Prices on the Cape Verde Islands / Sal, São Vicente, Boa Vista, Santiago, Fogo / Alcohol, cigarettes, dinners in restaurants, food in stores

Prices for tourist attractions in Cape Verde

Prices in Cape Verde are quite high. Most of the goods are imported here, so their prices must be higher. Secondly, the stores often have a shortage of products because they are delivered here periodically, usually by sea. Therefore, the view of empty shelves does not surprise anyone here. The advantage when it comes to … Read more

Cape Verde flights and airports

There are several airports in Cape Verde, of which four are international airports, three are domestic airports, and another three are unfortunately closed. Some of them are modern objects, sometimes even stylized as defensive structures. However, the smaller ones look more like extended gas stations. The establishment of these airports was naturally associated with the … Read more

Cape Verde / Currency, vaccinations, security, time, visa or passport? Where are Cabo Verde? Tourist guide

Cabo Verde are called the Gate of Africa, and although they are several hundred kilometers from the continent, they are an ideal place for the first encounter with the continent, because Cape Verde is a little more tourist-friendly than other African countries. And what about safety, vaccinations and entry conditions for Cabo Verde? We have … Read more