The best and most beautiful campsites on Hvar

On the island of Hvar, as well as throughout Croatia, in addition to apartments, campsites are also popular accommodation. Places where we can pitch a tent, park a trailer or rent a holiday home.

Camps are scattered all over the island on Hvar.

They also represent different levels of standards, depending on what you expect. Some of them are a large noisy community of holidaymakers, while others are more intimate and focused on blissful rest.

We describe the best and most popular campsites on the island of Hvar.

The best and most popular campsites on Hvar!
The best and most popular campsites on Hvar!

At the same time, during the holidays they can be quite crowded.

Hvar campsites – List of the most popular

Camping Vira

The largest and probably the most famous campsite on the island is camping Vira. Located on the outskirts of Hvar, 4 kilometers from the center. This is a large campsite with many amenities.

Praised by tourists because of the cleanliness of the toilets and the holiday atmosphere.

Although the beach at the resort is not impressive with its size, the area is wooded, which is associated with shade and a moment of relief from the sun. As for the sea, it must be honestly admitted that camping Vira is located in a deep cove, which shields the water from larger tides, on the other hand, it may not appeal to lovers of open spaces.

The campsite has a restaurant, shop, bar, children’s playground and diving school. You can also rent tents or mobile homes for the night.

See on the map where it is located:

Camping Lili in Jagodna

Another quite popular camp on Hvar is camping Lili in Jagodna. Located right by the sea, on a cliff, among pine trees that bring relief on a sunny day.

Hvar camping
Hvar camping

The beach is small, charmingly surrounded by cliffs, though access to or rather leaving the campsite can be problematic under influence. There is a restaurant, a small shop on site, and a fresh bread supplier arrives every day in the season.

Camping Lili offers a more intimate atmosphere, and from almost anywhere you can see the sea here.

Camping Mala Milna

Mala Milna is also a charming campsite, located 4 kilometers from the town of Hvar and not far from the town of Milna. It is called by the owners a piece of heaven on earth.

The campsite is surrounded by pebble beaches, so it is ideal for a family holiday.

Camping Mala Milna prides itself on its restaurant, which prepares dishes based on ecological products. You can take your pet here, wi-fi is free, and part of the energy is obtained from solar batteries.

At the campsite you can rent kayaks, boats, sunbeds, as well as bicycles and scooters.

See on the map how to get to Mala Milna campsite:

Camping Grebisce

Grebisce camping is also quite popular on the island. This is one of those more intimate facilities, located on the hillside.

Lots are mostly shaded by trees, unfortunately the ground is hard, like everywhere, and it’s hard to pitch a tent here. The sanitary facilities are clean and the view of the nearby island of Brac is rewarding a lot. The beach is sandy but narrow, and there is a small shop and cafe at Grebisce. Nearby there is a second picturesque cove, where it is worth going for a walk.

Camping Paklina

Camping Paklina in Ivan Dolaca is a small campsite on the island of Hvar, located right next to the sea. Jelsa is about 16 kilometers to the larger city.

Paklina camping is intended for tents, because it leads to a tunnel through which some motorhomes may not pass (up to 2.3 m wide and 2.7 m high).

Camping on the island of Hvar
Camping on the island of Hvar

Tent pitches are mostly sheltered by trees, and those in the first line also have a direct view of the sea. Sanitary facilities are kept clean, while the beach is small and the neighboring islands can be seen from it, for example Korcule or Vis. At the campsite it is also possible to rent an apartment or caravan for the night.

Camping Mina on the island of Hvar

Mina camping is also well-known and often chosen by tourists. Located by the sea, sheltered by a pine forest, at a distance of about half a kilometer from the town of Jelsa. It is a medium-sized facility that can accommodate two hundred guests. There is a shop, bar and children’s playground on site, as well as additional attractions and activities.

In the vicinity there are attractions such as mini golf and tennis courts.

In turn, the beach at Mina campsite is ideal for children, and in the high season the water playground is often spread out.

Camping Nudist

Another type of camping on Hvar is camping Nudist, obviously a nudist camp, about a kilometer away from the small town of Vrboska. Surrounded by trees, it offers its guests a rocky, fairly long beach with a view of the island of Brac. In addition, Nudist has a restaurant and a grocery store. There are various sports opportunities in the area: volleyball, basketball, water-skiing and sailing.

Campsites on Hvar

See on the map where the best campsites on the island of Hvar are located:

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