Prices in Bratislava

Bratislava is the largest and most visited place in Slovakia. The city can be visited practically all year round, you can expect the best weather aura from April to October. Tourism is also favored by the local prices, which are not too high compared to Europe. The prices are noticeably higher than when Slovakia joined the euro zone.

When it comes to prices in Bratislava itself, compared to the rest of the country, they are by far the highest. It is influenced not only by the popularity of this city, but also by the fact that it is the capital and one of the most recognizable places in Slovakia. For this reason, the prices of accommodation, attractions and meals in restaurants are higher than in other parts of the country. Bratislava is a modern and fully developed city which, despite slightly overpriced, is worth visiting once.

Accommodation prices in Bratislava

Accommodation prices in Bratislava are several percent higher compared to other cities in Slovakia. The cost of accommodation in the capital of this country, as everywhere else, also depends on the date on which we intend to come here. However, even in low season, you can find accommodation at a decent price.

For this purpose, it is worth following various types of booking websites or comparison websites of holiday offers.

In the capital of Slovakia, hotels can boast the largest accommodation offer. You can also sleep here in private apartments, boarding houses and hostels. When it comes to the most popular amenities, the most common among them are parking spaces and Wi-Fi access. The cheapest month when it comes to booking accommodation in Bratislava is March, when prices drop even by 1/4 compared to the whole year. The most expensive period to come to the Slovak capital is May (the average price increase is then higher by about 10%).

The average prices of accommodation in Bratislava are as follows:

  •     one of the cheaper accommodation options, i.e. the hostel, costs from 20 euro up
  •     a night in a two-star hotel costs over 30 euro
  •     an overnight stay in a three-star facility will cost around 50 euro
  •     accommodation in a 4-star hotel costs around 60 euro
  •     the most luxurious accommodation option (five-star hotel) is at least 90 euro a day
Prices in Bratislava / Food and drink in shops, dinner in a restaurant, pizza, alcohol, cigarettes, beer
Prices in Bratislava / Food and drink in shops, dinner in a restaurant, pizza, alcohol, cigarettes, beer

Food prices in Bratislava

In Bratislava, it is best to shop in chain stores where prices are the lowest. In small shops within the Old Town, we will definitely pay more for basic food. It’s best to target supermarkets like Lidl, Tesco or Kaufland. In Bratislava we can also find large-area stores such as Billa and Samoška.

Average prices of basic groceries in shops in Bratislava:

  •     bread 1 euro
  •     butter 2.50 euro per cube
  •     eggs 1.90 euro for 10
  •     milk 0.80 euro per liter
  •     small fruit yogurt 0.50 euro
  •     yellow cheese 18 euro per kilo
  •     white cheese 5 euro per kilo
  •     cream cheese 1.60 euro for 200 grams
  •     sausage 13 euro per kilo
  •     chicken fillet 6 euro per kilo
  •     beef 9 euro per kilogram
  •     rice 1.20 euro per kilogram
  •     ice cream 5 euro for a liter pack

Average prices of fruit and vegetables in shops in Bratislava:

  •     potatoes 0.90 euro per kilogram
  •     lettuce 1 euro apiece
  •     tomatoes 2.50 euro per kilogram
  •     mushrooms 2.70 euro per kilo
  •     cucumbers 1.30 euro per kilo
  •     carrots 1.20 euro per kilogram
  •     bananas 1.60 euro per kilo
  •     oranges 1.50 euro per kilo
  •     pineapple 2 euro each
  •     apples 1.60 euro per kilo
  •     pears 1.90 euro per kilogram

Average prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in shops in Bratislava:

  •     water 0.60 for 1.5 liters
  •     cola 2.20 euro for 2 liters
  •     tomato juice 1.30 per liter
  •     orange juice 1.50 euro per liter
  •     energy drink 1.20 euro for 0.25 liters
  •     ice tea 1.50 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     wine 1-6 euro per bottle
  •     sparkling wine 9 euro per bottle
  •     local beer 070 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     imported beer 1.30 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     vodka 15 euro for 0.7 liters
  •     whiskey 14 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     rum 14 euro for 0.5 liters
  • cigarettes 3.90 euro per packet

Meal prices in restaurants in Bratislava

Food prices in restaurants in Bratislava vary. It all depends largely on where we are going to eat. The cheapest option is of course fast food and street food. Then, for the amount of only 3-4 euro, we are able to eat. If we go to a cheaper restaurant, we will pay from 5 to 10 euro for dinner. However, a three-course meal in a slightly better place will cost us around 25 euro. The location of the restaurant itself has a large impact on the prices in restaurants in Bratislava. The closer to tourist attractions or the Old Town, the more expensive it is.

Prices of street food and fast food in Bratislava:

  •     hamburger 1.20 euro
  •     nuggets 3 euro
  •     ice cream 1.90 euro
  •     fast food set 5-7 euro
  •     kebab 3-4 euro
  •     meat with rice and vegetables 5 euro

Food prices in restaurants in Bratislava:

  •     omelette with sausage 4.50 euro
  •     salad 4-5 euro
  •     soup 3.50-7 euro
  •     dumplings with fruit 8 euro
  •     haluszas with toppings 9 euro
  •     dumplings with cheese 4.50 euro
  •     fried cheese with additions 4-5 euro
  •     sausage with potato pancake 6.50 euro
  •     a portion of meat with cabbage 9.50 euro
  •     burger 7-8 euro
  •     stew 6 euro
  •     flatbread with additions 5 euro
  •     schnitzel with salad 13 euro
  •     baked chicken, potatoes and vegetables 15 euro
  •     roast lamb with vegetables 18 euro
  •     grilled fish with polenta 18 euro
  •     steak with vegetable fries and bacon 19 euro
  •     baked zucchini with salad 8.50 euro
  •     risotto with toppings 7.50 euro
  •     ribs with bread and mustard 11 euro
  •     marinated fried wings 7.50 euro
  •     beef tartare with croutons 13.50 euro
  •     cheese plate 14.50 euro

Prices of desserts and cakes, as well as drinking and alcohol in cafes and bars in Bratislava:

  •     strudel with ice cream 5.50 euro
  •     pancakes with nutella and fruit 5.50 euro
  •     apple pie with ice cream 6 euro
  •     dumplings with poppy seeds and walnuts 4 euro
  •     almond cake portion 4 euro
  •     pancakes with jam 3.50 euro
  •     cheesecake with poppy seeds 4 euro
  •     lemonade 2-3.50 euro
  •     cola 1.20-2 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     juice 1.90 for 0.25 liters
  •     water 1-2 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     coffee 1-1.80 euro
  •     cappuccino 1.50-2.50 euro
  •     Viennese coffee 1.90-2.20 euro
  •     tea 1-2 euro
  •     drinking chocolate 2.60-2.80 euro
  •     cider 1.90 euro
  •     local beer 1.50-2.50 euro
  •     imported beer from 2.20 euro for 0.25 liters
  •     a glass of wine from 1.20 euro
  •     local tinctures 3.50 euro for 0.05 liters
  •     drinks from 4.50 euro
  •     shots of stronger spirits 2-3 euro for 0.05 liter
Bratislava prices
Bratislava prices

Prices for transport and public transport in Bratislava

We can move around the capital of Slovakia by trams, trolleybuses and buses. Most of the monuments and attractions for tourists are relatively close to each other, so you can also visit on foot. However, tickets can be purchased at kiosks, vending machines and points of sale that are valid for all public transport in Bratislava.

And so we can buy:

  •     daily ticket (zone 100 and 101) 3.50 euro
  •     daily ticket to all zones 6.90 euro
  •     three-day ticket (zone 100 and 101) 8 euro
  •     hourly ticket (four zones) 1.50 euro
  •     half-hour ticket (zone 100 and 101) 0.90 euro
  •     15-minute ticket (for zones 100 and 101) 0.70 euro

In Bratislava you can also travel by taxis. The starting cost of the course is between 2.50 and 5 euro. For each kilometer traveled, you will have to pay an additional fee from 0.50 to 1.20 EUR. On the other hand, an hour of parking a taxi will cost from 12 to 18 euro.

When it comes to fuel prices in Bratislava:

  •     we will pay EUR 1.30 for a liter of E95 gasoline
  •     we will pay 1.50 euro for a liter of E98 gas
  •     we have to pay EUR 1.20 per liter of oil
  •     one liter of LPG costs 0.5 euro

Prices for attractions in Bratislava

The prices of tickets to monuments and attractions for tourists in Bratislava are not high. Compared to other European countries, they are really attractive and competitive.

See also other tourist attractions in Bratislava.

Prices of souvenirs from Bratislava

  •      Korbáčik cheese about 1 euro for 50 grams
  •      Bryndza cheese 1.35 euro for a package of 125 grams
  •      Parenica cheese 1.45 euro for 110 grams
  •      Horalky waffle 0.30 euro
  •      Orion chocolate 2 euro for a 180 gram tablet
  •      kofola (Slovak cola) 1 euro for 1.5 liters
  •      Slivovitz 22 euro for 0.7 liters
  •      mead 20 euro for 0.7 liters

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