What to pack and take on vacation? We’ve prepared a complete list!

A complete list of luggage items for a trip is a good idea, but often we either forget to do it, or there is no time for it.

However – especially if you are going abroad or for a long time, lack of even a single item you need may be disastrous. To avoid this, ask yourself what to take on your holiday and start packing much earlier.

In this way, you have a good chance of packing everything you need, and thus be able to enjoy your vacation!

Packing for holidays is a serious business, so we decided to help you with the task!

So, what should I take on vacation?

What to take on vacation - A complete list of items to pack for your dream vacation!
What to take on vacation – A complete list of items to pack for your dream vacation!

We have divided our holiday list into several categories. Although the same items will be needed for many trips, some additional items will vary depending on destination (seaside, mountain resort, tropics), type of holidays (sunbathing, sightseeing, hiking) and company (adults and teens only, adults with children, people depending on certain meds).

So let’s start from the most important advice!

Documents that you must take on your holiday

  1. Personal ID – enough to cross the borders of most European countries.
  2. Passport – even if you go to European Union countries, it is good to have it with you. Perhaps you want to visit a nearby state that is not a part of the EU?
  3. Driving license – if you are driving or intend to rent a car on the spot.
  4. Travel insurance – if something unplanned happens during holidays …
  5. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – see how to get an EHIC card

Before you pack on any vacation … check beforehand -> where not to go on holiday!

Money – local currency as well as exchange currency

1. Local currency – it’s better to stock up on it earlier – there may be a problem with exchange or exchange rate will turn out unfavorable for you,

  1. Exchangeable currency – we mean dollar or euro, which are honored in most countries and are easy to exchange or pay for them,
  2. Payment card – if possible; check in advance whether your card is accepted in the country you are visiting.

 If you do not know how much money to take with you on holidays, be sure to check the current prices in the place you are going to visit!

What else?


1.Toothbrush and toothpaste,

2. Shower gel,

3. Shampoo,

4. Deodorant,

5. Protective lipstick,

If you are going to the seaside or a lake, you should think about it to pack and take with you cosmetics for sunbathing:

  1. Sunscreen,
  2. After tanning lotion,
  3. Face cream,
  4. Sunburn cream

Tanning is an important topic on holidays; ) Therefore, we strongly recommend … -> the best tanning products!

If, on the other hand, you are going on holiday with children, it is worth to pack:

  1. Wet wipes,
  2. Gel for hand disinfection,
  3. Handkerchiefs.
Holiday packing list - make sure you won’t miss anything on your vacation!
Holiday packing list – make sure you won’t miss anything on your vacation!



1.T-shirts with short sleeves,

2. Long-sleeved blouses,

3. Sleeveless shirts,

4. Shorts,

5. Long pants,

6. Warm sweatshirt,

7.Rain jacket,

8. Pajamas,

9. Underwear.


1. Sandals,

2. Slippers,

3. Sports shoes,

  1. Shoes for walking in the water – especially for a trip to Croatia, where many beaches have a rocky bottom.
  2. Mountain walking shoes – if you are going to the mountains on a summer vacation, good shoes for hiking in the mountains are a must.

Below is a list of things that you should pack and take to the sea and beach:

What to take to the sea - Are you going on holiday to the sea with a child? See what to pack and take to the seaside!
What to take to the sea – Are you going on holiday to the sea with a child? See what to pack and take to the seaside!

What to take to the sea?

1. Swimsuit (swimming trunks),

2. Beach towel,

3. Beach bag,

4. Headgear protecting against the sun,

5. Sunglasses,

6. Cosmetics with a UV filter.

7. Beach tent with UV filter – if you are going on holiday with children or if you just dislike wind and sand on the beach,

And here is a list of things that are worth to pack on a trip to the mountains:

What to bring to the mountains - Here is another list of items to pack!
What to bring to the mountains – Here is another list of items to pack!

What to bring to the mountains?

1. Small backpack,

2. Trekking shoes,

3. Thermos – for trips in the winter or autumn,

4. Thermal blanket (as above),

5. Map or GPS,

6. Sunglasses,

  1. Headgear.
  2. What to take for the holidays with the child?

  3. To travel abroad, you must take a passport or ID for a child, regardless of their age,
  4. Depending on the age of our child: toys for beach, coloring books, books,
  5. Potty,
  6. Tourist cot – if there is such a need and possibility,
  7. Games – for older children not to be bored during the trip.
  8. First aid kit for holidays

  9. Prescribed meds – best to buy them in advance,
  10. Painkillers,
  11. Anti-cold medicine,
  12. Antidiarics,
  13. Calcium – for allergy,
  14. Antiallergic agents bought without a prescription,
  15. Patches with a dressing,
  16. Gel for insect bites,
  17. Antibiotic ointment for cuts and abrasions.

When planning a vacation, especially if you are packing now for a trip to the mountains or the sea, check earlier -> where is the storm!

  1. Electronics
  2. Phone charger (or solar charger as an alternative),
  3. Headphones,
  4. Camera with spare batteries,
  5. Contact adapter – if necessary.
  6. Tourist navigation – if you are going to the mountains or planning to hike alone.
  7. Bikini trimmer
  8. Additional accessories that may be useful

  9. Mini sewing kit,
  10. Razors,
  11. Nail care set,
  12. Something to read – a light reading or a book that you’ve always wanted to read
  13. Pouches for dirty underwear – there’s never enough!
  14. Towel – just in case, even if towels are provided in the hotel.

What do you need to remember when packing for holidays?

A suitcase crammed with a knee? And what will happen if you buy travel souvenirs? You must have a place in it!

Air travels are governed by their own laws. Each airline has slightly different requirements regarding the dimensions and weight of the luggage that you can take with you and you must check them before you start packing.

Do not bring sharp objects or containers containing more than 100 ml of liquids into the aircraft (this also applies to water! Buy it after passing through the check-in).

See a practical guide showing tips and tricks that will allow you to pack a travel suitcase for the holidays so that you can pack all the items you need from the list and that the baggage does not take up too much space:

We hope that our list will prove to be helpful and your holiday packing will now be much easier.

Every good travel agency should give you information about what things should be taken with you to the country where you plan to spend your holidays. How do you choose a good agency? We encourage you to read the guide and check our subjective ranking of travel agencies that will take you on a successful holiday.

Is there anything you would add to it? Feel free to share your comments, experiences and insights regarding the best list of things to pack!

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