Prices in Kotor: Food in stores, dinners in restaurants, accommodation, cigarettes and alcohol

Kotor - prices of food, dinners, drinks, cigarettes and alcohol in Kotor.

Prices of accommodation, food or tourist attractions are one of the more interesting topics when it comes to holiday trips to Montenegro. It is not surprising, because everyone has their own budget planned and, if possible, wants to know how different costs look in a given country. Prices in Kotor The situation is similar when … Read more

Kotor / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places / What to see and visit?

Kotor attractions

Kotor is the most famous city not only of the Bay of Kotor, but also of all of Montenegro. It is an extremely touristic place, located at the foot of the Lovćen massif. What makes Kotor stand out from other Mediterranean cities is the perfectly preserved medieval buildings with defensive walls that stretch all over … Read more

Weather in Kotor: May, June, July, August, September / Long-term weather forecast

Kotor is one of the most visited cities in Montenegro. There is no doubt about it. Kotor with its monuments, the old town and the Bay of Kotor are the biggest attraction for tourists in this country. For this reason, the weather in Kotor is a very interesting topic. Tourists planning their stay in Montenegro … Read more