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Holidays in Malta

Tourist guide to Malta

Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean, unique due to its isolation in culture (Maltese is a Semitic language derived from Arabic!), history (some of the oldest buildings in the world were found in Malta), nature (in the past several unique animals used to inhabit it, including miniature elephants, hippos and deers as well as giant swans, geese and owls) and climate. A must-visit place for holidays! Learn when it is best to visit Malta and what do you need to prepare before arriving (both in terms of currency and baggage and passports or visas!), what is worth seeing and visiting in various destinations (including sights, monuments, national parks, beaches and more), how to travel (with special attention paid to highways and motorways), the prices of various goods and services, accomodation, weather, maps, tourist guides, opinions of visitors and other practical pieces of information!