Optional trips in Fuerteventura: Ajuy, Mirador Morro Velosa, Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario, Cofete, Gustav Winter’s Villa, Faro de Jandia

Fuerteventura boasts the longest coastline of the Canary Islands, which in turn means the largest number of beaches, making it ideal for families with children. The turquoise sea, wide beaches and excellent weather in Fuerteventura throughout the year also make it a great place for fans of all water sports.

Especially that Fuertaventura has excellent conditions for water sports practicing in the form of constantly blowing winds.

Thus, spending holidays on the island can certainly both relax and actively spend time on the beach. However, Fuerteventura offers much more attractions than just swimming in the ocean or tanning on the beach. Also here, as on every other island of the Canary archipelago, you can take advantage of optional trips.

Optional trips in Fuerteventura
Optional trips in Fuerteventura

Optional trips in Fuerteventura / What to choose and buy?

Optional trips in Fuerteventura are available in quite a wide range. It would seem that the attractions of the island are only wide sandy beaches, but there are still some interesting places that are worth seeing. Check exactly what tourist attractions Fuerteventura has to offer.

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How to prepare for optional trips in Fuerteventura?

Optional trips bought from the best travel agency with which we arrived in Fuerteventura are usually mass events, partly serviced by external companies. The most popular optional trip in a given place is always a day tour around the destination. These trips usually give you the opportunity to see all the most important and interesting places. There is no shortage of such in Fuerteventura, and during such a trip tourists are taken around all the most popular attractions of the island.

Best Optional Trips in Fuerteventura
Best Optional Trips in Fuerteventura


The Fuertaventura trip program includes the village of Ajuy, located on a black beach. In addition to the unusual color of the sand, its attractions are also caves, which supposedly once belonged to pirates.


Another point is also a visit to the former capital of the island – Betancuria. It was built on an extinct volcano by a French sailor and conqueror of the Canary Islands – Jean Bethencourt. You can visit the oldest church on the island (Iglesia de Santa Maria) and the picturesque manor nearby (Casa de Santa Maria).

Viewpoints on Fuerteventura

Along the way, trips also usually stop at viewpoints. An example of the most popular is Mirador Morro Velosa, located at an altitude of 650 m a.s.l. hence offering not only the panorama of the whole island, but also the neighboring one – Lanzarote.

A visit to the aloe and goat cheese factory

Very often, the program of a traveling trip of Fuerteventura also includes a visit to a company producing cosmetics based on aloe vera and a cheese plant at a goat farm, where cheese based on their milk is made. There is also a tasting of cheese products and other products loosely associated with cheese (cactus jams, canary sauces, honey). Of course, all products can be purchased from them in small stores.

Corralejo dunes

At this point of the trip there is also a meal or a break during which you can go for dinner. Then the trip sets off to the final point of the famous Corralejo dunes. You can not only take excellent photos here, but also relax or take a stroll through these huge sand dunes.

Puerto del Rosario

Some trips are also planned visiting the island’s capital – Puerto del Rosario. However, without sightseeing.

How much does a Fuerteventura round trip cost?

Price of round trips on Fuerteventura

The cost and price of such a round trip in Fuerteventura is, depending on the company, between 40 and 50 euro per person.

Jandia Peninsula

Another suggestion for an optional trip in Fuerteventura is a trip to the Jandia Peninsula and Cofete Beach. It’s a half-day trip or a full-day trip, depending on the office. Interestingly, some of the companies propose to explore this peninsula with 4 × 4 off-road vehicles, which will definitely be an additional attraction.

Cofete beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura. There is usually free time here for sunbathing and relaxing. It is also worth knowing that this place was the setting for the film Exodus.

Gustav Winter’s villa

Visiting one of the more mysterious buildings on the island. It is suspected that it was a residence – a hideout of the Nazis during World War II. Looking at its secluded location, this theory does not seem to be misguided.

 Other viewpoints on Fuerteventura

There are also stops at the viewpoints during this trip. This is usually a stop at Morro Jable and in the village of Cofete. Along the way, some groups also have a meal stop in their program.

Faro de Jandia

Many trips also take their tourists to the Faro de Jandia lighthouse. It is located exactly at the very end of the peninsula. This is another viewpoint from which amazing landscapes spread.

What is the price of such optional trips in Fuerteventura?

Optional trips in Fuerteventura - price and offer
Optional trips in Fuerteventura – price and offer

The price of optional trips in Fuerteventura

This type of trip costs from 45 to even 70 euro, depending on the mode of transport and the town from which we depart.

Going further it is worth visiting the island of Lobos.

Lobos Island

An optional way to spend time is also an optional trip to the island of Lobos. It is a nearby island, located off the coast of northern Fuerteventura.

Lobos is entirely a biosphere reserve, and its small size makes it ideal for hiking. Some people, however, choose to sunbathe in one of the lovely bays and water activities. Some offices have in their offer, in addition to lunch included in the price, also the possibility of renting snorkeling equipment.

The trip to Lobos usually starts at the port of Corralejo, where participants board a catamaran. Along the way, with a bit of luck you will notice dolphins, turtles and whales. The cost of this trip starts from 50 to 70 euro per person, depending on the program. Some trips are connected with visiting the northern part of the island.

Oasis Wildlife Park

Another optional trip to Fuerteventura is a visit to the Oasis Wildlife Park. This is one of the largest zoological and botanical parks in the Canary Islands. You can see over 230 species of animals, such as, for example, giraffes, hippos, meerkats and zebras, in conditions close to natural.

The park also hosts parrots, reptiles, sea lions and birds of prey shows.

See on the map where this park is located:

For an extra charge, you can also ride on a camel’s back or interact with one of the animals. They also have a fantastic garden with lots of cactus species (over 2,300) from around the world. In addition, the Oasis Wildlife Park has a children’s playground and a place where you can grab a bite to eat. The cost of such a trip is about 40 euro per person. The entrance to the park alone costs 35 euro.

Optional trip in Fuerteventura
Optional trip in Fuerteventura

Yacht or boat cruises in Fuerteventura

Many travel agencies in Fuerteventura also offer cruises. They usually take place in luxury yachts or catamarans, during which you can admire the island’s coast. However, beautiful landscapes are not everything that a few hours of sea expedition offers. During its duration you can also find turtles, dolphins or whales, or swim in local waters while mooring. It’s a good time to snorkel or ride a banana boat.

During these types of cruises, the ship can sail to specific places, for example to the island of Lobos, or even to the port on the neighboring Lanzarote. Not only that, some offices have such trips connected with jet skis or even with buggies. The cruise price usually includes a meal and drinks (often alcohol). The cost of such a sea trip ranges from 60 to even 130 euro per person, depending on the version chosen.

Submarine Cruise

Staying on the topic of trips related to the ocean, a submarine cruise is definitely its unusual form. During which you can see the life going on in the ocean. The boat dives to a depth of about 30 meters. Then you can admire the local flora and fauna. Often, in addition to the photographer, such a trip is accompanied by a diver who taps local water creatures so that they can be seen better. The cost of such an underwater adventure is about 60 euro per person.

That’s not everything Fuerteventura has to offer; )

Diving lessons

However, if you prefer to explore the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean yourself, you can always buy diving lessons. After training on land, there is a draft of about 5-6 meters deep, where you can see schools of fish and various rock formations. This type of pleasure with training and a half hour descent under water costs from 45 to 80 euro.

Trip to the island of Lanzarote

The last suggestion of an optional trip during your stay in Fuerteventura is a trip to the neighboring island of Lanzarote. It’s definitely a full-day trip, even though the ferry crossing only takes half an hour (through the Bocayna Strait). Lanzarote is made of primarily lunar landscapes, resulting from volcanic activity. For this reason, the main point in the program of this type of expeditions is a bus ride to Timanfaya National Park, where you can watch geothermal shows. Lava is only about three kilometers below the surface here.

Lake El Golfo

The next point on a trip around Lanzarote is usually Lake El Golfo, with an unusual greenish color. Some expeditions also hit the La Geria wine region, where vines are grown on volcanic sand. Usually trips also head to the Haria valley (known as the Valley of Thousand Palms), where the most commonly a meal break takes place. Then, the program also includes Jameos del Agua, a cave arranged by a local artist – Cesar Manrique.

The cost of a day trip to Lanzarote with sightseeing is around 80-90 euro per person.

For more information, visit the Fuerteventura website.

Opinions on optional trips to Fuerteventura

If you had the opportunity to spend your vacation on the island of Fuerteventura and used the site of round trips, we would love to hear your opinions about them. Both in terms of price and organization, as well as attractiveness. Every opinion is important!

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