Holidays in January

Where to holiday in January? This question returns like a boomerang. When there’s winter in Europe, there are parts of the world that are enjoying warm weather. Here we share our recommendations for January holidays. All those places tend to have warm, sunny weather in January, so visiting them feels like stepping into another reality!

What’s more, prices of holidays tend to be lower in January than in the summer, with many tourist agencies offering direct flights to selected destinations. Learn about places that are the warmest in January, their tourist attractions and at what prices travel agencies offer summer holidays in winter.

Here are some of our suggestions for January holiday destinations:

The Canary Islands

Holidays in January – Canary Islands
Holidays in January – Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a relatively close direction to escape the winter. Visiting does not require a passport, and the flight is so pleasant that even kids won’t be complaining. The islands’ main selling point is the weather, warm even in January. Temperatures reach up to 25 degrees during the day, and the water can be as warm as 20 degrees. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have the warmest climate due to its close proximity of Africa, but they also have strong winds. The climate is slightly milder in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The prices are also encouraging, as they are significantly lower than those in the summer. The tourist season last here the whole year.


Holidays in January – Egypt
Holidays in January – Egypt

Out of the “tropical countries”, Egypt is reachable by the shortest flight. What’s more, the country offers alluring prices in January. On the spot, the temperature will be up to 21-23 degrees, so it’s the perfect destination for people disliking the heat. The sun shines for a full eight hours a day, allowing us to recharge our internal batteries. The sea has a temperature of 22-24 degrees, so you can also go scuba diving. There are no crowds at this time of year, though uncertain political situation means that relatively few are willing to visit Egypt nowadays.


 Holidays in January - Israel
Holidays in January – Israel

If you want to visit the Red Sea, it’s best to go to Israel, specifically the resort area of ​​Eilat. Daytime temperatures oscillate around 21-22 degrees, sometimes even higher. You can play all kinds of water sports, because in January the water has a temperature of 20 degrees. Israeli resorts offer entertainment  similar to the Egyptian ones, but are somewhat safer. It’s also a good time to sightsee across Israel, due to lovely weather and temperature (18-19 degrees). Famous cities and towns like Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Bethlehem are at your fingertips.


Holidays in January - Kenya
Holidays in January –  Kenya

Among more distant holiday destinations we recommend Kenya, especially if you go there on a photo safari to admire wild animals. January is dry season in Kenya, meaning excellent photographing conditions. Mosquitoes also appear in fewer numbers at that time, which allows it to avoid illnesses transmitted by them. Temperature in Kenya is roughly equal throughout the year. In January you can expect more than 30 degrees, while the water is pleasant 28 degrees Celsius.


Holidays in January - Thailand
Holidays in January – Thailand

In the winter season, many chose the faraway Thailand. Blue sea, heavenly beaches and the ever-shinning sun – what more could you want? January is perfect for visiting Thailand, as it’s dry season, without tropical heat. Rain won’t disturb your rest, and average temperatures during the day are 26 – 30 degrees and don’t fall below 20. A real treat for those who like to bask in the sun. What’s more, Thailand is a relatively inexpensive country that has much to offer in terms of tourism. The temperature of the water in the sea is similar – 28 degrees.

Dominican Republic

Holidays in January - Dominican Republic
Holidays in January – Dominican Republic

The sales hit of the last months is undeniably Dominican part of Hispaniola. January is probably the best time to visit this island nation. First of all, there is a dry season, where rainfall is much lighter than in other months of the year, so you can spend your holidays on the beach and not in the hotel. Additionally it’s when the hurricane season has already ended (it lasts from the late summer to autumn) and the air humidity is only 70% (instead of 90% in summer), which is a significant difference for European visitors. Temperatures during the day reach up to 30 degrees and the water is warmed up to around 26 degrees. Keep in mind that the prices may then be on the higher end, because this is the peak of the tourist season in the Caribbean.


 Holidays in January - Cuba
Holidays in January – Cuba

The second Caribbean destination for travels in January is Cuba. Similarly to the Dominican Republic, January is a good time to visit the country. The hurricane period is behind us, there is a dry season with little chance of rainfall. Unfortunately, you also have to expect a high level of air humidity, but this is a given since we are near the equator – so you have to be prepared. Temperatures during the day in January reach up to 26 degrees, which is almost as much as the temperature of water in the sea. Locals apparently don’t swim in January, but for those accustomed to icy European bodies of water the conditions are perfect.

Everybody planning a trip abroad should familiarize themselves with website of the British Government, which contains warnings for travelers.

Remember also about obligatory vaccinations for tourists, especially when you go to such an exotic place. They will allow you to avoid danger and unpleasant surprises.

As January holidays are becoming more and more popular we are looking forward to your comments and observations on the topic.

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