Opinions on holidays in Bulgaria


Opinions of other travelers about holidays in Bulgaria are an invaluable help, especially when going to a new place for a vacation. This applies to accommodation, restaurants and bars, as well as attractions for tourists, monuments, weather, beaches, as well as the country itself and the place where we intend to hook up.

Nothing will improve our perception of foreign holidays as much as the relationships and opinions of other people who have already been there.

For this reason, we have collected opinions about holidays in Bulgaria, so that people planning their holidays there have a broader picture of this country. Regardless of whether it is Golden Sands, Burgas, Sunny Beach or Primorsko, it will help many travelers better plan and prepare their trip.

So let’s start reviewing Bulgaria from the point of view of a tourist.

Tourists' opinions about trips to Bulgaria
Tourists’ opinions about trips to Bulgaria

Opinions about cities in Bulgaria

The first basic choice is the place of our vacation. We have to decide whether we choose a large tourist resort such as Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, or a slightly smaller and slightly less popular spot such as Pomorie, Primorsko or Sozopol.

Big cities of Bulgaria located on the Black Sea, such as Varna or Burgas, are also very popular. Tourists are equally eager to go to Nessebar, Albena or calm Balchik.

It all depends on what we expect on our vacation.

Some want endless tourist attractions and entertainment, so they will go to Golden Sands, others prefer the peace and lazy atmosphere of places like Balchik. And the eternal dilemma what to choose whether Sunny Beach or Golden Sands can be solved in this way that the second seat is, however, more peaceful, green and ideal for families with children.

Opinions about individual cities in Bulgaria and their own feelings about them can be added in the comments below.

Accommodation reviews in Bulgaria / Apartments, private accommodation, camps and hotels
Accommodation reviews in Bulgaria / Apartments, private accommodation, camps and hotels

Opinions about hotels, apartments and hostels in Bulgaria

When it comes to accommodation in Bulgaria, either tourists get to completely new or recently renovated facilities, which with their appearance and equipment are not inferior to those found in other parts of Europe, or instead they stay in hotels remembering the communist era when foreign travel was their kind of ennoblement.

Then their opinion is unambiguous and devastating – dirt, fungus and cockroaches.

It all depends on which particular object you choose. Hence, we encourage you to share opinions about hotels, apartments, private accommodation and other lodging houses where you spent your vacation.

In Bulgaria, there is no shortage of modern beds, on the other hand, you can still find the buildings-nightmares remembering the ancient times.

For this you also need to remember that the Black Sea coast is a somewhat endless construction site, but you can still find abandoned, decaying vacancy. The buildings are placed very close together, so the noise is almost non-stop. They are not Egyptian huge hotel behemoths with a huge area around for rest and recreation, properly spaced from each other.

Architectural clutter and a kitschy style of construction is the domain of most cities in Bulgaria. To avoid this, you need to go to smaller, more intimate places, where you can find accommodation with the owners.

Opinions about what and where to eat in Bulgaria

Bulgarian cuisine is quite tasty. After all, this is another branch of Balkan flavors. However, not everyone can like it.

It is dominated by meat dishes, but there are also dishes prepared with fresh vegetables. Cuisine in Bulgaria is quite similar to that known from Greece or the Middle East.

You will find here thick stews, nutritious soups and grilled dishes. Dairy products are often used in the form of hard cheese or natural yogurt and a handful of aromatic, hot spices.

Opinions about alcohol from Bulgaria

Percentage drink lovers will also be satisfied, after all, well-known wines and other alcoholic beverages are produced in the Bulgarian land.

However, like everywhere in the world, you will not eat equally tasty and inexpensive in every pub. Therefore, we encourage you to share proven eateries, where you can eat well and to your heart’s content without spending a million coins.

Since we are already talking about money …

Price reviews in Bulgaria / Restaurants, bars, shops: Food, drink, alcohol, gifts and cigarettes.
Price reviews in Bulgaria / Restaurants, bars, shops: Food, drink, alcohol, gifts and cigarettes.

Opinions about prices in Bulgaria

Regarding prices in Bulgaria, there is a general opinion that this is not an expensive country. It may not be as cheap here as it was a few years ago, but compared to even neighboring countries it is definitely cheaper.

In addition, prices are changing: their seasonality is particularly evident in the summer, when crowds of tourists seeking rest relax come to the Black Sea. Then, in the resorts themselves, it gets more expensive, and the closer to the beach, the we see an increase in prices.

However, you can save a bit and come to Bulgaria before or after the season, only then there is no guarantee of sunny weather. The situation is much different in the interior of this country. It is definitely cheaper and more homely, only that the tourist infrastructure is not there at the highest level.

Opinions on public transport in Bulgaria: buses, trains and planes.
Opinions on public transport in Bulgaria: buses, trains and planes.

Opinions on urban and domestic transport in Bulgaria

The most popular means of transport to reach Bulgaria is by plane (check air connections to Bulgaria) and your own car. The first has the advantage that we are there within a few hours. We have airports in Varna or Burgas, from where we can get to every corner of the Black Sea coast.

Driving a car to Bulgaria also has a large group of enthusiasts, but you have to reckon with not very good roads in Bulgaria. The opinions are that Bulgarian roads are full of holes, but of course you can share your own experiences.

As for trains, their network is quite well developed, and although this is by far not the fastest means of transport in Bulgaria, but it reaches the designated place. The main advantage of trains is that ticket prices are not excessive.

So if you do not care about time, then you can choose railways as a means of traveling around Bulgaria.

Important: If the topic of vacation in Bulgaria is important to you, be sure to also look here for other interesting and necessary pieces of information.

We will get to particular cities a little faster by choosing a bus. Looking at the number of connections is even better than in the case of railways. You just have to accept the amendment to the state of Bulgarian roads and get ready that it will not be the most convenient journey of a lifetime.

Opinions on tourist attractions, monuments, aquaparks and interesting places in Bulgaria
Opinions on tourist attractions, monuments, aquaparks and interesting places in Bulgaria

Opinions on monuments, museums and attractions in Bulgaria

The common opinion about monuments in Bulgaria is that they are not there. There is nothing to visit, you can only lie by the pool or by the sea and eat.

Well this is not quite the case, although Bulgaria is definitely not a bastion of monuments, there is something to see.

The first example from the shore is the old town of Nessebar, nothing fancy, but it has its charm.

There are other attractions for tourists in Bulgaria: museums, monasteries and churches.

There is no shortage of typical holiday entertainment such as amusement parks and water parks.

Of course, these lands are also attractive in terms of nature, where you should mention, for example, Black Sea beaches, the Ropotamo nature reserve, or mountain areas in the Balkans.

However, if something particularly appealed to you or on the contrary – it is not worth wasting your free time on an attraction, then write boldly. Tourists are happy to read in what is not worth investing strength and money.

Reviews of last minute and all inclusive trips to Bulgaria
Reviews of last minute and all inclusive trips to Bulgaria

Reviews on all inclusive, first and last minute trips to Bulgaria

Only a few years ago there was an opinion that it is completely unprofitable to buy such beloved all inclusive trips in Bulgaria. This was influenced by meals served under this option. There was little food, no special selection, and not very tasty, which is why most of them ate extra food in the city.

Apparently, the situation has now slightly improved, but it is known that it depends on the object, and above all its manager. In all countries, the all in option works great and both tourists and hotel complex owners are satisfied, why should it be different in Bulgaria? ; )

However, now it remains to read the opinions of other travelers and tourists who were on site and used the all inclusive option, and the decision is still in our hands.

However, if we are talking about last minute and first minute offers to Bulgaria, then, as in the case of other countries – if we are traveling a large group, we have only specific days off and we care about a specific accommodation facility – we choose the first minute.

Then the offer is full, we have a choice of all dates and all hotel room options. We book, pay less and wait calmly for a vacation in Bulgaria.

However, if we are very flexible, we can go on vacation properly at any time, we go together or alone – it’s worth waiting until the very end and picking up a great last minute opportunity for a vacation in Bulgaria.

Opinions about travel agencies organizing holidays in Bulgaria

Last but not least – the organizers of our holidays. Who should you go with on your vacation in Bulgaria? It depends on us which of them we trust, because it is not said that with a small travel agency our vacation will be worse. It is worth sharing your experiences and opinions and paying attention to various aspects of the organization of holidays in Bulgaria.

Opinions about sandy beaches and weather in Bulgaria
Opinions about sandy beaches and weather in Bulgaria

Share your thoughts on vacation and holidays in Bulgaria

Finally, we encourage you to express your opinion regarding trips to Bulgaria. Although in a few words tell about the holidays spent on the Black Sea or in any other part of the country. So that everyone visiting here can avoid or on the contrary – take advantage of the attractions that await them in Bulgaria.


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