Portuguese Phrasebook – basic vocabularly for a tourist in Portugal!

Portugal is a European tourist paradise – a country where millions of tourists come every year for joyful sunbathing, delicious food and endless nightlife near the beaches. In large tourist resorts, employees of the service sector usually speak English, but outside it, only Portuguese is often spoken, especially in the case of older people (who more often speak Spanish or French).

It is very likely that we will have to communicate with them for various reasons – and we will wander outside the tourist district and we will have to ask someone for the way back, and we will want to buy fresh fruit or vegetables at the market, and we will send postcards to friends, etc. Using even the basics of Portuguese will undoubtedly improve the quality of communication in such situations.

Our Portuguese phrasebook presents basic and practical Portuguese phrases for every traveler!

Basic Portuguese phrases

So do you have to rush to the bookstore or newsstand in search of English-Portuguese pocket phrasebooks? Not necessarily! Below we present basic Portuguese phrases. This is our choice, so of course it does not exhaust all the topics you might find useful, but they are nevertheless words and phrases that you just need to know!

How do we say hello in Portuguese?

Good morning! (in the morning) – Bom dia!

Good morning! (in the afternoon) – Bom tarde!

Hi! – Olá!

Goodbye! – Adeus!

Have a nice day! – Tenha um bom dia!

Good night! – Boa noite!

Other basic Portuguese phrases:

Yes – Sim

No – Não

Thank you – Obrigado

Sorry – Com licensça

Please – Por favor

Cheers – Saúde

Hello – Bem vindo

Q: How are you? – Tudo bem?

A: Good – Estou bem

Basic Portuguese phrases and English-Portuguese phrasebook
Basic Portuguese phrases and English-Portuguese phrasebook

Portuguese phrasebook in a store and a restaurant

Store – Loja

Currency exchange – Cantor

Pharmacy – Farmacia

Restaurant – Restaurante

Bar – Barra

How much it costs? – Quanto custa?

X gram / x kilogram / half kilogram, please – Eu gostaria de x gramas / x quilogramas / meio quilograma, por favor

A menu, please – Eu gostaria de um menu, por favor

I am a vegan / vegetarian / on a gluten-free diet – Eu sou vegano / vegetariano / sem glúten

No sugar, please – Sem açucar por favor

Dry wine – Vinho seco

Sweet wine – Vinho doce

Semi-dry / Semi-sweet – Semi seco / Meio doce

Takeaway – Leve embora

Receipt – Conta

Can I pay by card? – Posso pagar com cartão?

While we’re talking about shops and restaurants, it’s worth checking the current prices in Portugal!

Portuguese grammar – grammatical persons

I – Eu

You – Here

He – Ele

She – Ela

We – Nós

You – Vós

They (masc) – Eles

They (fem) – Elas

Portuguese grammar – numbers

Zero – zero

One – um, uma

Two – dois, duas

Three – três

Four – quatro

Five – cinco

Six – seis

Seven – sets

Eight – oito

Nine – nove

Ten – dec

Eleven – onze

Twelve – doze

Thirteen – treze

Fourteen – catorze

Fifteen – quinze

Sixteen – dezasseis

Seventeen – dezassete

Eighteen – dezoito

Nineteen – dezanove

Twenty – vinte

Twenty-one – vinte e um, vinte e uma

Twenty-two – vinte e dois, vinte e duas

Twenty three – vinte e três etc.

One hundred – cem, two hundred – duzentos, three hundred – trezentos etc.

A thousand – miles

A million – milhão

Portuguese phrasebook – time

Day – Dia

Night – Noite

Morning – Manhã

Afternoon – Tarde

Week – Semana

Last week – Semana Anterior

The day before yesterday – Anteont

Yesterday – Ontem

Today – Hi

Tomorrow – Amanhã

The day after tomorrow – Dia depois de Amanhã

Next week – Semana que vem

Portuguese phrasebook – directions

Close – Perto

Far – Longe

Straight – Direto

Right – Lei

Left – Esquerda

Nearby – Perto

Portuguese phrasebook – locations

Where is…? – Onde é…?

City – Cidade

Center – Centro

Sea – Mar

Beach – Praia

Hotel – Hotel

Market – Mercado

Airport – Aeroporto

Hospital – Hospital

Consulate – Consulado

Portuguese phrasebook – on the go

House – Casa

Highway – Rodovia (check also how the highways in Portugal look like)

Ticket – Bilhete

No parking – Proibido Estacionar

Check also what are the current rules of use and prices of motorways in Portugal!

Portuguese phrasebook – at the hotel

My name is… – Meu nome é

I am British / Irish / American / Canadian / German / French – Eu sou britânico / irlandês / americano / canadense / alemão / francês

Portugal – Portugal

Available rooms – Salas gratuitas

Bathroom – Banheiro

Shower – Chuveiro

Sign a contract – Assinar um contrato

That would be more or less the end of our Portuguese phrasebook. Of course, many words are missing, especially verbs! If you think that some concepts should appear in it, please do not hesitate to say so in the comments. See you in the next text!

Portuguese phrasebook and Portuguese words
Portuguese phrasebook and Portuguese words

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