Rome (and Vatican) / Live Webcams!

Colosseum in Rome

Rome is undoubtedly the most attractive city in Europe. In the Italian capital, you will find everything: historic buildings built over several thousand years, great museums with collections from around the world, many recreational areas and an endless nightlife. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to visit this wonderful city. Fortunately, Rome has many … Read more

Bari / Live Webcam!

Prices in Italy / Fuel, accommodation, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, wine

Bari is a city in southern Italy located on the Adriatic Sea. An important industrial, commercial and cultural center, Bari is not particularly popular with foreign tourists. Does it deserve more attention? You can check it easily – by watching the city through a webcam! Webcams are city cameras transmitting live images via the Internet. … Read more

Milan / Live Webcams!

What to see in Milan? Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Milan is a metropolis in the north of Italy, the capital of culture, fashion and sports. With centuries of prosperity, the city boasts monuments dating back to the Middle Ages, a variety of museums, and numerous manifestations of the rich life of a modern metropolis. Like any attractive city, Milan is constantly crowded, so even … Read more

Prices in Italy

The influence on them, apart from the location itself, is also influenced by the specific date.

Prices in Italy are often very high due to the fact that the country lives mainly from tourism. Therefore, when coming here on vacation, you have to take into account higher costs than in other places in Europe. Especially in popular places, where there are always plenty of visitors, it won’t be cheap. The more … Read more

Palermo / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

Palermo tourist attractions / Visiting Palermo / Interesting places, monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Palermo’s attractions are as varied as the city itself. They are mainly ancient monuments, numerous sacred buildings and former royal residences, but also bustling local markets that cannot be missed during a trip to the capital of Sicily. One thing is certain Palermo will not leave anyone indifferent, either you will love this city or … Read more

Naples / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places / What to see and visit

Interesting places in Naples / What is worth seeing and visiting? Tourist attractions and monuments in Naples

The attractions of Naples are primarily the remains of the Greeks and Romans who inhabited this area in the old days. It is also a bit darker monuments, hidden literally under the city itself, which most tourists will also like. Naples is also the birthplace of one of the best pizzas in the world and … Read more

Milan / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

What to see in Milan? Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments

The main attraction of Milan is the famous Duomo di Milano cathedral, but this is where our knowledge usually ends. However, Milan has so much more to offer and more interesting places to see. The city offers a number of religious monuments as well as museums with rich collections and traces of ancient history. Interestingly, … Read more

Attractions in Sicily / Interesting places, monuments and tourist attractions / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Tourist attractions in Sicily / Monuments, interesting places that are worth seeing and visiting

Sicily is one of the poorest and most diverse Italian regions. The history of the island is marked by the influences of various civilizations that have settled here successively. Both the Romans and the Greeks, Arabs and Normans had their colonies here. All this has created an unusual mixture that is reflected both in the … Read more

Fuel prices in Italy at gas stations and highways / How much does fuel, diesel and gas cost in Italy?

Gas stations in Italy / How much does fuel cost on motorways in Italy?

Fuel prices in Italy are unfortunately among the highest in Europe. Even in neighboring Austria, it is cheaper, although at gas stations just before the Italian border, it is already sold at inflated prices. Therefore, people traveling with their own car to sunny Italy should refuel before the Italian border. So at what level are … Read more

Tourists’ opinions about Venice: Monuments, attractions, restaurants, caffes, churches

Venice opinions / Opinions on attractions, monuments, churches and bridges in Venice.

Venice is without a doubt one of the most unique cities in Europe. There is no other one. It is also one of the most recognizable places in the world. The city located on the water, where you can move mainly by boats and water trams, attracts millions of tourists every year. Venice is famous … Read more

Cheap accommodation in Venice: Hotels, apartments, hostels, camping. Where to sleep and what is the price per night?

When planning a trip to Venice, you certainly can not do without taking the subject of accommodation. After all, you need to sleep somewhere after exploring the city on the water. Although most tourists include the sights of Venice in one day, it is worth coming or flying here even for one weekend to experience … Read more

Cheap flights to Venice: Marco Polo and Treviso airports

In Venice, there are two airports to choose from, which are of course more or less distant from the city center. One of them – Venice Marco Polo airport, is an international airport. The second object is the Venice Treviso airport, which mostly operates low-cost airlines. Both are well connected to the city itself, so … Read more

Weekend in Venice / Trips to Venice for the weekend, i.e. visiting Venice in 1, 2 or 3 days

Venice for the weekend is a great idea for a short trip abroad. When we can’t afford a longer vacation or just want to change the environment for a little bit. Venice is a city considered to be extremely romantic, which is why many couples celebrate their anniversaries and come here on Valentine’s Day. How … Read more

Motorways in Italy: Prices, tolls, gateways and speed limits

Motorways in Italy are overwhelmingly paid. Without tolls, you will pass only some sections in the south of the country, which is due to the lower wealth of those regions. Another very important information is that there is no vignette system in Italy. Unfortunately, this translates into tolls, as these costs are among the highest … Read more

Weather in Trieste / Long-term weather forecast for May, June, July, August, September

Trieste is a port city in Italy, a place full of contradictions, with a rich history that can be seen with the naked eye even in architecture. Trieste is not a typical Italian city, and its location just off the border with Slovenia has always been an area exposed to attacks from outside. Today, Trieste … Read more

Beaches in Venice: Bibione, Lido di Jesolo, Rosolina Mare, Eraclea Mare

Let’s start with the fact that Venice is almost 120 islands, divided into six districts. This most famous historical part with monuments – Venezia Insulare, unfortunately has no access to beaches. However, in other districts, e.g. Venezia Litorale, you can already find one. Anyway, as in the entire Veneto region, there are plenty of places … Read more

Weather in Venice / Long-term forecast for May, April, June, July, August, September and October

The tourist season lasts in Venice throughout the year. That is why weather for this famous city on the water is so important for visitors. The climate of Venice is moderately warm, because there are two types of influences – Mediterranean and continental. The proximity of such a large body of water, which is the … Read more

Venice – What to see and visit? Monuments, churches, interesting places and bridges

Venice is undoubtedly one of the top tourist attractions in Italy. Numerous monuments dating back to the golden days of the Republic of Venice and an unusual location on the water, puts this city at the forefront of the most popular tourism centers around the world. The unique combination of canals, churches or bridges and … Read more

Lake Como: Weather, beaches, tourist attractions, interesting places and accommodation

Lake Como is by far the most famous lake in Italy. Not only because of the reputation as the most beautiful European lake, but also because of its popularity among world famous stars who are eagerly acquiring properties in this area. A brief history of Lake Como Lake Como is a place where for centuries … Read more

Lake Garda: Weather, beaches, attractions, accommodation, camping and how to get there.

Lake Garda is probably one of the most recognizable water reservoirs in all of Europe, tempting with its unusual beauty, lush Mediterranean vegetation and an exceptionally picturesque location. There is no shortage of well-developed accommodation infrastructure, including campsites and hotels, picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and interesting places to see. It is also the largest and … Read more