Map of Vienna

Tourist Map of Vienna / Attractions, monuments and interesting places on the map of Vienna / Center, Zoo, Old Town, Opera

The tourist map of attractions and monuments in Vienna is a great start and introduction to an eventful and unforgettable trip to the city! If you have

Map of Amsterdam

Tourist Map of Amsterdam / Attractions, monuments and places of interest on the map of Amsterdam

The map of Amsterdam with tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places is a great opportunity to see what surprises and attractions the capital of the Netherlands has

Pets on a plane

Transporting animals by plane

The transport of pets by plane is a topic that interests mainly owners of pets such as dogs and cats. Currently, our pets can travel with us,

Laptop on the plane

Laptop on the plane / How to carry a laptop on the plane?

Laptops are devices that we take with us more and more often on trips, including those by plane. A portable computer, tablet and smartphone are the basic

Weekend in Prague

Weekend in Prague / Sights and attractions / Weekend in Prague for two or Prague in 2 - 3 days.

A weekend in Prague is one of the ways for a short trip abroad. The capital of the Czech Republic is an ideal place for a two-day

The use of industrial 3D printing in tourism

Tourism and 3D printing

3D printing is effective and creates the impression that you can create virtually anything – from edible fruit to body parts. And while it may be possible

Prices in Copenhagen

Copenhagen: prices for attractions, accommodation

Denmark is not a cheap country and prices in Copenhagen are not the lowest. In general, Scandinavia is quite an expensive destination when it comes to excursions.

Highways in Portugal / Tolls and vignettes

Highways in Portugal

Portugal boasts one of the most developed systems of expressways and motorways in Europe. In such a relatively small country, there are quite a lot of them,

Highways in Hungary / Vignettes and tolls

Hungary motorways / Source: Wikipedia

Hungary is an attractive country for tourists. It is also very often a transit country on the way to Croatia, Italy or the French coast. This is

Highways in Germany / Tolls and vignettes

Highways in Germany Map / Check the road and highway tolls in Germany / Source: Wikipedia

Highways in Germany are a brand in itself. They are the benchmarks of quality all over the world. An interesting fact is that there is still no

Highways in France / Tolls, vignettes and prices

A map of highways in France

France is another country with a well-developed network of highways. Their total length is almost 12,000 kilometers. In this there are paid and free fragments. Tolls for

Prices in Bratislava

Prices in Bratislava / Food and drink in shops, dinner in a restaurant, pizza, alcohol, cigarettes, beer

Bratislava is the largest and most visited place in Slovakia. The city can be visited practically all year round, you can expect the best weather aura from

Weekend in Berlin

Weekend in Berlin / How to plan a weekend in Berlin?

Berlin is a well-connected city, where most attractions and monuments can be reached even within a slightly longer walk. Its unique atmosphere and an unusual mixture of

Attractions for children in Berlin

Legoland in Berlin / What is worth seeing in Berlin with children?

Berlin is the perfect place for a trip with children. There are plenty of attractions and places worth seeing and visiting with children in the German capital.

Do I need a passport or ID for Croatia?

Do I need a passport for Croatia?

The trip to the very popular Croatia brings with it many dilemmas and some ambiguities, especially if it is the first such trip. Most of the questions

Beaches in Baška Voda

Beaches of Baška Voda / The most beautiful, sandy and for families with children.

Baška Voda is one of the most famous holiday resorts on the Makarska Riviera. It used to be a small fishing village, which today has become a

Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik pebbly and rocky beaches / The best beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is definitely not associated with beaches. The first thought is the old town, ramparts or even the scenery of the TV series “Game of Thrones” than

Fuel and highway prices in Croatia

Motorway prices in Croatia

Motorways in Croatia are paid. What’s important, there is no vignette system in this country, you pay here for a specific route. Charges are taken at the

Fuel and vignette prices in Bulgaria

Prices of vignettes in Bulgaria and the price of fuel and gasoline

Driving on national roads outside cities in Bulgaria is paid. This means that you just have to buy vignettes. Until 2019, they were still sold in the

Fuel and vignette prices in Slovakia

Fuel prices in Slovakia

In Slovakia, tolls on motorways and express roads are paid. For this purpose, a vignette should be purchased, which has been in electronic form since the beginning