Madrid / Live Webcams!

Madrid is one of the largest cities in Europe and a popular holiday destination. It is a matter of the perfect climate of the city, but also the diversity of its tourist attractions – so we have a lot of galleries and museums devoted to every field of culture, many monuments created over hundreds of years, as well as a rich modern life. Unfortunately, Madrid’s popularity and size also means the city is usually very crowded. In addition, many of the city’s attractions are invisible from the point of view of a typical tourist. This is where technology comes in handy – specifically, drones! With their help, we are able to see the city in all its glory and from a completely new perspective.
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On the internet we can find many shots of Madrid shot with drones, and below we present our favorites.

Madrid from a bird’s eye view

A brief shot of Madrid during the lockdown:

Madrid by the eye of a drone / Sky travel around the city

Madrid in 4k / High quality drone footage of Madrid

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Madrid city center from the air/ business center of the Spanish capital:

Sky journey through Madrid/ Another 4k quality recording:

Another shot of Madrid from a bird’s eye view:

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Finally, a sunny day in Madrid!

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