Lanzarote Prices

Are you going on holiday to the Canary Islands? Have you chosen the island of Lanzarote for your holidays? It’s great! Below we present current prices on Lanzarote. You will find information about the price of food, cigarettes, alcohol, prices in restaurants and how much does gasoline cost, entrances to theme parks and other useful information about the price of accommodation on Lanzarote!

Lanzarote – part of the Canary archipelago, like all other islands belonging to the Kingdom of Spain. Mild weather, friendly people and affordable prices – what more could you want? Let’s look at all this closely!

The prices of food on Lanzarote

The prices of food in shops on Lanzarote
The prices of food in shops on Lanzarote

The food is best to buy, as everywhere, in network supermarkets, such as Dino, Lidl or Spar. However, in places where there are no large self-service shops, the costs of buying food are not too high either.

Prices of basic food products in supermarkets are as follows:

  1. bread roll 0.40 – 0.45 euro
  2. bread 0.70 euro
  3. 1 liter of milk 1.30 euro
  4. 12 eggs 1.5 euro
  5. local cheese for sandwiches (per kg) 6 euro
  6. cream cheese (150g) 1 – 1.50 euro
  7. salami (10 dag) 1.20 euro
  8. chorizo ​​sausage (10 slices) 1 euro
  9. tomatoes (per kg) 1.35 euro
  10. rice (per kg) 1 euro
  11. pasta (250g) 0.8 euro
  12. potatoes (per kg) 1 euro
  13. oranges (per kg) 1.30-1.50 euro
  14. local bananas (per kg) 1.20 euro
  15. meat: beef, pork (per kg) 4 euro
  16. jellies (100g) less than 1 euro
  17. sandwich cookies (220 g pack) 1.30 euro

Non-alcoholic beverages, spirits and cigarettes:

  1. orange juice (per liter) 1.30 euro
  2. mineral water (1.5 liter) 0.50-1 euro
  3. cola (2 liter) 1.60 euro
  4. energy drink (0.25 liter) 1.20 euro
  5. local beer (per liter) 1.20-1.40 euro
  6. imported beer (0.33 liter can) 0.55 – 0.70 euro
  7. a bottle of decent wine 4 euro
  8. local cactus liqueur (0.5 liter) 10 euro
  9. branded vodka (liter) 12 – 13 euro
  10. a packet of decent cigarettes 2-3 euro

Prices in restaurants on Lanzarote

Prices in restaurants on Lanzarote
Prices in restaurants on Lanzarote

Depending on the popularity of the place where you want to eat, you have to accept on average that the meal will cost about 10 euro. In more touristy places, it will be a little more, in small towns we will eat for 6 to 8 euro.

Dinner prices at restaurants in Lanzarote:

  1. a portion of pasta 6 euro
  2. fish dish plus filling soup 8 euro
  3. dishes with fresh seafood 8-14 euro
  4. dish without meat, ex. from chick peas, 6 euro
  5. meat dishes from 8 euro
  6. fast food set 5 -7 euro
  7. coffee 1-1,50 euro
  8. local beer (0.5 liter) 1.50 euro
  9. imported beer (0.33 liter) 2 euro
  10. cola or other soda (0.33 liter) 0.70-1.50 euro
  11. water (0.33 liter) 0.50-1.30 euro

Accommodation prices on Lanzarote

Accommodation prices on Lanzarote
Accommodation prices on Lanzarote

Depending on the standard, accommodation prices on Lanzarote on average start at 30 euro per night, in facilities with more stars from 50-60 euro. Everything also depends on the place where you want to sleep and the date on which you arrive.

Car rental prices and fuel costs on Lanzarote

Depending on the size, model and capacity of the car engine, you will pay about 15-16 euro per day of car rental. The longer you rent the car, the lower the price per day may be. Petrol is relatively cheap on the Canary Islands, you will pay less than one euro per liter of fuel.

Public transport

Public transport around the island of Lanzarote is  effective and not expensive, but not always following the timetable and you have to be prepared for it. Bus ticket costs start from 1.40 euro. You will ride a distance of about 50 km for less than 4 euros.

The cost of tourist attractions

The price for entering Timanfaya National Park is 10 euro per person. Jameos del Agua Cave also has a price of 9 euro per person. If you want to visit Mirador del Rio lookout point, you have to take into account the expense of 5 euro per person. Jardin de Cactus is priced 5 euro per person. If you are interested in more detailed information about sightseeing and monuments, we invite you to our new article about tourist attractions on Lanzarote, in which we describe in detail the most important and interesting places on the island.

As you can see the current prices on the island of Lanzarote do not differ too much from the prices on the other Canary Islands. Perhaps this is why it is a popular holiday destination for those who are wondering where to go on holiday in January? We hope that we have dispelled these doubts.

Tourist guides and maps of Lanzarote

When choosing a holiday on Lanzarote, it is worth having with you the current tourist guide on this island:

Current tourist map of Lanzarote

Thanks to this map you will see the entire island and plan your trip as well as the budget depending on the location you want to choose:

Thanks to our price guide on the island of Lanzarote, you can plan your budget well and do not worry about how much money to take with you on holiday. You can also use the information on the official website of the island of Lanzarote and learn more about its offers and attractions.

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