Souvenirs from Prague, or what to buy in Prague?

Prague souvenirs can be divided into two main groups. Some of the souvenirs you buy are typically tourist, and some shopping is simply worth doing here. So before you go on a trip to Prague, it is worth finding out what is profitable to buy in the Czech capital, or what souvenir it is worth to put up in Prague, so that you do not need to spend a mountain of crowns on products coming straight from our Asian friends.

Souvenirs from Prague / What is worth buying and bringing from Prague?
Souvenirs from Prague / What is worth buying and bringing from Prague?

What to bring from Prague to our friends and family so as not to embarrass yourself?

On the other hand, it allows them to get acquainted with the rich Czech culture. And the selection of souvenirs and souvenirs in Prague is huge, which is easy to see when visiting the oldest parts of the city on foot.

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Souvenirs from Prague

Prague souvenirs can also be divided into two groups. The first of them are typical souvenirs in the form of postcards, magnets, mugs, t-shirts or key rings with the word Praha. The assortment is as wide as the range of their prices. At stalls or in small shops, most often located near the Charles Bridge or in the old town, you can get everything your heart desires, from pens, lighters, figurines, hats, towels or even wooden matryoshka dolls (so typical Russian ones!).

Their prices make tourists dizzy. You can pay even a few hundred crowns for a small item. If you are interested in this type of souvenirs from Prague, it is better to walk a bit further from the main places where tourists gather.

He will surely find a similar gift there, but much cheaper.

However, if we are looking for souvenirs typically associated with Prague, it is better to choose one of the following:

  • Alfons Mucha’s reproductions are more ambitious souvenirs from Prague. You can get pictures and paintings on the spot, sold in various sizes. This Czech representative of Art Nouveau, famous for his portraits of women surrounded by vegetation. And it is this motif that most often appears on other souvenirs from Prague, such as posters, ceramics, jewelry or fabric bags.
  • Souvenirs related to the famous Prague writer – Franz Kafka. As in the case of Alfons Mucha, there are many items to choose from with a theme referring to this writer.
  • Little Mole is the most popular mascot that you can buy everywhere in the Czech capital. A perfect souvenir for kids, especially since you can choose not only plush toys, but also wooden figures and a whole lot of other gadgets. Among the more practical ideas for a souvenir from Prague for the youngest, there will be, for example, a school kit from Krtek. It is important to move far away from the center, then the prices of notebooks, crayons and pencil cases will drop significantly.
  • Czech porcelain is a top-shelf souvenir, but it will definitely serve for years. Bohemia Porcelain 1987 and Thun are recommended and well-known companies in Prague.
  • Czech crystals are quite an expensive gift, just like in the case of porcelain. However, it will definitely last for years. We can choose from jugs, vases, glasses and other more or less decorative dishes. Recommended companies to look for in Prague that produce Czech crystals are Moser, Bohemia Crystal and Ruckl Crystal.
  • The puppets are definitely an original souvenir from Prague. Few people know that puppets are closely related to Czech culture. So much so that the puppet theater is entered on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Apparently, the largest selection of them in Prague is in the shop on the street – u lužického semináře 5.
  • Jablonex jewelry can also be a great Prague souvenir, especially for ladies. Although the company stopped operating in 2009, you can still buy glass beads in a variety of configurations. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets will surely remind you of a trip to the Czech capital.
What to buy in Prague? How much are souvenirs and gifts in Prague?
What to buy in Prague? How much are souvenirs and gifts in Prague?

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What to buy in Prague?

Typical Czech food products can also be a nice gift from Prague. Many tourists choose this kind of souvenirs from the Czech capital. No wonder, after all, food, drink and alcohol are the nicest and most desirable souvenirs of any trip. And what can you buy in Prague:

  • Student’s Chocolate, the iconic candy, full of dried fruit and nuts, and relatively inexpensive. The perfect gift, not only for the youngest. By the way, it is worth noting that it is definitely not Belgian quality chocolate, but it still has many supporters. It is best to buy it in one of Prague’s supermarkets. You can choose from various flavors and additions to chocolate available in the following versions: white, milk and dessert.
  • Kofola is, in turn, a cult Czech drink. Direct competition for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Interestingly, the Czech kofola wins this fight. This drink looks like an ordinary cola, but the taste is significantly different. First of all, it is much less sweet, and the base of Kofola is herbal and fruit extract. We can get it in practically every grocery store in Prague.
  • Lentilki is a prototype of the most famous M & Ms dragees. These Czech chocolate buttons are similarly coated with a colored sugar glaze. You can buy them in any grocery store, in various packages and weights. It is mainly a gift for children or unrepentant gourmands.
  • Fidorka wafers are also quite well-known sweets, associated with Prague and the Czech Republic. They have a round shape and are filled with flavored cream and covered with a thick layer of white, milk or dark chocolate. Fidorki is a great idea for a small, casual gift straight from Prague.
  • Lazenske oplatki, in turn, is also a kind of round wafer, filled with a fatty sugar mass inside. Oplatkis are known from sanatorium resorts, where they are sold hot. There are different flavors to choose from, and ready and packed can be bought in Prague grocery stores.

What else is worth buying in Prague?

What to bring from Prague?

The most frequently imported souvenir from Prague is Czech beer. After all, it is a country flowing with this golden drink. There are 50 large and over 35 smaller breweries in the Czech Republic. The best beer is available on tap, but when it comes to transporting it, it is better to choose a bottle than a can. When it comes to specific names of the most famous Czech beers, it is worth betting on such companies as: Kozel, Staropramen, Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser, Krušovice, Gambrinus or Primátor.

When choosing them in the store, it is worth remembering that Czech beers usually include the hopping value, as it is more important for local residents than the percentage. For the connoisseurs of the golden drink, it is worth bringing craft beers from Prague, often produced in smaller distilleries.

Another Czech product worth bringing from Prague is absinthe. It is a high-percentage alcohol product based on wormwood, anise, fennel and other herbs. Absinthe is a flavored vodka with a characteristic green color. The thujone in it is supposed to have a psychoactive effect. However, in fact, in bottles sold in Prague, this substance is not found. Also, this alcohol is a rather good gift idea for fans of this type of product with a very specific taste.

The third alcohol worth bringing from Prague is Becherovka. This is another liqueur with a specific taste, made of expressive herbs and spices. It should be served chilled or mixed in a drink, for example with a tonic. It is best to try before buying to make sure it is something you want to take home with you.

Cheese is another product worth bringing from Prague. We can choose from a variety of Czech products. Among them, the following deserve attention: balkan (feta-like cheese), hemerlin (blue cheese), niva (green cheese) or the more “fragrant” pivní sýr or olomoucké tvarůžky.

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What to bring from Prague
What to bring from Prague

What’s worth buying in Prague?

The most frequently mentioned product that is worth and profitable to buy in Prague is alcohol. These are mainly Czech beers, the prices of which start (converted from kroner) at less than one euro per liter. Interestingly, many people also pay attention to Czech wines that can be bought in every grocery store in Prague. Good quality liquor won’t cost you a few euros here. It is worth looking at these brands: Vinium, Motyl, Chateau Valtice, Znovím Znojomo, Velké Pavlovice, Víno Mikulov, Habanské sklep, and Réva Rakvice.

Another food item that is eagerly bought in Prague is mustard. First of all, it is praised for its high mustard content and tasty flavor. Apparently, even the cheapest one is quite tasty here. When shopping at the grocery store, choose Crimean (kremžská) and full-fat (plnotučná) mustards, which are more acidic.

Still other products worth buying in Prague are Koh-i-nor writing instruments. These products are aimed mainly at drawing amateurs and professionals, which are cheaper here than in other countries of the region.

On the web you can also find voices of people who bring spices such as caraway seeds or sweet peppers from the Czech capital due to better quality and lower prices, as well as Czech dumplings, utopence (marinated sausages for beer) and tuzemsky rum (alcohol made from beetroot and potatoes). It all depends on how much space we have in our luggage and what then reminds us of a trip to Prague.

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