Prague / Live Webcams!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular capitals of Europe – although it is incomparably smaller than London or Berlin and thousands of years younger than Athens or Rome, Prague for centuries was one of the most important cities of the Holy Roman Empire (and for a long time also its capital! ), which gives the city a huge number of delicious monuments, from Charles Bridge over the Golden Lane to Jozefov, the best-preserved Jewish quarter in Europe.
Unfortunately, we will not always be able to visit our favorite cities. However, there is a way to “visit” Prague without leaving your home – through live cameras broadcasting from different parts of the city. These cameras are popular in Prague and allow you to see what is currently happening in the city, what is the weather and air condition, how many people have gathered in different places, etc.
In the future, when the pandemic is behind us, in addition, the view from these cameras will be very useful when planning a visit to Prague: knowing what the weather is like in the city, we will prepare for the trip, and looking at which attractions are crowded, we can change the order of sightseeing live. In the meantime, however, we invite you to watch!

Charles Bridge – online camera

Airport Vaclav Havel in Prague – webcam

View of different places of Prague – live camera

Live Prague cameras are one way to see Prague’s sights and attractions online.

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