Minsk / Live Webcams!

Minsk is a very large city and the capital of Belarus. Belarus itself is the least visited European country, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, in Belarus, and in Minsk in particular, we can find many monuments related to the history of Belarus, very often connected with the history of Lithuania or Poland. So consider this city as a potential destination for your trip. In getting to know Minsk, we will be helped by webcams – whether they are broadcasting live from different parts of the city or those shot from unusual points of view using drones. Below we have selected our favorite recordings!
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Minsk – Webcams – the city from a bird’s eye view

Minsk – Online cameras – shots from the ground and from the air

Minsk – Live cameras – Minsk by day and night

Minsk – Webcams – a day in Minsk in two minutes

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Minsk – Online cameras – the city from a bird’s eye view

Minsk – Online cameras – a city guide from the perspective of a drone

Minsk – Live Cams – View of Independence Street

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Minsk – Live online cameras

Minsk – Live webcams

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