Kiev / Live Webcams!

Kiev is a huge city – one of the largest in Europe! At the same time, it is a place forgotten by tourists from the West – who would want to go to the East of Europe? Well, there are many reasons to go there! Despite the devastation of the war, Kiev has a large number of cultural and art monuments, various museums and theaters, as well as various manifestations of modern city life! An additional argument for visiting Kiev may be the fact that the most attractive places for tourists are not as crowded as in Prague or Krakow, not to mention the metropolises of Western Europe! Camera recordings can be helpful in the decision to visit Kiev – be it holiday videos posted on social media, or live webcams showing shots from Kiev streets, or drone shots showing Kiev from a completely new perspective. In this article, we’ll cover the latter!

Kiev – Online cameras

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Kiev – Webcams

Kiev – Live online cameras

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Kiev – Webcams – view from the drone

Kiev – Online cameras – 4k drone recording

Kiev – Online cameras – compilation of shots from a drone

Kiev – Webcams – view from the drone

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