Kazimierz district of Cracow – discover Jewish Kraków!

Tourist attractions in Kazimierz, Krakow

Tourist attractions in Kazimierz district in Krakow attract many tourists who love this city every day. However, Kazimierz is quite a specific area compared to the rest of the former capital of Poland. It has Jewish roots, and thus acquires an extremely interesting, multicultural character. Administratively, it is part of the Old Town District I, … Read more

Attractions of the Tri-City / Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot by the Baltic Sea / Monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing?

Attractions of the Tri-City / Monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting in Tri-City?

The attractions of the Tri-City include numerous monuments, interesting places and city beaches. Whether in Gdańsk, Gdynia or Sopot, there is no shortage of interesting architecture, mementos of a lush past or modern facilities where you can spend your free time. The entire area in which the Tri-City is located is extremely attractive for tourists. … Read more

Poznań – tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

Poznań / Tourist attractions, interesting places, monuments / What is worth seeing?

The attractions of Poznań are quite varied, we have historical buildings and interesting sacred buildings, historic architecture and modern sports facilities. The city also boasts numerous green areas where you can rest and shelter from the scorching sun. In Poznań, there are also many interesting museums, places and districts with history, as well as remains … Read more

Helsinki – tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places

Helsinki - Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth visiting?

The attractions of Helsinki are primarily historic religious buildings and also architecture, which was mostly built under the Russian rule. For this reason, for many people, the capital of Finland strongly resembles metropolises in Russia, such as St. Petersburg. However, there are many more attractions in Helsinki. Museum enthusiasts will be extremely pleased here, as … Read more

Dublin / Live Webcams!

Dublin Bridge by Barcex

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, a country somewhat overlooked by tourists. The rumor is that the British Isles are terrible weather and constant cold, excluding sunbathing and making sightseeing difficult. This is not true – Ireland itself is warmer than most of France! Moreover, when it comes to Dublin, the city has many monuments … Read more

United Kingdom / Live Webcams!

Current Weather in London

After leaving the European Union, Great Britain has become a somewhat less attainable tourist destination. However, the longing for holiday travels can be partially filled with webcams transmitting live images from different parts of the country. While there are few of the most tourist-interesting cameras at the time of writing, many Brits are setting up … Read more

Moscow / Live Webcams!

Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe, with twelve million inhabitants being itself larger than many countries on the continent! It is also a destination underestimated by Western tourists for many reasons: historical reluctance, fear of the frosty climate (which is unjustified in summer!), Or lack of patience while waiting for visas. Nevertheless, … Read more

Barcelona / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Tibidabo Hill

Barcelona’s attractions are the main magnet for tourists in this city. There are so many of them that even a two-week vacation may not be enough to explore them all. The list of interesting places to see in Barcelona really makes you dizzy. However, during a short trip, it’s impossible to uncheck everything. Visiting Barcelona’s … Read more

Rotterdam / Attractions, interesting places and monuments

Rotterdam attractions / What is worth seeing and visiting? Monuments and interesting places

Rotterdam’s attractions are mostly modern facilities, as well as numerous museums and a typical harbor atmosphere. There are not too many historic buildings here, because during the Second World War the city was almost completely bombed. So in Rotterdam we won’t experience a typical old town, but the coastal streets should reward us for it. … Read more

Warsaw / Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Warsaw attractions / What is worth seeing in Warsaw? Monuments and interesting places

Warsaw is one of the Polish cities that attracts crowds of tourists with numerous attractions and monuments. It is not only the capital of Poland, but also a cultural, scientific and economic center. A city marked by a turbulent history, today it combines historic places with the already modern face of this place. For years, … Read more

Athens / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places

Athens monuments / The greatest and the most interesting / Attractions and interesting places

The attractions of Athens are mainly ancient remnants of the city’s rich past. The number of monuments, historical places and interesting ancient objects is really large here. After all, the capital of Greece is the cradle of our civilization and the place where democracy was born. However, it has much more to offer visitors. The … Read more

Krakow / Monuments, tourist attractions, interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Sightseeing of Krakow / Interesting places, tourist attractions, museums and monuments

Krakow, also known in English as Cracow, is a large city in southern Poland. For most of the country’s history, it’s been the capital of the nation, and unlike other Polish cities it survived WW2 almost in perfect condition. For these two resons Krakow is full of historical monuments and other attractions related to Polish … Read more

Prices in Germany

Prices in Germany / Food, drink, food in shops and lunch in restaurants

Prices in Germany are moderate, taking into account the situation in other European countries. It will be more expensive in the Scandinavian countries, or even in neighboring Austria. There will also be countries cheaper than Germany, such as Greece or Slovakia, for example. It is also worth knowing that the costs of individual goods or … Read more

Highways in the Czech Republic / Vignettes, tolls and expressways

Vignettes in the Czech Republic.

Motorways in the Czech Republic are not appreciated by drivers at all – many of their users criticize the condition of the high-speed roads in this country, as well as the passenger service areas. The latter include both fuel stations and toilets, as well as gastronomic and commercial facilities. The condition of motorways in the … Read more

Prices in Slovenia

Prices in Slovenia / Dinner in a restaurant for the family, accommodation, drink and food in shops

Prices in Slovenia are slightly lower than in other western countries, and they also vary depending on the specific region. It is known that in areas more eagerly visited by tourists will always be more expensive. In this case, it is definitely the vicinity of Lake Bled and the Triglav National Park, as well as … Read more

Prices in Finland

Prices in Finland / Drinking and eating in shops, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, vodka / Dinner for the family in a restaurant

Prices in Finland, as befits Scandinavia, are high. Accommodation, meals in restaurants and alcoholic beverages are very expensive in this country. Prices are also quite high in grocery stores, where the rule is that the more natural the product, the more expensive it is. In turn, the prices of tickets to tourist attractions are acceptable, … Read more

Naples / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places / What to see and visit

Interesting places in Naples / What is worth seeing and visiting? Tourist attractions and monuments in Naples

The attractions of Naples are primarily the remains of the Greeks and Romans who inhabited this area in the old days. It is also a bit darker monuments, hidden literally under the city itself, which most tourists will also like. Naples is also the birthplace of one of the best pizzas in the world and … Read more

Paris / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Opera Garnier

Paris attractions include not only the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame Cathedral. The entire historic city is a tempting point on the tourist map of Europe. After all, Paris is one of the most attractive cities in the world. There are many monuments and interesting places worth seeing and visiting. That is why it … Read more

Prices in Spain

Prices in Spain / Food in shops and lunch in a restaurant, pizza, fast food

Prices in Spain are certainly not the highest – of course, everything depends on a specific region or even city. The most expensive holiday destinations are definitely Barcelona, ​​Madrid and one of the Balearic Islands – Ibiza. On the other side of this barricade are the Canaries – Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote, and the Spanish … Read more

Amsterdam / Attractions, monuments and interesting places / What is worth seeing and visiting?

Tourist attractions in Amsterdam / What is worth seeing and visiting? Monuments and interesting places

Amsterdam is a city full of attractions, from its location on the canals, through numerous museums to visit, to less typical ones, such as coffee shops or the red light district. The capital of the Netherlands is also associated with tulips, cheeses, bicycles and windmills, which can also be seen here. Amsterdam attracts crowds of … Read more

Map of Amsterdam

Tourist Map of Amsterdam / Attractions, monuments and places of interest on the map of Amsterdam

The map of Amsterdam with tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places is a great opportunity to see what surprises and attractions the capital of the Netherlands has prepared for us! It should be mentioned here that there are so many of them that one day is not enough to see them all. Therefore, when going … Read more

Brussels: Tourist attractions, monuments, interesting places / What to see and visit?

Tourist attractions in Brussels / What is worth seeing and visiting in Brussels? The most popular monuments

Brussels is one of the most diverse capitals in Europe. The attractions of this city are not only historic tenement houses and medieval fortifications, but also modern districts with international seats of the most important institutions. The capital of Belgium is the heart of the entire European Union, but also a very modern place. It … Read more

Motorways in the Netherlands / Tolls, vignettes and expressways

Motorways in the Netherlands / Vignettes, highways and tolls.

The road and motorway network in the Netherlands is very well developed. So much so that this country has the highest density of expressways on 1,000 square kilometers, not only in Europe, but also around the world. All roads and highways in the Netherlands are well signposted and maintained. Moving them is practically hassle-free and, … Read more

Munich / Tourist attractions, interesting places and monuments / What is worth seeing? Sightseeing

Marienplatz in Munich / Check out other Munich attractions

Munich is one of the most visited cities in Germany. The Bavarian capital is associated mainly with the autumn beer festival – Oktoberfest, but it has much more to offer tourists. There are many monuments and attractions in Munich, to the extent that it is impossible to visit everything in one day. Tourist attractions of … Read more