Sandy beaches in Omiš. The most beautiful and the best. Opinions, photos and videos. Which one is the best?

Omiš is one of the nicely situated towns on the Croatian coast. Picturesquely surrounded by the Mosor mountain range, it turns into a lively resort in the summer. The town is an ideal starting point to such attractive places as Split, Trogir or Makarska Riviera.

Today in our tourist guide around the city of Omiš and its surroundings we will focus on beaches (including the sandy ones …).

The best, most beautiful and most popular sandy beaches in Omiš
The best, most beautiful and most popular sandy beaches in Omiš

Beaches in Omiš

However, what definitely distinguishes Omiš from other holiday resorts in Croatia are definitely sandy beaches, which are particularly abundant in this area. It is the main magnet for tourists coming from different parts of Europe.

Families with children visit the town most often, mainly due to not only sand, but also a gentle entrance to the sea.

For this reason, beaches in Omiš are often crowded in the season.

Not only the blue water, but also the mountainous environment impresses here, and it should be added that the beaches in Omiš have been repeatedly appreciated by awarding them the Blue Flag designation for cleanliness and ecological balance. However, if you come here out of season, you can be slightly disappointed, because most of the gastronomic and beach facilities will be closed and simply inaccessible, especially toilets and changing rooms.

So keep that in mind.

Let’s get to the specifics about the beaches themselves.

Attractions and infrastructure on the beaches of Omiš

Beaches in Omiš are an ideal place, not only for lazy relaxation and for sunbathing. It is also a good place for all those who like to spend time actively outdoors.

There is no shortage of water equipment rentals or obstacle courses on the water. It is also a good place to try your hand at windsurfing or diving.

In addition, the area itself offers not only large sandy beaches, but also smaller, less crowded charming bays, where you can peacefully commune with nature. On almost 20 kilometers of the whole riviera, there are plenty of small sleepy fishing settlements or well-known holiday resorts with wide beaches.

When it comes to holidays in Omiš, everyone will surely find something for themselves.

And here are the best and most popular beaches in Omiš:

Weather in Omiš in spring, summer and autumn. LoOmiš beaches / Reviews, photos and videos. Which one is the best? Which summer should you choose?
Omiš beaches / Reviews, photos and videos. Which one is the best? Which summer should you choose?

Velika beach in Omiš

Velika beach – is the main beach in Omiš, located centrally in the part of the city called Punta. You can get here a short walk from most quarters and lodging houses. Velika Beach stretches for less than 400 meters, which, however, does not change the fact that this beach is extremely popular in the season and tourists willingly spend their time here.

See on the map where this beach is located:

The beach in Omiš is sandy and about 40 meters wide. Practically all day the sun shines here, until late afternoon hours. In case of excess sunlight, you can always hide under a sun umbrella or sit in the natural shade of a strip of trees planted along the beach (pines and tamarisks).

A breakwater, built of stones, protects the beach and the swimming pool from summer winds. In the western part of the beach, the water is always slightly cooler, due to the proximity of the Cetina River, which has its mouth here. On hot days, swimming in this place will therefore be a pleasant experience. As for the rest of the beach, the sea near the shore is warmed up quite quickly, thanks to which its temperature is quickly pleasantly warm.

The big advantage of the Velika beach is the gentle entrance to the water, which gradually falls over a stretch of several dozen meters into the sea. For this reason, the beach of Omiš is besieged by families with children. Toddlers can splash around here without fear of a quick lack of ground under their feet, which also creates the opportunity to learn swimming art. A good idea for fun is also looking for shells hidden in the shallow bottom here.

As for other attractions on the Omiš beach, it also offers the possibility of playing volleyball or beach soccer. You can try windsurfing or water scooters here. Tourists can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Along the beach there is a catering base in the form of restaurants, bars and cafes. There are plenty of stalls, but also showers and toilets and a children’s playground. There is also a public car park near the Omiš beach. This place is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. There is an elevator on the beach that makes wheelchair access easy.

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Slavinj beach in Omiš

Slavinj beach – a little less crowded beach in Omiš, 10 minutes’ walk from the center. Definitely smaller than its predecessor, but equally beautiful and picturesque. This is one of the oldest bathing places in Omiš, which is also used by local people. Slavinj beach is slightly away from the main road and located near the Franciscan monastery of the eighteenth century. There is no parking here, so it’s not worth coming here by car. See on the map where this beach is located:

Slavnij beach is narrow and pebbly. Here, a substantial green belt protects from the sun, mostly planted with tamarisk and pine trees. This is another place located in the southwest, which means that the sun shines here until late afternoon. Interestingly, it is from it that the strip of charming beaches begins, stretching all the way to Nemira or even to Pisak.

Slavnij beach is no longer so friendly to families with small children. The bottom is not only blown up with small pebbles, it is getting deep here quite quickly. However, there are plenty of beach facilities nearby – showers, changing rooms and wc. The beach has a cafe, snack bar, ice cream parlor and restaurants. You can also rent deck chairs and umbrellas and take advantage of the local water equipment rental – scooters and bicycles.

Brzet beach in Omiš

Brzet Beach – another very popular beach in Omiš, 15 minutes walk from the city center. Located exactly on the route between Omiš and the village of Nemira. This beach is a compromise between Velika beach and Slavnij. Pebble, narrow, but with a gentle entry to the sea. The shade of water here has a unique bright color, which allows free diving. The belt of trees is an ideal place where you can hide from the scorching sun.

See on the map where this beach is located:

Brzet Beach is as popular among families with children as it is in the city center. Almost 400 meters long gravel beach is enough to effectively encourage tourists to rest. The beach has facilities in the form of showers, deckchairs and parasols rental, as well as changing rooms. You can rent pedal boats and scooters here. Many people choose this place to enjoy unusually picturesque sunsets.

At Brzet Beach there are also eateries, ranging from fast food, through snack bars, cafes, to normal restaurants. The area also has a grocery store, ice cream parlor and stalls with beach and swimming equipment. You can go to the beach by car, because the car park is next to the Brzet hotel. Unfortunately, in the season it can be very crowded.

If any of you are still thinking about choosing the town of Omiš for the purpose of your vacation then certainly this video will dispel all doubts:

You can find more about the beaches of Omiš on this website, where you can get additional information and advice.

Reviews about beaches in Omiš

Have you spent your vacation in Omiš? Have you had the opportunity to enjoy the charms of local beaches? We invite you to submit your opinions regarding the beaches in Omiš. Every opinion is important to us.

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