Prices in Baška Voda / Food and drinks in shops, dinners in the restaurant, alcohol, cigarettes

A former settlement of farmers and fishermen, Baška Voda has been transformed into a thriving tourist resort with all the comforts and attractions you need for a vacation. When you come to Baška Voda on vacation, you only need to pack your wallet in your bag, because you can easily buy everything there. The prices here do not differ from those in similarly popular resorts.

Current prices in Baška Voda

Due to the fact that Baška Voda is a famous holiday destination, the costs of food and accommodation will be higher here than what we will pay on average in Croatia. It can even be assumed that they will be higher compared to the whole of Dalmatia. However, it’s best to take a look at our price list in Baška Voda and judge for yourself whether it is expensive or quite affordable …

Prices in Baška Voda / Food, drink, dinner in a restaurant, cigarettes, alcohol
Prices in Baška Voda / Food, drink, dinner in a restaurant, cigarettes, alcohol

Accommodation prices in Baška Voda

Accommodation prices in Baška Voda vary. Everyone will find something for themselves and for their pocket. Prices vary depending on the date we are going to come here. The most expensive period in Baška Voda is of course holidays, i.e. July and August. Much cheaper prices will be in September, or even before the season, i.e. in May and June.

Currently, accommodation prices in Baška Voda are at the following average level:

  •     a night in a hostel will cost around HRK 120
  •     a day in a two-star hotel is an expense of HRK 450
  •     we will pay HRK 550 per night in a three-star hotel
  •     a day in a four-star facility is approximately HRK 960
  •     for luxury in a five-star hotel we will pay at least 2500 HRK

However, the most popular accommodation units for rent in Baška Voda are of course the apartments.

The average rental price is around 700 kuna per night. However, it all depends on their location or equipment. In Baška Voda you will find apartments for 165 HRK per day and 1,200 HRK per day. These apartments are most often equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette, air conditioning and internet access.

Often there is also a TV set, a garage for a car and a balcony or patio. Almost half of the offers for renting apartments in Baška Voda also include a barbecue area or a garden. Most of the owners also agree to the arrival of our pet.

The average area of ​​such apartments is about 40 square meters, which can easily fit four people.

When it comes to rental prices for holiday homes in Baška Voda, their average cost is over 1000 HRK per day. However, we are talking about a usable area of ​​about 65 square meters, where a large family or two smaller ones can relax.

In the case of renting holiday homes, it is similar to apartments, we will find here both with a swimming pool, terrace and barbecue at a price of 2680 HRK per night and also more modest ones, but with air conditioning and internet for 400 HRK per night.

It all depends on our expectations and wallet.

Price of transportation and communication in Baška Voda

Of course, local buses can travel between the towns in Dalmatia. For example, a bus trip from Baška Voda to Split costs HRK 42. In turn, a ticket to Makarska costs about 9.50 kuna.

When it comes to own transport, the price of gasoline in Baška Voda ranges from 8.50 to 14 HRK per liter. However, for the motorway from the Slovenian border to Baška Voda, we will pay HRK 49 + HRK 229 one way.

In turn, the prices of taxis in Baška Voda are 20 kuna to enter and from 5 to 10 kuna for each kilometer traveled. Of course, in the normal tariff. For example, for the route from Baška Voda to Makarska, we will pay about 130-170 kuna. An hour of waiting by the taxi driver will cost you an additional HRK 60.

Food prices in shops in Baška Voda

In order for food prices to be a bit lower, it is worth shopping in Baška Voda in one of the chain stores, such as Konzum, Tommy or Studenac. For fresh vegetables and fruit, it is worth going to the stall in the local market square.

Many regulars also recommend going to nearby Makarska and doing shopping there, for example in a large shopping center (in MaxiKonzum) or in the well-known Lidl or Kaufland.

Average prices of basic foods in Baška Voda:

  •     water 14 kuna for 1.5 liters
  •     cola 15 kuna for 1.5 liters
  •     milk 9 kuna per liter
  •     bread 13 kuna for a loaf
  •     bread roll 8 kunas
  •     local cheese 40 to 180 kuna per kilogram
  •     white cheese from 20 to 100 kuna per kilogram
  •     eggs HRK 26 for a pack of 12
  •     rice 20 kuna per kilogram
  •     watermelon HRK 5 per kilogram
  •     oranges 10 kuna per kilogram
  •     bananas HRK 10 per kilo
  •     grapes 13 kuna per kilogram
  •     apples 11 kuna per kilogram
  •     pears 13 kuna per kilogram
  •     potatoes 8 kuna per kilogram
  •     zucchini 7 kuna per kilogram
  •     lettuce 8 HRK apiece
  •     onion 5 kuna per kilogram
  •     pepper 10 kuna per kilogram
  •     cucumbers 4.50 kuna per kilogram
  •     tomatoes 8 kuna per kilogram
  •     sausage HRK 120 per kilogram
  •     chicken fillet 60 kuna per kilogram
  •     beef 90 kuna per kilogram

Alcohol and cigarette prices in shops in Baška Voda:

  •     cigarettes HRK 30 per packet
  •     local beer 12 kuna for half a liter
  •     local beer HRK 20 for 2 liters
  •     imported beer 16 kuna for 0.33 liters
  • decent wine 50 kuna per bottle

Prices in restaurants and bars in Baška Voda

There are plenty of bars, restaurants and pubs serving hot meals in Baška Voda. The prices of restaurant food depend on the standard and location of the catering facility itself. A different cost will be a dinner in a restaurant with tablecloths, and a different cost in a homely pub, crowded with locals. There is one rule, the closer to the sea / main promenade, the more expensive it is.

On average, for a dinner at Baška Voda you have to pay 90 kuna, in a rather cheaper place. However, for a warm three-course meal in a better restaurant, we will have to pay 200 kuna.

Prices of fast food in Baška Voda:

  •     kebab 32 kuna
  •     pizza 40-70 kuna
  •     cheeseburger HRK 14
  •     hamburger HRK 28
  •     fast food set 45 kunas
  •     sandwich HRK 20-30

Food prices in restaurants in Baška Voda:

  •     caprese salad HRK 50
  •     szopska salad 60 HRK
  •     a plate of Dalmatian starters HRK 60
  •     ham pršut 90 kuna per 100 grams
  •     cevapi with fries and vegetables HRK 70 per serving
  •     plejskavica in a set with fries and vegetables HRK 80 per serving
  •     grilled chicken 80 kuna per portions
  •     grilled pork 90 kuna per serving
  •     grilled mutton 125 kuna per serving
  •     grilled veal 100 kuna per serving
  •     meat plate (plate) for 2 people 200-220 HRK
  •     tortellini with parmesan cheese and ham 45 kuna
  •     fish soup HRK 30 per serving
  •     tomato soup HRK 25 per serving
  •     pasta with Bolognese sauce or carbonara HRK 55
  •     risotto with chicken and zucchini 70 HRK

Prices of fish and seafood in Baška Voda:

  •     grilled calamari 90 HRK
  •     grilled sea bream 110 HRK
  •     grilled sea bass 110 HRK
  •     grilled tuna steak HRK 130
  •     grilled mackerel 60-80 HRK
  •     grilled shrimp HRK 150
  •     oyster HRK 30 apiece
  •     mussels 60 kuna per serving
  •     calamari salad HRK 75
  •     shrimp salad HRK 60
  •     octopus salad HRK 100
  •     noodles with seafood 75 kuna
  •     black cuttlefish risotto HRK 80
  •     gnocchi with prawns 80 kuna
  •     tuna tartare HRK 120
  •     seafood platter for 2 people HRK 360
  •     paella for 2 people HRK 245

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Prices of desserts, drinks and alcohol in cafes and bars in Baška Voda:

  • ice cream 8-12 HRK
  • two pancakes with nutella or jam 25 kuna
  • ice cream with fruit HRK 39
  • lava cake 40 kunas
  • rožata (a type of traditional pudding) HRK 45
  • Pavlova cake 50 kuna per servings
  • carbonated drinks about HRK 20 for 0.25 liters
  • water 25-30 kuna per liter
  • espresso 4-8 HRK
  • cappuccino 5-12 HRK
  • local beer 18-20 kuna for half a liter
  • imported beer 20 kuna for 0.33 liters

Map of Baška Voda

See on the map of Baška Voda and locate the most interesting places:

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