Prices in Portugal

Current prices in Portugal / How much what is in Portugal?

Prices in Portugal are at a moderate level. More precisely, it means that the cost of accommodation, food in shops and restaurants and attractions is lower compared to other Western European countries, but still higher by 20-30% than those from Central and Eastern Europe. Interestingly, this does not apply to all goods, as coffee in … Read more

What to see in Lisbon? Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Lisbon is one of those European cities that cannot be visited in one day. It takes a little more time to see all its monuments and attractions. Although it is not the largest capital of Europe, you can go sightseeing on foot. Lisbon is the perfect city for this type of walking tourism and discovering … Read more

Lisbon: Map, districts, bridges and means of communication

Lisbon is certainly not the largest capital in the world. However, at least two days should be allocated for visiting it because it is really worth it! This city is associated with steep hills, which are often used as viewpoints, yellow trams, fado music and canned sardines. For us it is exotic, colorful, climatic and … Read more

Accommodation in Lisbon: hotels, hostels and apartments

Holidays in Lisbon will be successful, provided that you arrange a comfortable accommodation at a good price in the city center or on its outskirts in one of the popular districts. Everything depends on individual needs and preferences. To help you choose the right place and location to look around for a hotel or apartment, … Read more

Prices in Madeira: Food, cigarettes (tobacco), alcohol (beer)

Current prices on Madeira / Food and drinks, meals, cigarettes and alcohol.

Madeira, a Portuguese island on Atlantic Ocean. Its currency is euro, and banks, ATMs, exchange offices and other currency exchange places are easily found, so don’t worry about cash. Most places also accept payment cards. As for the prices on Madeira alone, they are 15% higher than those from mainland Portugal. This is due to … Read more