Children’s museums in Warsaw

Children's museums in Warsaw. What is worth seeing and visiting with children?

Children’s museums in Warsaw are an interesting offer to spend time during a trip to the capital. Although the word itself is associated with boring, serious sightseeing,

Weekend with children in Warsaw

Weekend with kids in Warsaw - check where to go / What is worth visiting?

Many tourists plan their visits in foreign countries for the whole family. Adults will be most interested in historical and cultural attractions, but children, especially those under

Attractions for children around Warsaw

Warsaw for children - attractions for the whole family!

There are plenty of attractions for children in the vicinity of Warsaw, but we do not always know which ones are really worth paying attention to and

Attractions for children in Cracow

Attractions for children in Krakow / What is worth seeing with children?

Attractions for children in Krakow are a proposal to spend many nice hours in the unique, multicultural atmosphere of this beautiful city in the south of Poland.

Amsterdam / Live Webcams!

Tourist Map of Amsterdam / Attractions, monuments and places of interest on the map of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, may not be a typical tourist paradise, but nonetheless it is a city worth visiting along with the rest of BeNeLux.

Dublin / Live Webcams!

Dublin Bridge by Barcex

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, a country somewhat overlooked by tourists. The rumor is that the British Isles are terrible weather and constant cold, excluding sunbathing

London / Live Webcams!

London weather / Long term London weather forecast

London is one of the largest cities in Europe, with a population of over 9 million people than most countries on the continent. Considering the city’s size,

United Kingdom / Live Webcams!

Current Weather in London

After leaving the European Union, Great Britain has become a somewhat less attainable tourist destination. However, the longing for holiday travels can be partially filled with webcams

Moscow / Live Webcams!

Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe, with twelve million inhabitants being itself larger than many countries on the continent! It is also a destination

Istanbul / Live Webcams!

Hagia Sophia mosque-museum in Stambul by Nserrano.

Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, but it was until 1923. It is also the largest city not only in Turkey, but in the whole of

Warsaw / Live Webcams!

Warsaw attractions / What is worth seeing in Warsaw? Monuments and interesting places

Warsaw is not on the tourist map of Europe – if someone goes to Poland, it is rather to Krakow, Wrocław or Gdańsk. And how many of

Prices in the Netherlands

Prices in the Netherlands / Food and food prices in shops, lunch in a restaurant, pizza

Prices in the Netherlands are not the lowest in Europe, and just like in every country, they depend on a specific region or city. The most expensive

Weather in London

London weather / Long term London weather forecast

The weather in London can be capricious, if you believe the stereotypes. But is it really so? Can the city, associated with constant cloudiness and frequent rainfall,

Prices in Germany

Prices in Germany / Food, drink, food in shops and lunch in restaurants

Prices in Germany are moderate, taking into account the situation in other European countries. It will be more expensive in the Scandinavian countries, or even in neighboring

Prices in the Czech Republic

Prices in the Czech Republic / Food, drink and eating in shops / Beer, dumplings, coffee / How much is bread in the Czech Republic?

Prices in the Czech Republic are not too high. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the prices in Prague, Brno and in popular mountain resorts

Prices in Slovenia

Prices in Slovenia / Dinner in a restaurant for the family, accommodation, drink and food in shops

Prices in Slovenia are slightly lower than in other western countries, and they also vary depending on the specific region. It is known that in areas more

Prices in Finland

Prices in Finland / Drinking and eating in shops, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, vodka / Dinner for the family in a restaurant

Prices in Finland, as befits Scandinavia, are high. Accommodation, meals in restaurants and alcoholic beverages are very expensive in this country. Prices are also quite high in

Prices in Spain

Prices in Spain / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant, pizza, fast food

Prices in Spain are certainly not the highest – of course, everything depends on a specific region or even city. The most expensive holiday destinations are definitely

Prices in Amsterdam

Current prices in Amsterdam / Eating in shops, dinner in a restaurant, fast food, pizza

Prices in the capital of the Netherlands are not the lowest – when planning a trip or even the shortest trip, it is worth knowing about the

Map of Amsterdam

Tourist Map of Amsterdam / Attractions, monuments and places of interest on the map of Amsterdam

The map of Amsterdam with tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places is a great opportunity to see what surprises and attractions the capital of the Netherlands has

Weekend in Prague

Weekend in Prague / Sights and attractions / Weekend in Prague for two or Prague in 2 - 3 days.

A weekend in Prague is one of the ways for a short trip abroad. The capital of the Czech Republic is an ideal place for a two-day

Prices in Copenhagen

Copenhagen: prices for attractions, accommodation

Denmark is not a cheap country and prices in Copenhagen are not the lowest. In general, Scandinavia is quite an expensive destination when it comes to excursions.

Highways in Portugal / Tolls and vignettes

Highways in Portugal

Portugal boasts one of the most developed systems of expressways and motorways in Europe. In such a relatively small country, there are quite a lot of them,

Highways in Hungary / Vignettes and tolls

Hungary motorways / Source: Wikipedia

Hungary is an attractive country for tourists. It is also very often a transit country on the way to Croatia, Italy or the French coast. This is

Highways in Germany / Tolls and vignettes

Highways in Germany Map / Check the road and highway tolls in Germany / Source: Wikipedia

Highways in Germany are a brand in itself. They are the benchmarks of quality all over the world. An interesting fact is that there is still no

Highways in France / Tolls, vignettes and prices

A map of highways in France

France is another country with a well-developed network of highways. Their total length is almost 12,000 kilometers. In this there are paid and free fragments. Tolls for