Holidays in Bulgaria with a travel agency / Which travel agency should you choose? Which will be the best for Bulgaria?


Bulgaria is the hit of recent years when it comes to holiday destinations, tempting with attractive holiday prices, sunny weather and kilometers of beaches on the Black Sea, but also a well-developed tourist base.

Vacation in Bulgaria with a travel agency / How to choose the best travel agency in Bulgaria?
Vacation in Bulgaria with a travel agency / How to choose the best travel agency in Bulgaria?

Vacation in Bulgaria with a travel agency

The greater part of summer trips to Bulgaria is organized, which means that tourists are very eager to buy trips and holidays in a travel agency (we mean last minute, first minute and all inclusive trips).

The great advantage of this type of rest is the fact that when choosing a tourist office offer, we don’t have to worry about anything, because we are guaranteed a trip or flight to Bulgaria, accommodation sometimes with meals and a transfer to a selected hotel.

However, choosing the best travel agency is a task we have to undertake on our own.

And here the question arises – how to choose a holiday offer well, not only to be satisfied with the services, but in the face of recent events, also to have a sense of security. Choosing a travel agency for a vacation in Bulgaria is therefore key.

What to look for when choosing a travel agency for a trip to Bulgaria?

An important reference for us may be the opinions about individual travel agencies – but more so the ones from friends and family, because on the Internet everyone can write what they want. No one will verify that the person expressing their opinions was in Bulgaria at all. Not only that – there is a competition that may especially want to slander the competition.

IMPORTANT: Familiarize yourself with the opinions of tourists about holidays in Bulgaria. Check also the current ranking of travel agencies.

Package holidays in Bulgaria: ranking & reviews!
Package holidays in Bulgaria: ranking & reviews!

It’s worth making a small reconnaissance yourself and comparing travelers’ photos with those from the travel agency’s offer. Sometimes you can be quite surprised. Travel agencies have the thing that they like to present colored pictures or properly arranged and cropped images from a given place. This is verified by travelers in various forums and places with ratings.

When going on vacation to Bulgaria, you must also be aware that part of the accommodation base still remembers the hard times of the People’s Republic and despite renovations, some people will not be satisfied with the existing conditions. Consolation will certainly be the fact that twice as many hotel facilities are newly built.

There, the standard will certainly be truly European. But you need to check other people’s experiences first.

The second hot spot when choosing a specific offer is the location of the object where we spend the holiday. A good travel agency, or rather its employees will advise if the place is suitable, for example, for families with children. If you are looking for peace and quiet then definitely the Sunny Beach parties or even the Golden Sands will be off-limits. It is better to bet on smaller and less known spots of the Primorsko type.

If we choose a good reputable travel agency that has been on the market for years, we also have a better chance in the case of overbooking (more reservations than available places) to receive a room. It results from the fact of signed long-term contracts and guarantees of providing places for tourists from a given travel agency.

Which travel agency will be the best for a trip to Bulgaria? First minute, last minute or all inclusive offers?
Which travel agency will be the best for a trip to Bulgaria? First minute, last minute or all inclusive offers?

It’s definitely worth choosing a travel agency to Bulgaria with common sense. The low price should not be the main or even the only factor that will affect the purchase of a given offer. Too cheap holidays in Bulgaria should be carefully analyzed by us, so that it does not turn out that we landed in the already “famous” hotel Varshawa in Golden Sands, which on the most popular site assessing accommodation in the world, has a whole two stars (out of five). Real price bargains in tourist offers are rare. It is better to add money and sleep peacefully than stay on thin ice buying a vacation from  an uncertain and unproven travel agency.

Holidays with a good travel agency also include on-site care from a resident. Their primary task is to help clients of the selected company. Not selling tours at all 😉 The last guideline that is good evidence of a chosen travel agency is a website with the right amount of filters, which we set ourselves for reviewing the offers we are interested in. The more of them, the greater the chance that we will find a trip perfectly tailored to us.

Opinions on package holidays in Bulgaria

We are interested in your opinions regarding travel agencies organizing holiday trips to Bulgaria. If you had the opportunity to go with one of the travel agencies, be sure to share your opinion and review about it. This will make it very easy to choose this one, the only, best travel agency for your vacation in Bulgaria.


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