Istanbul / Live Webcams!

Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, but it was until 1923. It is also the largest city not only in Turkey, but in the whole of Europe, with fifteen million inhabitants larger than many European countries! Istanbul has existed in the same place for over two thousand years, for the last fifteen centuries as the capital of a mighty empire, so of course it contains an amazing number of monuments and more – it’s a huge modern city after all! Modern technologies, in this case drones, will also help us discover the charms of Istanbul. Many bird’s-eye views of Istanbul can be found on Youtube, and our favorites are presented below!

Istanbul as seen by a drone

Looong compilation of various aerial shots of the city:

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Istanbul from a drone’s point of view

The most important attractions of the city from a bird’s eye view:

Istanbul through the bird’s eye

Short shots of the city:

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Istanbul from the air

Short shots of the city:

Istanbul as seen by a drone

Slightly longer shots:

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Istanbul from the air – a movie!

The last of our proposals is a real movie – 90 minutes of views of Istanbul to the sounds of calming music:

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