Helsinki – tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places

Helsinki - Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Helsinki are primarily historic religious buildings and also architecture, which was mostly built under the Russian rule. For this reason, for many people, the capital of Finland strongly resembles metropolises in Russia, such as St. Petersburg. However, there are many more attractions in Helsinki. Museum enthusiasts will be extremely pleased here, as … Read more

Prices in Finland

Prices in Finland / Drinking and eating in shops, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, vodka / Dinner for the family in a restaurant

Prices in Finland, as befits Scandinavia, are high. Accommodation, meals in restaurants and alcoholic beverages are very expensive in this country. Prices are also quite high in grocery stores, where the rule is that the more natural the product, the more expensive it is. In turn, the prices of tickets to tourist attractions are acceptable, … Read more