Moscow / Live Webcams!

Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe, with twelve million inhabitants being itself larger than many countries on the continent! It is also a destination underestimated by Western tourists for many reasons: historical reluctance, fear of the frosty climate (which is unjustified in summer!), Or lack of patience while waiting for visas. Nevertheless, in Moscow we will find many interesting places for a lover of history and culture, and for a fan of modern life in big cities. Videos shot from drones, showing the metropolis from an unusual perspective, will help us get to know the capital of Russia. Therefore, we invite you to watch!

Moscow from a bird’s eye view

Here you will see short shots of the most iconic places in Moscow from the air (from a drone):

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Moscow from a drone

Another collection of short aerial shots of Moscow’s iconic places:

Winter in Moscow

Aerial shots of Moscow in winter:

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View of Moscow

Another short bird’s eye view of Moscow:

Moscow – the heart of Russia

Another collection of Moscow shots shot by a drone:

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Moscow in 8k

Very high-quality aerial shots of Moscow:

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