Prices in Lisbon in stores and restaurants

When planning a holiday in Lisbon, it is worth checking the current prices in Lisbon in advance, because it has a significant impact on how much money you take with you when you leave or fly to Lisbon.

Below you will find key information about how much lunch costs in a restaurant in the center of Lisbon, what prices are in stores and how much a ticket for a tram or metro in Lisbon costs.

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Prices in Lisbon

There is no denying that Lisbon is the most expensive city in Portugal. However, compared to other European capitals, it is not terribly expensive.

Food and drink prices in stores in Lisbon
Food and drink prices in stores in Lisbon

You can find accommodation at a decent price, fairly cheap meals in restaurants and pubs where the locals hang out, or get tips on how to cheaply explore Lisbon and when museums and other facilities have free entry.

Prices of food and drink in stores in Lisbon:

  1. milk 0.50-0.90 euro per liter
  2. bread 0.60-2 euro for a loaf
  3. a baguette 0.60 euro
  4. bio organic eggs 1.99 euro for 6
  5. local cheese 5-15 euro per kilo
  6. sandwich cheese approx. 2 euro
  7. cheese sliced ​​1.75-2 euro per package
  8. sliced ​​ham 2 euro per package
  9. ketchup 2.09 euro per bottle
  10. fruit yogurt 0.75 euro
  11. rice 0.75-1.50 euro per kilogram
  12. pasta 0.50 euro for 500 grams
  13. chicken breast 4-8 euro per kilo
  14. beef 8-11 euro per kilo
  15. lasagne 2.69 euro per kilo
  16. orange, apples, bananas 1-2 euro per kilo
  17. mangoes 4 euro per kilo
  18. grape 2.70 euro per kilo
  19. tomatoes, 1-2 euro per kilo
  20. lettuce 0.50-1.50 euro
  21. potatoes, 0.60-2 euro per kilo
  22. carrot 0.70 euro per kilo
  23. canned sardines 0.70-1 euro per can
  24. instant soup 0.55-1.20 euro
  25. breakfast cereals 2-2.50 euro per package
  26. chocolate 3.99 euro for a 250 gram bar
  27. cookies1-2 euro per package
  28. peppermint gum 0.95-1.24 euro per package
  29. crisps 2.20 euro for a 170 gram packet
  30. nachos 1.65 euro for a 150 gram packet
  31. frozen pizza 2.20-3.20 euro for 400 grams
  32. tea 1.50 eurs for a pack of 20 teabags
  33. instant coffee 4-5 euro for 100 grams
  34. mineral water 0.30 – 1 euro for 1.5 liter
  35. cola 0.85 euro per can
  36. cola in a liter bottle 1.70 euro
  37. orange soda 1.40 euro for 1.5 liter
  38. can of energy drink 1.70 euro for 250 ml
  39. ice tea 1.20-2.40 euro for 2 liters

Prices of alcohol (beer, wine, drinks) and cigarettes in stores in Lisbon:

  1. local beer 0.50-1.40 euro for 500ml
  2. imported beer 1-4 euro per bottle (0.25 or 0.33 liter)
  3. radler beer 0.60 euro
  4. cider 1.25 euro for 0.33 liter
  5. local wine 3-6 euro per bottle
  6. better quality Portuguese wine 11 euro per bottle
  7. ​​a pack of popular cigarettes 5 euro per pack
Dinner prices in restaurants and bars in Lisbon
Dinner prices in restaurants and bars in Lisbon

Prices of dinners in restaurants, bars and pubs in Lisbon:

  1. set of the day 12-15 euro
  2. set at a fast-food bar 5-7 euro
  3. double hamburger in fast food bar 3.25 euro
  4. fries in a fast food bar 1,31-2 euro for portion
  5. ice cream 2,10 euro
  6. the famous pastel de nata 1 euro per cake
  7. croissant 1.90 euro
  8. pizza from 5-6 euro
  9. starter (fish, seafood) 4 euro
  10. octopus salad 10 euro
  11. fish set with potatoes and vegetables 9 euro
  12. platter of shrimps 14 euro
  13. cappuccino coffee 1-2 euro
  14. cake 0.40 euro per piece
  15. cola 0.33l 1-2 euro
  16. water 0.33l 0.50-1.20 euro
  17. beer 1.50-3 euro for a 500ml bottle
  18. a glass of wine 3.5 euro
  19. glass of cherry liqueur 1.35 euro
Prices in Lisbon
Prices in Lisbon

Accommodation prices in Lisbon:

The price of accommodation in Lisbon depends on the standard of the place where you want to sleep in. For a night spent in a dormitory you will pay only 12-15 euro per person. Accommodation in a modest double room in Lisbon is already a cost of 25-50 euro. It also depends on the distance from the center and the date of arrival.

Ticket prices for the tram and metro in Lisbon
Ticket prices for the tram and metro in Lisbon

Prices of public transport in Lisbon:

One-time ticket prices are at the following level

-bus 1.85 euro

– tram 2.90 euro

– metro 1.45 euro

– full day ticket 6.15 euro

Now a small curiosity.

It pays to invest the whole 0.50 euro in a pre-paid card that you top up (the smallest amount is 3 euro) and you can use any public transport for which the appropriate fee is charged. Usually lower than buying a single ticket.

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