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The best way to keep your holiday memories spell are the souvenirs that you bring with you. These can be both photos taken or films made, but also purchased local products that will resemble the place they come from. The most important thing is that they should be original and manufactured in the place where we buy them – products made in China are certainly not one of them.

Souvenirs from Italy are usually food products. No country, like sunny Italy, stands out with its culinary artistry. There is so much good food here that we will certainly not have enough space in travel suitcases. Italian food products are also a great idea for souvenirs for family and loved ones.

In addition, of course, we bring from Italy traditional small items such as magnets or postcards. Italian cuisine lovers reach for cookbooks, and fashion fanatics often go to outlets to hunt for their clothing souvenirs from Italy. Many people also choose local products made of leather or olive wood.

Souvenirs from Italy
Souvenirs from Italy

In Italy, everyone will surely find something suitable for themselves, because the choice is huge. However, before leaving, it is worth considering the purchase of specific souvenirs, especially when we travel by plane, so that we do not run out of space and weight limit in luggage. If we drive our own car, the only limitation will be the capacity of our trunk.

So what souvenirs are worth buying and bringing from Italy?

Souvenirs from Italy

We start with the most popular souvenirs often brought from all over the world. In Italy, as elsewhere, you can buy typical tourist souvenirs with the inscription Italy, or a specific city or region.

We can choose from:

  • magnets in all shapes and colors
  • postcards
  • bookmarks
  • snow balls
  • figurines to stand
  • cups
  • glasses
  • kitchen towels
  • aprons
  • T-shirts
  • towels
  • beach bags
  • hats
  • jewelry
  • pens
  • key rings

All of this is usually decorated with the name of the place where we are located. These are certainly not extremely original or unusual items. However, they have their supporters, as evidenced by the stalls and shops stuffed with them. However, if you are interested in a bit more Italian souvenirs, read on.

What to buy in Italy?

Italy has much more to offer in terms of souvenirs than just a fridge magnet or a mug signed ‘Rome’. When strolling among the shops and stalls while on vacation in sunny Italy, it is worth paying attention to these goods:

What to buy in Italy? Opinions and pieces of advice for travellers!
What to buy in Italy? Opinions and pieces of advice for travellers!

Leather products as a souvenir from Italy

Leather goods have been an Italian specialty for years. It is worth visiting small workshops, where belts, leather wallets and handbags are made by hand. They may not be the cheapest holiday souvenirs, but they will surely serve us for years. It is always worth paying more for quality, while supporting local business, not products imported from Asia.

Italian shoes

In a way, the theme of Italian shoes is related to leather products. Footwear in this country is distinguished not only by good quality and attention to workmanship, but also by surprising design. The fantasy of Italian designers is on a completely different level. Lovers of unusual footwear will certainly be satisfied. However, there are also classic shoe models in Italian stores that will suit most styles.

Cafes and cafeterias from Italy

Coffee is inherently associated with Italy. The inhabitants of the Apennine shoe attach great importance to this black drink. In Italy, so-called instant coffee is hardly ever drunk anywhere. Here, coffee must be prepared under pressure in an espresso machine or possibly in a coffee machine. This is what you should pack in your luggage as a practical holiday souvenir. There are various sizes of coffee makers to choose from – from two cups up. The design is also rich. Everyone will decide for themselves in what color or shape they will bring their Italian cafeteria.

What to bring from Italy?
What to bring from Italy?

Coffee cups and services

Tableware straight from Italy will surely be a real decoration for any table. Italians pay as much attention to what they drink their favorite coffee from as to the drink itself. We will have a choice of real porcelain products as well as hand-decorated ceramics. In Italy, many cups, mugs and services have a floral theme.

Italian books

Books brought from Italy can also be a good souvenir from a trip. Not only for people who know Italian. Lots of albums, travel guides and culinary books are translated into English. On the other hand, such a commemorative book can be a great motivator to learn Italian, and then read in the original, for example, The Godfather by Mario Puzo.

Olive wood products

A very nice idea for souvenirs from Italy are dishes and kitchen utensils made of olive wood. These types of products are characterized by high durability, considerable weight and, unfortunately, quite a high price. However, it is worth bringing at least one of them from Italy: a cutting board, a bowl, a mortar, a sugar bowl, or even olive wood lettuce cutlery.

Italian cosmetics

There is no shortage of native cosmetics in Italy. During the holidays, it is worth having a look at products from Tesori d’Oriente, Biofficina Toscana, Felce Azzura, Aquolina or Milani make-up cosmetics. It is also worth looking for women’s summer perfumes from Italy.

What's worth buying in Italy / What's worth buying in Italy
What’s worth buying in Italy / What’s worth buying in Italy

What to bring from Italy?

When it comes to souvenirs made locally in Italy, depending on the region in which we spend our holidays, we will be able to buy various local products.


– traditional wooden instruments

– ceramic products

– wood ornaments


– damask products

– lace

– ceramics


– silk products from Lake Como

– snuffboxes, pipes

– glass ornaments


– Venetian masks

– Murano glassware

– gold products from Vicenza

– Burano Island lace

Emilia Romagna

– mosaics from Ravenna

– ceramics

– lace


– wooden figures of Pinocchio

– containers for wine or olive oil

– ceramics


– ceramics

– embroidered napkins and tablecloths from Perugia


– rosaries from the Vatican

– goldware

– wooden ornaments and objects


– Amalfi stationery products

– coral jewelery

– figures for nativity scenes


– cartapesta products (papier-mâché)

– lace

– ornaments forged in iron


– ceramics

– wooden products

– masks / faces for good luck Satiri e Gorgoni


– ceramics

– volcanic lava products

– theater puppets


– jewellery

– textiles: carpets, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins

What’s worth buying in Italy?

The best souvenir from Italy is certainly the food. Italian food is what you should definitely bring from your vacation. The selection of products is amazing, so you should think about a free space in your luggage before you leave.

So what to invest in in Italy:

  • Italian coffee is a typical Italian product that really tastes better than what is found in most of the world. It is worth mentioning popular companies such as Lavazza, Illy, Pellini and Kimbo.
  • Italian pasta – Italian products are of the highest quality in the world. It is worth paying attention to the products of De Cecco, Garofalo and Rummo. Not to mention the unusual shapes, colors and flavors (chilli, sepia, etc.) of the local pastas.
  • Rice for risotto. To cook a real Italian risotto, you need a special rounder rice – arborio. In this topic, it is worth getting interested in Riso Scotti.
  • Italian olive oil is another world-famous product that is worth buying in Italy. Good quality oil costs at least EUR 10 per liter. Italian olive oil does not differ from those most appreciated in the world from Greece or Spain.
  • Balsamic vinegar is, next to olive oil, the second most popular food product. After all, there is no Italian salad without oil and balsamic vinegar. The best ones have to be aged for several years in oak barrels.
  • Italian cheeses are one of the most famous food products from Italy. Their selection is enormous, while individual types are also available in the relevant Italian regions: Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Fontina, Pecorino or Mozzarella di Buffala.
  • Italian cold cuts are another fascinating aspect of Italian food products. The most famous ham is, of course, Prosciutto, or Parma ham. It is also worth looking for original mortadella, or salami (salme) or Bresaola and Pancetta.
  • Tomato preserves, if you have space in your luggage, go ahead and buy passata, ready-made sauces and purees in a tube. Dried tomatoes at the market, pesto in jars and everything that has been ripened in the Italian sun and can be transported.
  • Cakes and pastries are another food straight from Italy that is worth buying. From Panettone and Pandoro cakes to amaretti and cantucci cookies.
  • Tinctures and other Italian alcohols. The country is known mainly for flavored liqueurs. The most popular ones are limoncello and amaretto. It is also worth paying attention to grappa (Italian grape-pomace vodka).

Other Italian products worth buying are certainly products with real truffle, tuna in olive oil, polenta (porridge), flavored honey and pistachio cream.

All these souvenirs from Italy are perfect gifts for a traveler.

What is profitable to buy in Italy / What is worth bringing from Italy
What is profitable to buy in Italy / What is worth bringing from Italy

What is profitable to buy in Italy?

Fashion connoisseurs like to go, as we have already mentioned, to branded outlets for clothes of famous designers. You can get here at bargain prices clothes and accessories from companies such as: Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Furla, or Fendi.

Many people say that when it comes to food products, it pays off to buy in Italy: olive oil, coffee, rice for risotto and San Marzano tomatoes. The prices of these products in other countries are increased by a margin. A good example is also the famous Aperol, which is needed to prepare the fashionable Aperol Spritz drink. In Italy it is a bit cheaper.

Staying on the topic of alcohol, it is definitely worth bringing wine from Italy. Italian wines are good and not expensive. A bottle of noble liquor costs an average of 10 euros in Italy, and when it comes to exactly what wines are worth choosing in Italy, you can take the following bottles blindly: Chianti, Asti, Lambrusco, Marsala, Etna, Monti or Bolgheri. It is not only a feast for the palate, but also an excellent souvenir from Italy.


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