Holidays in Poland

Tourist guide to Poland

Poland is a large state located in Central-Eastern Europe. Fifth most populous member of the European Union, Poland has a long and tragic history due to its unfortunate location making it a prime victim to every continent-spanning war. Most of the country’s monuments and riches were lost to WW2 in particular. That doesn’t mean it’s an “empty” state – on the contrary! The lost monuments have been meticulously rebuilt, and furthermore Poland has some of the greatest natural wonders in Europe, including and unique ecosystem of Białowieża Forest. Learn when it is best to visit them and what do you need to prepare before arriving (both in terms of currency and baggage and passports or visas!), what is worth seeing and visiting, how to travel, the prices of various goods and services, accomodation, weather, maps, tourist guides, opinions of visitors and other practical pieces of information!