Where to go on holidays in December? Where is the heat The most popular destinations for holidays in December!

December is a time that many people do not associate with holiday trips, although it is a great time to travel: the prices of holidays and holidays in December are definitely lower to encourage people to go.

After all, business must go on all year round.

Another plus of such holidays will definitely be the fact that there are no crowds, which can be important for people who hate crowded resorts and queues to monuments.

Where can you go on holiday in December? Where is it warm? Offers, prices, opinions and dream holidays in December!
Where can you go on holiday in December? Where is it warm? Offers, prices, opinions and dream holidays in December!

Where can you go on holiday in December?

Holidays in December for some – will be an escape to places full of sun, while others will look for places where you can start the skiing season. As for the first group, there are plenty of holiday destinations with excellent weather.

Even in this colder part of the year, finally the summer begins in the southern hemisphere.

However, you don’t have to go to the tropics to catch some sun in December. Also when it comes to skiing, the season in most European resorts starts around the middle of December, but earlier, if the weather is good, you can ski on the slopes.

Who are the holidays in December for?

Trips for Christmas are also becoming more and more popular. Holidays in the hotel allow the whole family to relax, and by the way you can learn about the traditions and Christmas ceremonies in other countries.

If you choose one of the exotic destinations, then just after the Christmas dinner you can go to the beach.

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Holidays in December are also a perfect time to travel with a limited budget. In tourism it is a month (especially its first part) in which there is downtime. Trips sell out only on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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To sell earlier dates, travel agencies strongly reduce prices, which is worth taking advantage of. Of course, a good idea is to hunt for last minute offers, which we’ll buy for even more attractive price.

Families with young children who are not at school age can also take advantage of this type of trip. Just like seniors and people who for some reason do not have holidays normally in the summer. Then holidays in the other hemisphere are, first of all, full of sunshine, and secondly a little cheaper than normal. The weather is good, prices are lower, and the crowds are also less.

The most popular destinations for holidays in December. Check where it will be warm!

Holidays on the beach in December

To enjoy the full sun in December, you must go to another part of the globe. When winter begins in the northern hemisphere, we can enjoy high temperatures and bathing in the sea around the equator and the far south. These are more exotic destinations that go beyond Europe. Perfect for those who love great weather and distant trips.

Holidays in December in Egypt: Last minute and All inclusive. Compare prices, check opinions and offers of travel agencies.
Holidays in December in Egypt: Last minute and All inclusive. Compare prices, check opinions and offers of travel agencies.

Holidays in Egypt in December

Egypt – is one of the most cost-effective countries when it comes to December beach trips. The temperatures in December in Egypt oscillate around 22-23 degrees. However, the water in the sea is almost all the time more than 20-degrees.

Nothing but benefit, the more that very high summer temperatures in Egypt may be unbearable for some people. December is a good time to visit this country. A cruise on the Nile, the pyramids, Valley of the Kings, or a visit to the desert in such weather conditions can be much nicer. The sun is still shining for eight hours and the rain is sporadic here.

As for the northern part of Africa, in December instead of Egypt you can also choose the Tunisian island of Djerba or Morocco. While the temperature on the island will be similar to those in Egypt, only the sea can be cooler, in Morocco we rather do not sunbathe. But you can spend time on sightseeing, because in the summer there is really hellish weather.

Holidays in December in Mexico: Last minute and All inclusive. Compare travel agency offers, tourist reviews and current trip prices.
Holidays in December in Mexico: Last minute and All inclusive. Compare travel agency offers, tourist reviews and current trip prices.

Holidays in Mexico in December

Mexico impresses with not only wildlife, white beaches and colorful culture, but also an excellent climate. It’s the perfect place for people who want to warm up. In December, temperatures on the Mexican coast reach 28-30 degrees. The water is heated up to 26-27 degrees. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the offers of trips to the Yucatan Peninsula, which is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Add to this almost 10 hours of sunshine a day and no rainfall. Then Mexico seems to be a real summer paradise in December.

An alternative to Mexico may be a trip to Florida.

It is there that every year Americans from various parts of the United States escape the cold and bad weather. December in Florida is much more gracious. The average temperature is about 25 degrees, which is the same as water. Other suggestions for a December trip may be one of the Caribbean islands – Cuba or Dominican Republic. The weather is great there too. Temperatures reach 26-29 degrees, and the water is constantly heated to 25-27 degrees. The most important, however, is that in December it is already after the hurricane season.

Holidays in December in Thailand. Is it warm there in December? Check and compare tour prices and travel agency offers.
Holidays in December in Thailand. Is it warm there in December? Check and compare tour prices and travel agency offers.

Holidays in Thailand in December

Thailand – probably one of the most popular destinations when it comes to winter holidays. It is not surprising, after all, in this country there is excellent weather all year round and it is not terribly expensive. However, from October to February, the climate is milder. First of all, it should not rain during the December trip to Thailand, because the dry season is already starting. Secondly, temperatures are slightly lower at a more pleasant 26-28 degree level. During the day there is up to 8-9 hours of sunshine and the water is heated up to 28 degrees! In addition, there are fewer tourists in December in Thailand, because the peak season is here in January.

However, if you have been to Thailand or are interested in another, somewhat less known country, Cambodia or Vietnam will be the perfect choice in this part of the world. It’s even cheaper, and the temperatures during the day are around 22-26 degrees. There may be occasional rainfall, but on December holidays there should be much more sunny, sunny days. Cambodia and Vietnam are countries where tourists will certainly be fewer than in Thailand. It is just as safe, there is something to explore, and both countries have equally beautiful coasts.

Holidays in Goa in December

Goa – is the paradise coast of western India. In December there are perfect conditions to relax in the sun on one of the local beaches. The temperature reaches 27 degrees, and the water is just as warm. It shouldn’t rain anymore and the sun shines for 7 hours during the day. As for tourists, you can expect more, because December in Goa is the peak of the season here.

In this part of the world, Sri Lanka will also be an interesting proposition for a holiday in December. A large green island that has even better weather than Indian Goa. Daytime temperatures here reach 30 degrees and the water is heated to 28 degrees. However, the risk of precipitation is greater, because 15 days of the entire month may be exposed to rainfall. In the paradise Maldives with hotels located on the water, there are fewer rainy days. In contrast, temperatures here also reach 30 degrees. The water in the ocean is only slightly cooler at 28 degrees. So you can sunbathe all day and sip cocktails. A slightly more remote island of Zanzibar in Tanzania is also a good alternative. There are also beaches with white sand and blue sea. Temperatures reach 30 degrees during the day and the water is heated to 25-27 degrees. For this reason, even in December you can bask here.

Holidays in December in Oman
Holidays in December in Oman

Holidays in Oman in December

Oman – another exotic offer, holidays in December. It is certainly a country much less known than the others listed here. However, not only its nature and monuments can tempt travelers. Oman is also an interesting mix of Arabic culture and traditional Middle Eastern architecture. A good place for adventurous people. However, tourists looking for relaxation can go to the coast dotted with sandy beaches, where you can simply relax. The temperatures in December here range from 24 to 27 degrees, and the water is heated to 25 degrees. The sun shines for eight hours during the day, and rainfall is rare.

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In turn, those who are fascinated by modern construction, glamor and luxurious life in the middle of the desert should choose the United Arab Emirates. December is one of the months when you can easily visit this country. The temperatures are at an acceptable 25-degree level, and the water in the sea is only slightly warmer (about 26-27 degrees). So you can enjoy the benefits of the coast and numerous water attractions. The accommodation base is well developed, after all, it was in the Emirates that the first 7-star hotel was built. There are plenty of mosques, skyscrapers, shopping malls and many other attractions waiting for visitors.

Holidays in December in the Canary Islands
Holidays in December in the Canary Islands

Holidays in Europe in December

In December, we don’t have to go very far to escape the cold and bad weather. Also in Europe there are several places where temperatures are at a decent level. For this reason, parents with small children who do not want to travel far also have a lot to choose from. The best place for them will be the Canary Islands or Portuguese Madeira.

There, temperatures in December remain around 20 degrees.

The ocean is 19-20 degrees, maybe not enough for swimming, but you can sit on the beach. There is no tiring heat, so walking and sightseeing with kids will not be so problematic.

As for older people and those who like to see something, in December you can safely go to one of the islands of the Mediterranean – Malta or Cyprus. Temperatures may not spoil then, but these 17-19 degrees are much better conditions than what we have then in the UK, Canada and most of the USA. There are much less tourists and the prices are lower. You can rent a car and easily explore all the interesting corners of the islands. The sea temperature does not encourage bathing, but there are indoor or heated hotel pools. And with such weather conditions you can walk endlessly.

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Ski holidays in December

As we mentioned earlier in December, with the appearance of the first snowfall – most ski resorts are opening. You can go skiing to the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Italy. However, if snow is nowhere to be seen on the horizon, then there are always alpine glaciers, where the season lasts virtually all year. Therefore, the safe choice of a December skiing trip will definitely be Austria and the Hintertux or Pitztal glacier. Maybe not all routes and lifts will be open, but there will be a place to ski.

An equally good shot will be the French Alps – in Val Thorens or Tignes, the season starts in October. Therefore, in December snow cover should be at a satisfactory level. In Italy, the Hochjochferner glacier is an equally good alternative at the beginning of the ski season.

We are interested where are you going on holidays in December?

Opinions on December holidays

Where do you spend your holidays in December? Let us know in the comments what are your favorite destinations for December. Your opinions and reviews will certainly help others make the right decision.

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