Prices in Amsterdam

Prices in the capital of the Netherlands are not the lowest – when planning a trip or even the shortest trip, it is worth knowing about the costs that will be incurred when visiting Amsterdam. Fortunately, the prices in restaurants do not differ from what you have to pay in other European capitals.

Accommodation prices in Amsterdam

We start with the most expensive part on the travel budget for trips to the capital of the Netherlands. Accommodation in Amsterdam can be really expensive, and the amount is also dependent on the season – the most expensive, as usual, is during the warm months, i.e. roughly from May to August. Then even the prices in hostels reach up to 90 euro per night, in the very center of the city.

Current prices in Amsterdam / Eating in shops, dinner in a restaurant, fast food, pizza
Current prices in Amsterdam / Eating in shops, dinner in a restaurant, fast food, pizza

Average accommodation prices in Amsterdam:

  •     the average price for a night in a hostel is 30 euro
  •     an overnight stay in a two-star hotel costs over 55 euro per night
  •     a three-star property will cost around 75 euro a night
  •     the cost of accommodation in a four-star hotel is over 110 euro
  •     while for five-star luxury we have to pay at least 275 euro per night

Lower prices for accommodation will certainly be in the low season and in facilities located far from the very center of Amsterdam, while in the middle of the city, these costs may be even higher, even if we take into account dormitory rooms with shared bathrooms (20-40 euro per person).

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Prices of public transport in Amsterdam

You can visit Amsterdam on foot, but it is much more convenient to use the local public transport (buses, trams and metro). The public transport toll system is based mainly on OV-chipkaart pre-paid cards. We can also choose one-time time tickets, which, however, are more expensive.

As for the OV-chipkaart card, you need to buy it for at least 4 euro, because at the beginning a deposit is charged in this amount. A base price of 0.98 euro is charged for each trip, plus 0.17 euro for each kilometer driven.

We can buy the OV-chipkaart card at special vending machines, at stations and kiosks.

Ticket prices in Amsterdam:

  •     hourly ticket 3.20 euro
  •     daily ticket 7.50 euro
  •     48-hour ticket is 12.50 euro
  •     72-hour ticket 17 euro
  •     96-hour ticket of 22 euro

It’s also a good idea to get around Amsterdam by bike. Rental prices start from around 10 euro for 3 hours of use. For the whole day on the bike, we will pay only 12.50 euro.

Taxi and transport prices to and from Amsterdam Airport

When it comes to taxi prices in Amsterdam, you have to pay from 3 to 9 euro to start the course, plus of course from 2 to 4 euro for each kilometer traveled. For example, a taxi from the airport to Amsterdam city center will cost around 30 to 50 euro. Depending on the carrier and the time when we arrive. In turn, an hour-long taxi driver’s stop will cost us from 23 to 50 euro.

Instead of taking a taxi from the airport, you can take the train to Amsterdam city center. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes and the ticket costs less than 4 euro. Another option is the bus, which will cost you 22 euro when traveling from Eindhoven airport to the center of the capital of the Netherlands.

Prices for attractions in Amsterdam

The prices of attractions in Amsterdam are not the lowest. The most popular, and at the same time the most famous, are simply expensive. To save a bit, you can consider buying a card – Amsterdam City Card. It allows free admission to selected museums and other attractions in Amsterdam. In addition, we can use public transport for free – metro, trams and buses.

The Amsterdam City Card costs respectively:

  •     one day 65 euro
  •     two-day trip 85 euro
  •     three-day 105 euro
  •     four-day 120 euro
  •     five-day trip 130 euro

So if you are staying in Amsterdam for a longer time and is going to visit a lot, then you can buy one of these temporary options. Additionally, with its help, in some locations and tourist points you can get favorable discounts.

Prices in Amsterdam / Public transport, accommodation, food and drink
Prices in Amsterdam / Public transport, accommodation, food and drink

Prices of tickets to attractions in Amsterdam:

  •     canal cruise from 11-16 euro
  •     Amsterdam History Museum 15 euro
  •     Zoo (Artis Royal Zoo) 24 euro
  •     Visiting the Heineken brewery 21 euro
  •     Botanical Garden 9.75 euro
  •     Rembrandt’s house 14 euro
  •     Maritime Museum 16.50 euro
  •     Science Museum NEMO 17.50 euro
  •     Oude Kerk church (watchtower +9 euro) 15 euro
  •     Westerkerk church tower 9 euro
  •     Rijks museum 20 euro
  •     Van Gogh Museum 19 euro

Food prices in shops in Amsterdam

For groceries in Amsterdam, it’s best to go to supermarkets. Among them are Marqt, Albert Heijn and Albert Heijn to go. The latter is a smaller shop with a slightly less assortment than traditional supermarkets, but available e.g. at the train station and open from morning to midnight. If we want to save on grocery shopping in Amsterdam, we have to target Aldi or Lidl stores.

Prices of basic groceries in Amsterdam:

  •     bread roll 0.20-0.30 euro
  •     baguette 0.60-0.80 euro
  •     croissant 0.30 euro
  •     bread 1.60 euro
  •     toasted bread from 1 euro
  •     puff pastry with fruit 0.60 euro
  •     muffins 3 euro for 4 pieces
  •     eggs 2.80 euro for 12
  •     milk 1 euro per liter
  •     sandwich cheese 1-2 euro
  •     yellow cheese 2.80 euro for 0.4 kilogram
  •     processed cheese 2 euro per pack
  •     natural yoghurt 1.35 euro for 500 grams
  •     butter 2.20 euro per cube
  •     hummus 2 euro for 200 grams
  •     sandwich paste 1.5 euro per pack
  •     sausage 18 euro per kilo
  •     chicken breast fillet 9 euro per kilogram
  •     beef 15 euro per kilo
  •     rice 2.10 euro per kilogram
  •     pasta 1 euro for 500 grams
  •     chocolate from 1 euro for a plate
  •     chocolate bar 0.80 euro
  •     stroopwafel 1.60-1.80 euro per pack

Vegetable and fruit prices in Amsterdam:

  •     tomatoes 2.50 euro per kilogram
  •     cucumbers 1.40 euro per kilogram
  •     mini carrots 1 euro per pack
  •     red peppers 1 euro apiece
  •     avocado 1.09 euro apiece
  •     arugula 1 euro per pack
  •     cauliflower 2 euro piece
  •     potatoes 1.60 euro per kilo
  •     lettuce 1.10 euro each
  •     strawberries 2 euro for half a kilo
  •     oranges 1.90 euro per kilo
  •     bananas 1.80 euro per kilo
  •     pears 2.80 euro per kilogram
  •     apples 2.30 euro per kilogram
  •     blueberries 4.89 euro per pack

Prices of drinks, alcohol and cigarettes in Amsterdam:

  •     water 0.90 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     cola 1.50 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     carbonated orange drink 0.80 euro for 0.5 liters
  •     ice-tea 1.95 euro for 1.5 liters
  •     fruit juice 1.50 euro per liter
  •     energy drink 1.30 euro for 250 ml
  •     chocolate milk 1.60 euro per liter
  •     beer 1.10 euro for a can of 0.33 liters
  •     imported beer 2.10 euro per 0.33 liter can
  •     decent wine 6.50 euro
  •     vodka 12 euro for a bottle
  •     whiskey 15 euro per bottle
  •     gin 13 euro per bottle
  •     rum 14 euro per bottle
  •     a pack of decent cigarettes 7 euro

Food prices in restaurants, bars and cafes in Amsterdam

The prices of meals in restaurants in Amsterdam are not low. There is also no typical Dutch cuisine as such. Thus, the local menu is dominated by dishes from other countries. A meal in a cheap restaurant in Amsterdam will cost at least 15 euro. The cost of a (three-course) dinner in a slightly better restaurant will amount to at least 25 rueo per person. That is why many people choose fast food and street food. Then you can fully eat for 10 euro. In this case, fries and pancakes usually dominate the menu. We can eat inexpensively at a Chinese or Turkish bar, or in a popular fast-food chain.

Prices for fast food and street food in Amsterdam:

  •     fast food set 8.50 euro
  •     cheese burger 2.60 euro
  •     fries 3-4 euro
  •     sandwich with herring 3-7 euro
  •     sandwich with cheese and ham 4.50 euro
  •     pizza 6-10 euro
  •     curry soup 6 euro
  •     pad thai 13 euro
  •     ramen + beer 12.50 euro
  •     kebab from 6 euro
  •     falafels 6 euro for three

Prices in restaurants in Amsterdam:

  •     breakfast set 8-10 euro
  •     starter with meat balls 6 euro
  •     cheese dish 6 euro
  •     Dutch soup 6.50 euro
  •     Amsterdam Salad 11.50 euro
  •     pasta with sauce 6-12 euro
  •     shawarma 15 euro
  •     fried rice or noodles with toppings 12 euro
  •     Nepalese dumplings from 10 euro
  •     spaghetti bolognese 13 euro
  •     meat shashlik with toppings 14 euro
  •     burger with fries and salad 15-16 euro
  •     steak with fries and salad 17-30 euro
  •     ravioli 18.50 euro
  •     Veal medallion with additions of 24.50 euro
  •     Pumpkin and horse chestnut cream soup 9 euro
  •     portion of baked ribs 19.50 euro
  •     oysters 4 euro each
  •     baked fish with additions of 23.50 euro

Prices in cafes and bars in Amsterdam:

  •     waffles from 2.5 euro
  •     stroopwafel 1 euro
  •     almond cake 2 euro
  •     brownie 3 euro
  •     apple pie 4-5 euro
  •     cheesecake 5 euro
  •     panna cotta 9.50 euro
  •     espresso 2.30 euro
  •     latte 3 euro
  •     cappuccino 2.5-4 euro
  •     cola 2.80 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     hot chocolate 2.50 euro
  •     water 2.10 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     a glass of wine 4-5 euro
  •     a glass of Jenever gin 2.50-3.50 euro
  •     draft beer 3-8 euro for half a liter
  •     imported beer 3-6 euro for 0.33 liters
  •     testing 5 types of beers 10 euro
  •     liqueurs 5.50 euro
  •     drinks 9-12 euro

Prices for Amsterdam souvenirs

  •     souvenir magnet from Amsterdam 2.50 euro
  •     postcard 0.60 euro
  •     Dutch clogs 15 euro
  •     a set of four joints 15 euro
  •     cookies with marijuana or hashish from 5 euro

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