will be at the very peak of the holiday season (July, August when the weather in Croatia is the most beautiful), you can count on slightly cheaper accommodation out of season: just before and shortly after the holidays.

As for the location, the most expensive accommodation can be found in Dubrovnik, it will be cheaper in smaller and less popular cities.

The price of accommodation in Croatia should also fall along with the distance from the shoreline.

How much does accommodation in Croatia cost? Price per night in a hotel, hostel and apartments in Croatia

Prices of hostels in Croatia start from about 180 kuna, although this is probably only an approximate price. You can always find a cheaper, but also more expensive offer.

It is worth checking websites with cheap accommodation in Croatia.

However, the cost of staying in a hotel, e.g. a three-star hotel, is already about 660 kuna per room. That is why private accommodation is probably so popular, as you can pay an average of 150 kuna per person for accommodation. You can choose from rooms, the ever popular apartments, holiday homes and villas. It is also worth taking a look at the list of the best campsites in Croatia.

Often with a sea view, a piece of the garden and a swimming pool.

Prices of tourist attractions and tickets in Croatia[/caption]

<h1><figcaption id=Ticket prices and attractions in Croatia” width=”1000″ height=”664″ /> Prices of tourist attractions and tickets in Croatia

Ticket prices and attractions in Croatia

  1. Plitvice Lakes National Park 250 kuna per adult (kuna 150 after 16.00)
  2. Krka Waterfalls National Park 200 kuna per adult (kuna 150 after 16.00)
  3. Aquapark Istralandia in Brtonigli full-day 220 kuna ticket
  4. Palace of Rectors in Dubrovnik 120 kuna per adult (for the whole package)
  5. Entry on the Srd Hill in Dubrovnik 150 kuna per adult
  6. Entrance to the city walls in Dubrovnik 200 kuna per adult
  7. Cathedral of St. Toll in Split 45 kuna (for the whole package)
  8. Cellars of the Diocletian’s Palace in Split 42 kuna per adult
  9. Trsteno Arboretum 50 kn per adult
  10. Aquarium in Pula 100 kuna per adult
  11. Cathedral in Sibenik 25 kuna for an adult

Prices of beach attractions in Croatia:

  1. rental of sun loungers and an umbrella from 50-60 kuna per day
  2. pedalo 25 kuna per hour
  3. a water scooter from 150 kuna for 15 minutes
  4. inflatable water park (Zlatni Rat) 80 kuna per half hour, 90 kuna per hour
  5. parasailing (Makarska) from 340 kuna for two people for 200m (the higher the more expensive)
  6. Water skiing (Dubrovnik) 250 kuna for 10 minutes

If, apart from current prices, you are also interested in the topic of the coast in this country, then we invite you to look at the ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, where we have created our own list.

Croatia is a beautiful … expensive country; ) After all, it’s worth spending your vacation in it!

Opinions about prices in stores and restaurants

Opinions about prices in Croatia are an important matter. It is worth telling each other where to shop best in Croatia not to overpay. Therefore, let me know your opinions about shops, restaurants and prices in Croatia.

It is also worth taking a look at the official website of Croatian tourism, which also explains many other aspects related to traveling and staying in Croatia.

Current map of Croatia

Last but not least, the current tourist map of Croatia, where you can plan your trip, access and locate the most interesting monuments, cities, islands and tourist attractions:

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