Prices in Croatia: stores and restaurants

Croatia is one of favorite holiday destinations, which is why we are so interested in the prices of fuel, food and attractions on the spot. The country

Tourist attractions of Malta

Malta is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Despite this, it has been an attractive holiday destination due to its excellent and warm weather, abundance of

Bikini trimmer, or shaving private places

Summer, holidays, vacation, sun and … the eternal problem: what type of bikini hair removal should you choose? When it comes time to put on a bikini,

La Palma tourist attractions

The youngest of all the Canary Islands – La Palma, wild, green and mountainous. La Isla Bonita (beautiful island) so called by its inhabitants is one of

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Camping in Croatia

Camps in Croatia is one of the most popular forms of spending holidays in this country. Among such tourist empires as Italy or Spain, Croatia also has

Holidays in January

Where to holiday in January? This question returns like a boomerang. When there’s winter in Europe, there are parts of the world that are enjoying warm weather.

Car handsfree kit

Full focus on the road, both hands on the steering wheel, while talking on the phone with excellent sound quality. It all matters especially during long holiday

Prices in Sicily

Sicily – the island of the sun, which can be palpably experienced by tourists visiting it in the summer, the southernmost part of Italy, the largest island

Mandatory vaccinations for travelers

We travel more and more, further and further. There is practically no such place in the world that a determined traveler is unable to reach. Airline tickets

Corfu prices

On the island of Corfu, as well as in the whole of Greece, the currency used is the euro. And even if only for this reason, prices

Sardinia Tourist attractions

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Definitely less popular than Sicily, but equally attractive in terms of nature and history. Italian Sardinia is famous

How to scare away wasps

An effective way to scare a wasp away? Check out our guide that will tell you how to effectively scare off wasps, bees and other insects!

How to scare away bees and wasps? Precisely, scare away – not: destroy, kill and exterminate. Whether at home, on the balcony, on the beach, plot or

Prices in Tenerife

Food prices in Tenerife / Both in the store and in the restaurant or bar depend on the location of the premises.

Tenerife is the largest and most populated Canary Island, and as a part of Spain its currency is the euro. Current prices in Tenerife do not differ

What to buy in Bulgaria

Wine from Bulgaria: Red and white / Souvenirs from Bulgaria

“What should I buy as a souvenir from Bulgaria?” is a question every foreign tourist visiting the country ponders on. Maybe wine, red or white? Hand-painted icons?

Prices in Montenegro

Food prices in shops in Montenegro

The prices of food and drinks in Montenegro have increased in recent years. Still, they are pretty affordable. When going on holidays to Montenegro first read our

Prices of highways in Croatia

Motorways in Croatia - Current prices on gates, bridges and tunnels and vignettes.

Do you know that there are no vignettes in Croatia? You will find a lot of practical information about visiting Croatia by car here! You will learn

Attractions of Balaton Lake

Attractions in Veszprem at Balaton

Lake Balaton has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Central Europe for many years due to warm climate and reasonable prices. We invite you

Albania by car

Which documents to take to Albania

Are you planning a trip to Albania by car? You will definitely spend a wonderful holiday there. Our guide will help you plan it. You will find

What to see in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Are you looking for reasons to visit the capital of Denmark? We have 6 specific reasons for you! Learn what to see in Copenhagen, check out tourist

Tourist attractions of Iceland

Interesting places worth seeing in Iceland

In Iceland, there’s plenty of fascinating places worth of visiting, particularly mountains, valleys, waterfalls, geysers, rivers, lakes, glaciers … the list is endless, because tourist attractions in

Lanzarote Prices

Prices in restaurants on Lanzarote

Are you going on holiday to the Canary Islands? Have you chosen the island of Lanzarote for your holidays? It’s great! Below we present current prices on

Attractions of Gran Canaria

Interesting places on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the Canary Islands, but it is the most populated. Almost half of the population lives in Las Palmas, the

Holidays with a travel agency step by step

How to vacation with a travel agency

Are you planning a vacation but don’t  know how to start? We will guide you step by step through the process of organizing and buying tours at

Prices in Fuerteventura

Prices of accommodation and flights to Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura – one of the Canary Islands, known mainly for its endless beaches. The second largest in the entire Canary archipelago. Located barely 100 km from the