Prices in Switzerland

Prices in Switzerland / Food, food in shops, beer, cigarettes, alcohol

Prices in Switzerland, next to the Scandinavian and Icelandic ones, are among the highest in Europe and around the world. Unfortunately, visiting this country is associated with

Motorways in Hungary

Highways in Hungary / Source: Wikipedia

Motorways in Hungary are a network of well-developed expressways. There are about 1,280 kilometers of them in this country and they enable quick travel to virtually every

Prices in Denmark

Prices in Denmark / Food and drink in shops / Current prices in Denmark / Beer, cigarettes, alcohol

The prices in Denmark are really high. This applies to grocery shopping, accommodation, transport, as well as tickets to tourist attractions and souvenirs. Denmark is one of

Exercise on the beach

How to exercise on the beach / The best exercises for the beach

Exercising on the beach will keep you in shape even during your vacation. If you want to know why and how to exercise, be sure to stay

Prices in Austria

Prices in Austria / Food, drink, alcohol, cigarettes in shops.

On the one hand, prices in Austria are not the lowest, and on the other hand, they do not differ much from those in the western part

Prices in Italy

The influence on them, apart from the location itself, is also influenced by the specific date.

Prices in Italy are often very high due to the fact that the country lives mainly from tourism. Therefore, when coming here on vacation, you have to

Prices in Slovakia

Prices in Slovakia / Food prices in shops, dinners in restaurants, beer, cigarettes, alcohol

Prices in Slovakia have changed in recent years. Many people consider this country to be rather cheap, therefore the trip and the costs found on the spot

Prices in Sweden

Prices in Sweden / Dinner for family in a restaurant, pizza, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, food in shops

Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and at the forefront of the world – this applies to the cost of accommodation and attractions,

Prices in Germany

Prices in Germany / Food, drink, food in shops and lunch in restaurants

Prices in Germany are moderate, taking into account the situation in other European countries. It will be more expensive in the Scandinavian countries, or even in neighboring

Prices in the Czech Republic

Prices in the Czech Republic / Food, drink and eating in shops / Beer, dumplings, coffee / How much is bread in the Czech Republic?

Prices in the Czech Republic are not too high. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the prices in Prague, Brno and in popular mountain resorts

Prices in Slovenia

Prices in Slovenia / Dinner in a restaurant for the family, accommodation, drink and food in shops

Prices in Slovenia are slightly lower than in other western countries, and they also vary depending on the specific region. It is known that in areas more

Prices in Finland

Prices in Finland / Drinking and eating in shops, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, vodka / Dinner for the family in a restaurant

Prices in Finland, as befits Scandinavia, are high. Accommodation, meals in restaurants and alcoholic beverages are very expensive in this country. Prices are also quite high in

Bulgarian phrasebook and basic phrases

Basic Bulgarian phrases / English-Bulgarian words and phrases

Basic Bulgarian phrases will certainly help to make your holiday in the country of the sun even better. Bulgaria is a destination that attracts with the beautiful

Prices in France

Current prices in France / Dinner at a restaurant for the family, pizza, breakfast / Food and food in shops

Prices in France do not differ much from what we can expect in other Western European countries. Considering the country as a whole, of course. When it

Prices in Spain

Prices in Spain / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant, pizza, fast food

Prices in Spain are certainly not the highest – of course, everything depends on a specific region or even city. The most expensive holiday destinations are definitely

Prices in Portugal

Current prices in Portugal / How much what is in Portugal?

Prices in Portugal are at a moderate level. More precisely, it means that the cost of accommodation, food in shops and restaurants and attractions is lower compared

Prices in Amsterdam

Current prices in Amsterdam / Eating in shops, dinner in a restaurant, fast food, pizza

Prices in the capital of the Netherlands are not the lowest – when planning a trip or even the shortest trip, it is worth knowing about the

Weather in Vienna

Long-term weather forecast for Vienna

The weather in Vienna is good for most of the year. The capital of Austria is situated on a plain in the northeastern part of the country,

Map of Berlin

Map of Berlin / Districts, U-Bahn and S-Bahn underground, Zoo, attractions, monuments and places of interest

A map of Berlin with districts, tourist attractions and monuments is a great introduction to planning your trip to Berlin in a pragmatic and easy-to-see way. In