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Omiš is a small port town, which with its extraordinary charm attracts crowds of tourists every year. In addition to the tempting and quite rare in Croatia sandy beaches, the resort also offers visitors other attractions and interesting monuments.

The surrounding mountain massifs and the local Cetina River only add tourist attractions to Omiš.

This peaceful town can be a great place for a holiday, as well as a base to the surrounding cities. Omiš lies exactly halfway between Split and the Makarska Riviera. In addition, a wide range of different types of outdoor activities will not let anyone get bored here.

Tourist attractions in Omiš

Holidays in Omiš will prove themselves not only for families with children who come here because of the sandy beaches in Omiš and a gentle entrance to the water. People who are looking for a break from city life and a bit of peace will also be pleased.

However, the town will certainly appeal to people who actively spend their free time. There is no shortage of attractions such as hiking on mountain trails, rock climbing, rafting and canyoning. In Omiš you can try windsurfing or diving. The city has a turbulent history, associated with pirates, so there are several interesting places here that are worth seeing.

In addition, Omiš is one of the resorts where there is no shortage of places to walk.

Let’s start exploring the city of Omiš and learn about its monuments, interesting places and tourist attractions.

Omiš monuments

Although Omiš is not a big city, it has some interesting sights to see.

The first place where you should head is definitely the old town. Small, even compact, which is actually a combination of the main street and several streets departing from it. Practically an hour is enough to calmly get around everything. However, such a small old town, with numerous eateries and small souvenir shops, has its own unique charm. The narrow streets among the old, medieval stone buildings are worth at least one walk.

Walking along the main street you will definitely come across the Gate from the River, i.e. the former west gate of the city. Further reaching the main market square, you can see the pillory – Column of Shame, at which penalties were imposed and news important for residents were announced.

Noteworthy is also the church of Saint Michael, one of the most important monuments of Omiš. It dates from the 17th century and represents three architectural styles: Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic. Valuable interior design elements include a bas-relief of a stone cross and a four-part altar.

Another historic religious building in Omiš is the old church of Saint Peter. It is located on the hills above the part of the city called Pirko. This is a very old temple, built in the 10th century. Represents pre-Romanesque construction in Croatia. Currently in Omiš there are two churches dedicated to St. Peter. This new one is located near the city’s main parking lot.

Happy Man’s Home

Another monument of Omiš is a Renaissance building, called the Happy Man’s Home. Its name comes from the Latin inscription above the entrance – GRATIAS AGO TIBI DNE QUIA FUI IN HOC MONDO, Thank You Lord for having lived in this world.

It is also distinguished by the layout of the rooms inside. The reverse was applied here to how these types of houses were inhabited at that time. Downstairs were all living quarters, including the workshop, and upstairs, a kitchen was made. This was to prevent a tragedy in the event of a fire in the kitchen area of ​​the house that could cut off the escape route for tenants.

In Omiš, it is also worth visiting the Municipal Museum, where you can see through preserved artifacts and archaeological finds the city’s history. Particularly well-preserved collection of medieval coins and jewelry arouses interest.

Those interested can also go to the Franciscan monastery, built in the eighteenth century, which houses a collection of works of art and archives with Turkish documents and a library.

Interesting places in Omiš
Interesting places in Omiš

Visiting Omiš

The most interesting places, or rather objects in Omiš are undoubtedly defensive buildings located high above the city. It is also a great viewpoint, from where there are panoramic views of the entire area.

Starigrad fortress – founded in the 15th century as the main observation point for local pirates. The fortress is located on the top of Mount Dinara, from where you can clearly see the city itself, the Cetina valley and in good weather conditions also nearby islands. The fortress was seriously damaged in the eighteenth century by an earthquake. Currently, you can get to it in three ways. One of the roads leads from the port area, it is rocky, steep and quite demanding, but families with preschoolers are able to overcome it. The second much more difficult route to the Starigrad fortress is the one starting behind the tunnel at the Cetina River. In this case, climbing over sharp stones can take up to two hours. The third – the easiest option is driving a car to Baucici, where you leave the car and you have only about 200 meters to travel. You need to pay 15 kuna to enter the Starigrad Fortress.

Small tips – climbing is worth starting as soon as possible, when it gets dark in the mountains, the lighthouses will not turn on, and the heat is slightly less in the morning than at noon. Secondly, it is worth going on such a trip in proper footwear, with a hard sole. Sandals and flip flops fall off. Third, you must take the drink with you. There is no store upstairs, and in the summer it will be brick drainage at all.

Mirabella Fortress – also called Peovica. The second known defensive structure in Omiš. Built in the 13th century, it served mainly as an observation point for local pirates. Then it was used as a shelter for residents during the Turkish attack in the 16th century. Here you also have to climb the steep stairs, but “only” to a height of 245 meters above the city. From above, there is a panorama of the city and the river flowing into the sea. It is also worth going to the observation deck, which is accessed by a ladder. The entrance is paid and the ticket costs 25 kuna per person.

In addition, it is worth visiting the surrounding cities. While on vacation in Omiš you can also visit Split, Makarska or Trogir. Such one-day trips will definitely diversify your vacation in Croatia.

Other attractions in Omiš

When it comes to attractions in Omiš, sandy beaches are one of the biggest attractions. They are a huge magnet for tourists coming here. The most popular beaches are Velika, Slavinj and Brzet. Some of them are especially favored by families with children, due to the gentle and shallow entry into the water. It is on the local beaches that you can try windsurfing, or enroll in a diving school.

Further attractions are provided by the Cetina River. Not only is this another reservoir in which you can take a refreshing bath, it is also in the middle of the interests of people practicing unusual water sports. On the Cetina River you can go rafting, canyoning, or simply try kayaking or raft rafting. Sightseeing cruises are also organized, the offers of which are sold in the city.

Another attraction is associated with the river, which is Zipline, i.e. a descent in a harness attached with steel ropes over the Cetina canyon. The entire route is almost two kilometers long and is divided into eight sections.

Steel ropes are stretched at an altitude of up to 150 meters above the ground, and the descent speed can reach up to 65km / h.

It is a real treat for people who like adrenaline and extreme sports. It takes about three hours to complete all eight episodes. This attraction is available to children from seven years of age and people under 130 kilograms in weight. Such pleasure for one person costs about 400 kuna.

While still on the subject of water attractions, while on vacation in Omiš, you can take sea cruises to one of the nearby islands: Brac or Hvar. Expeditions by fast speedboat to blue caves are also organized.

For cycling enthusiasts there are bicycle paths and areas around the beaches. A popular route is a six-kilometer road along the canyon of the Cetina River, leading from the city (Omiš) to Radmanove. Another type of entertainment is paragliding or parachuting from nearby mountain hills.

Attractions in Omiš
Attractions in Omiš

The proximity of the mountain ranges is obviously associated with hiking on the trails. Mountain trekking is an option for both urban walkers and seasoned hikers. There are many mountain trails in the area, with varying degrees of difficulty. Importantly, at tourist information points you can find out which ones are not completely suitable for traveling with children. On the other hand, more than 40 professionally prepared routes await climbing enthusiasts. It is also worth adding that the area abounds in climbing clubs, both Croatian and European.

Omiś’s attraction are also cultural events organized in the region. The most popular of them take place in the summer, when there is no shortage of tourists, so the audience is great. One of them is definitely the Omiš Pirate Battle, a reconstruction of the famous 13th century pirate battle. Two boats and almost a hundred extras take part in it. Participants often walk in their costumes throughout the day, while battle scenes take place only in the evening. The reconstruction of the pirate battle takes place around mid-August.

The second such well-known event in Omiš is the Dalmatian Klap Festival. You can hear songs performed a cappella by local bands and solo singers. This type of traditional singing (klapy) has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The klapy festival takes place every year from the end of June to the end of July.

Recently, there is also another summer event, which is Festival Omiš Summer Treat. This, in turn, is a two-week event where you can sample local delicacies and traditional products, and listen to and watch folk groups of song and dance. The festival is usually also accompanied by other events, concerts or workshops related to the topic.

Map of the city of Omiš

Locate all monuments, interesting places and attractions in Omiš on the map below:

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