Bird’s eye view of world’s most beautiful oases / Live Webcams and more!

Oasis, how beautiful that sounds! But what exactly is an oasis? On all continents deep underground, we find enormous amounts of freshwater, and where the ground level drops below the level of the deep water, they will rise to the surface. In warm and temperate regions such a phenomenon is nothing special, while in the desert it allows life to arise where it would otherwise be impossible. This is what oases are. They are often inhabited and are always a tourist attraction in hostile regions. The most magnificent oases look from a bird’s eye view, which has become easily achievable thanks to the spread of drone technology. Here are our favorite oasis videos!

Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman – online cameras

Wadi bani Khalid is a long oasis in Oman located in a valley of a river that does not reach the sea at present. Its shores are overgrown with palm trees, in the shade of which fruit trees and shrubs are grown. The water is clean and you can soak your feet in it, it also makes the temperatures lower than in the desert.

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Ein Gedi, Israel – webcams

Ein Gedi is a small oasis located in the hills near the Dead Sea coast. Although the terrain does not allow for agriculture, this oasis is famous for its charming waterfalls and is a popular tourist attraction in Israel.

Siwa, Egypt – Live Cams

Siwa is a huge oasis located in Egypt. For thousands of years it was isolated from the rest of the world – the road to the oasis was not established until the 1980s! There is a large community in the oasis whose culture has adapted to the local conditions – so it’s worth finding out more about the Berberians of Siwa! Below you can see a bird’s eye view of the oasis.

Tafilalet, Morocco – webcams

Tafilalet is now a small village surrounded by extensive agricultural land, but it was once a city of great importance for trade with sub-Saharan Africa. The oasis is worth visiting for historical and natural reasons – you can see cute flamingos in the local lakes!

Timia, Niger – online cameras

Timia is a small town (or a large village) in Niger geared towards tourism – it may not be as delightful as the previously mentioned settlements, but tourists will certainly not miss anything there!

Chebika, Tunisia – Live Cams

Chebika is a small agricultural oasis whose attractions are ruins from different eras, the oldest ones dating back to Roman times. In addition, you can bathe in the local lakes!

Ubari, Libya – webcams

Ubari is a group of hot and very salty lakes surrounded by reeds and palm trees. It is definitely a charming place to take holiday photos and videos!

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