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The land of the setting sun and blooming cherry trees is the greatest travel dream for many of us. However, a trip to Japan is a big expense, even if we choose a minimum trip with a travel agency. Thanks to modern technologies, we can, without leaving our home, see what is happening in Japan practically live – both from the street perspective and from a bird’s eye view!
There are two inventions in particular. The first is the internet. Japan is an absolute leader when it comes to broadband internet access, so it’s no wonder that in this country we find many webcams broadcasting live view from Japanese streets on the Internet. The second, in turn, are tiny drones, which in Japan are within reach of an average Japanese and allow you to record short videos from an unusual perspective.
In this article, we present selected videos recorded from the drone and live web cameras from Japan – but it is worth bearing in mind that due to the differences in time zones, we will usually have a chance to admire Japan at night!

Japan – webcams – Shinjuku

Shinjuku is a popular shopping district in Tokyo. This is where we will meet the most fashionable young Japanese! The camera below shows a large street crossing in this very district.

Below you will find a camera showing another, smaller pedestrian crossing in the same district:

Japan – live cameras – Shibuya

Shibuya is another commercial district of Tokyo, unlike Shinjuku, it is also largely focused on finance. So instead of fashionable youth in the street, we will see mainly bank employees and clients. Below you can see the large pedestrian crossing in the district:

Japan – online cameras – Shinkansen lines in Osaka

Shinkansen is the world’s fastest railway line with a characteristic shape of a locomotive. They only appear on the webcam below from time to time, but when you see them their incredible speed is easily noticeable.

Below you can see the lines of the regular Japanese Railways in the Shinjuku district:

Below is a view of the flyover and the Shiodome railway line in Tokyo:

And here we can see the railway in Utsunomiya:

Japan – live webcams online – Tokyo bookstore

Here, in turn, we have an unusual example of a web camera – a camera showing the interior of a store. It is a combination of a bookstore and a take-away store called “Kitchen Dive”. This shop in Kotoku decided to advertise in such an unusual way!

Japan from a bird’s eye view – webcams

Thanks to the wealth of society and openness to new technologies, gadgets such as drones are easily available in Japan. The result of this is, among other things, a large number of recordings of Japan using drones – with a little talent and good editing, such videos can be breathtaking! We present our favorites below.

One hour of Japan from a bird’s eye view – live online cameras

This professionally made full-length film in the highest picture quality presents the beautiful and enchanting images of Japan – not necessarily the places we would consider the most attractive!

Tokyo from the bird’s eye view – web camera

Below you will find some drone shots of Tokyo. These are short videos, rather focused on one “spot”.

Kyoto from a bird’s eye view – live cameras

Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and the seat of the emperor for hundreds of years. Of course, the city has many monuments. We will see some of them in the videos below.

What other places would you like to see the cameras from? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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