Prices in Portugal

Current prices in Portugal / How much what is in Portugal?

Prices in Portugal are at a moderate level. More precisely, it means that the cost of accommodation, food in shops and restaurants and attractions is lower compared

Highways in Portugal / Tolls and vignettes

Highways in Portugal

Portugal boasts one of the most developed systems of expressways and motorways in Europe. In such a relatively small country, there are quite a lot of them,

Cheap flights to Lisbon and Lisbon airport

Flights to Lisbon

The airport in Lisbon is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Located in the center of the Portuguese capital, it is a good example of how

Prices in Lisbon in stores and restaurants

When planning a holiday in Lisbon, it is worth checking the current prices in Lisbon in advance, because it has a significant impact on how much money

Beaches and weather in Lisbon

The climate of Lisbon is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, from which the wind likes to blow. The climate is subtropical Mediterranean, which means dry, hot

Holidays in Portugal: Tourist Opinions

Tips and reviews of tourists spending successful holidays in Portugal are invaluable help for all those who are planning their trip to this country. Regardless of whether