Optional trips from Lanzarote: Timanfaya, Jameos Del Aqua, El Golfo and Charco Verde, Los Hervideros

Lanzarote is one of the most interesting Canary Islands. It is a place where you can see almost lunar, volcanic landscape and many unique fauna and flora. The island also offers tourists a typical rest on sandy beaches and a fairly extensive accommodation and catering infrastructure.

What more do people on vacation need?

Definitely interesting optional trips, thanks to which you can see all those wonders of nature that Lanzarote offers. After all, it is the Island of Fire with over one hundred volcanoes and three times as many craters.

Best excursions on Lanzarote / Where to buy and at what price?
Best excursions on Lanzarote / Where to buy and at what price?

Thanks to organized optional trips you can reach places you cannot reach alone – e.g. entry to Timanfaya National Park. Optional trips of this kind are a good opportunity not only to visit and see the entire island of Lanzarote, but also to learn a bit of local history.

This is definitely a more convenient form of travel, although there is no shortage of sightseeing enthusiasts, especially since Lanzarote is only the fourth in terms of area from all the Canary Islands. Renting a car and fuel is not expensive here, you just need a driving license and the desire to explore the island on your own. There is something for everyone!

Optional trips from Lanzarote

On the island of Lanzarote, like everywhere else, we will buy optional trips at local travel agencies or with a resident, e.g. in our hotel at a meeting. It is immediately worth noting that the cheaper option is to buy optional trips to Lanzarote from local organizers, than from a representative of the travel agency with whom you came here.

However, on the other hand, you have to be aware that these types of attractions organized by the locals take place only under the supervision of a guide who usually speaks one of the selected languages. Most often it is English, Spanish or German.

What is the most popular and most frequently purchased optional trip from Lanzarote?

The most popular optional trip tofrom Lanzarote is a tour of the entire island. Most often it is called Island Tour or Gran Tour. This is a full-day trip, which means that the trip takes place in the morning, while the return is in the evening. This type of touring is designed to show all the most famous places on the island in a compact manner.

By the way, see what attractions on Lanzarote can visit and see.

The price of such a full-day trip is around 40-70 euro per person.

See in the video below what attractions and interesting places you will have the opportunity to see by choosing this optional trip:

Going further.

Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote

A tour around the island usually begins or ends with a tour of Timanfaya National Park, where you can admire the lunar landscape created by volcanoes.

You can move around the park only by bus on a designated 14-kilometer section called – Ruta de los volcanes, because any other human intervention could irreversibly disturb the local ecosystem.

While exploring this extraordinary area, there are also small shows that show the local seismic activity. Stones extracted from a small depth are very warm, a dry bush thrown into a hole dug for several meters is burning, and the water poured into it returns in the form of a geyser.

These amazing geothermal phenomena are remembered for a long time. Sometimes the program of such a trip also includes a ride on a camel’s back, but it is usually additionally paid.

With the rest of what we will tell you … see for yourself what attractions await you in Timanfaya National Park!

See on the map of Lanzarote island where Timanfaya National Park is located:

Jameos Del Aqua

Another point of the trip around the island. It is a place created by the most famous artist in Lanzarote – Cesar Manrique. In the tunnel hollowed out by the lava, a concert hall, a small cafe, a swimming pool and a small lake in which albino crabs can be observed are arranged.

El Golfo & Charco Verde

This place is known from postcards and covers of guides. In the small fishing village of El Golfo is a small, green lake – Charco Verde, formed in a crater, on a black sand beach. It contrasts nicely with the blue of the nearby ocean.

Emerald color of this reservoir is due to the algae accumulated in it. Unfortunately, from year to year the lake disappears due to water evaporation.

See how to get to this place:

Los Hervideros

Some of the trips also catch the Los Hervideros cliffs, sometimes called the Boiling Coast. It is here that the flowing lava came into contact with the ocean water, creating an unforgettable landscape.

La Geria

La Geria, in turn, is a region in which vines are grown on volcanic ash, sheltered from the wind, slightly dug into the ground. Trips stop here in one of the wineries, where local products are tasted and of course shopping. The famous Malvasia wine comes from this region.

What other interesting places are worth seeing and visiting while spending your holidays in Lanzarote?

In addition, an optional round trip around the island sometimes has stops at the viewpoints (e.g. Mirador del Rio with a view of the island of La Graciosa). Sometimes, there are also plans to visit the Aloe Museum – Museo de Aloe de Lanzarote, along with a visit to a factory producing cosmetics based on the properties of this plant, where of course you can buy them later. These trips usually also stop at one of the pubs along the way to eat a meal (sometimes it is included in the price).

What is interesting to see and visit by buying optional trips on the island of Lanzarote? Ranking!
What is interesting to see and visit by buying optional trips on the island of Lanzarote? Ranking!

Other optional trips to Lanzarote are a bit of a variation on the island’s most important attractions, just shortened to a few hours of their duration. And so we can choose a trip with the southern route, which includes Timanfaya National Park, El Golfo, Los Hervideros cliffs and a visit to the winery from the region of La Geria. The cost of this half-day trip is 35 euro.

Trips in the footsteps of the artist Cesar Manrique

In turn, a trip along the northern route is a trip in the footsteps of the artist Cesar Manrique, who was the main architect on Lanzarote. Prices for such trips start from 40 to 55 euro per person.

Mirador del Rio

During the tour in the footsteps of Cesar Manrique, you can admire the scenery from the Mirador del Rio viewpoint, where the artist designed a cafe with an amazing view of the island of Graciosa.

Jameos del Agua

The next item on the tour’s agenda is usually a visit to Jameos del Agua, one of his most famous projects. There is a café, a swimming pool, a concert hall and a small lake situated in a rock cave.

Jardin de Cactus

Then the trip goes to the Botanical Garden of Cacti – Jardin de Cactus, where there are over 7200 species of these unusual plants. They come from various parts of the world, from the United States, through Chile, Mexico, Morocco, Madagascar, to Kenya and Tanzania. The cactus garden was designed by Cesar Manrique and is the artist’s last work.

Fundacion Cesar Manrique

Then the program usually includes a trip home, and now the Cesar Museum – Fundacion Cesar Manrique. Here you can admire the work of this artist and the place he designed as his own apartment.

Monumento al Campesino

A tour in the footsteps of Manrique usually ends with a tour of the Monumento al Campesino monument, which was created in tribute to hard-working farmers. This sculpture was designed not only by Cesar, but also by Jesus Soto – the second eminent figure in Lanzarote.

Mountain hiking enthusiasts can enjoy trekking on Monte Corona on the island. This is a walking tour of the highest extinct volcano crater in Lanzarote. During the trip you can enjoy views from all sides of the mountain, both the region with vineyards and the Chinijo Archipelago Marine Reserve. The price for such attraction is about 45 euro per person.

Speaking of optional trips to Lanzarote we could not fail to mention the cruises.

Lanzarote cruises

The most popular of them is the cruise to La Graciosa. This is one of the smallest Canary Islands. There is not much to explore. You can look into one of the two villages on the island, and then enjoy the local beaches. Just swimming from Lanzarote to Greciosa takes about half an hour. On the way back, some cruises include refreshments for tourists. The cost of such a trip is 50-60 euro per person.

The second very popular optional trip is a cruise to Fuerteventura. Unlike lunar Lanzarote, it is a place full of dunes and sandy beaches. Depending on the price, the program includes visits to the Corralejo dunes, along with sunbathing, a visit to the city and lunch. The more expensive versions of this trip additionally include travel and sightseeing in La Oliva and Betancuria, the current and former capital of Fuerteventura.

How much does such an optional trip cost?

The cost of such a trip starts from 50 to 80 euro.

By the way, also see what to see and visit in Fuerteventura.

Catamaran cruises to Lanzarote

Catamaran cruises along the Lanzarote coast are also available. These are typical recreational and landscape expeditions, during which there is time for sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, as well as a meal prepared on board. The cost of such flights is around 60 euro per person.

A boat trip to an underwater safari is also a highlight. It is usually an hour immersion of a yellow submarine at about 30 meters, when you can enjoy ocean life. There will be sea creatures such as fish and rays, but also sunken wrecks of vessels. The price for such pleasure is around 55-60 euro per person.

Diving in Lanzarote

Staying in the subject, a diving course with an instructor was prepared on Lanzarote. You can then under your professional care try your hand underwater while admiring the local fauna and flora. The cost of such a course is 70-80 euro.

However, for people who want to quickly see the underwater world, Sea Trek has been prepared – a walk on the ocean floor in special helmets. 45 minutes of such diving costs 60 euro.

If we are already at prices, check what are the current prices in Lanzarote.

Most popular excursions on Lanzarote / Reviews, prices and offers!
Most popular excursions on Lanzarote / Reviews, prices and offers!

Optional trips from Lanzarote with young children

When it comes to attractions for children, on Lanzarote you can take an optional trip to the Rancho Texas Aquatic and Zoological Park. It is the largest facility with this type of entertainment on the island.

See on the map where this water park is located on Lanzarote:

You can admire the training of wild birds – hawks and eagles. A separate show is shown at the pool, with the participation of sea lions and dolphins. Yet another performance is organized with cockatoo parrots. In addition, the park has a separate section with swimming pools and slides, and what is also important is an Indian village with a gold mine. In Rancho Texas park you can also admire other animals that do not participate in the shows – white tiger, armadillos, iguanas and turtles. The price of this optional trip includes a transfer as well as a park ticket and is 30 euro per person.

Optional tours on the island of Lanzarote
Optional tours on the island of Lanzarote

Opinions on optional trips from Lanzarote

We are looking forward to your comments, which we encourage. Upload your reviews and opinions about the optional trips selected by you on the island of Lanzarote. All opinions will be important to us!

Map of the island of Lanzarote

At the end we present a map of the island of Lanzarote, on which you can locate all the monuments as well as tourist attractions and interesting places, which we presented in our tourist guide on optional trips on the island of Lanzarote:

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