Fuel and highway prices in Croatia

Motorways in Croatia are paid. What’s important, there is no vignette system in this country, you pay here for a specific route. Charges are taken at the exit gates of motorways. You can pay in cash both in euro and of course in kuna. You can also use a payment card or the ENC system.

Highway prices in Croatia

Prices for motorways in Croatia are from 7 kuna for the shortest section (Zagreb – Bregana) to 182 kuna for the route from Split to Rijeka. You also have to reckon with tolls for some bridges. For example, the fare for the bridge to the island of Krk for passenger cars is currently 35 kuna.

Prices for driving on highways in Croatia also depend on the vehicle you are driving. However, most passenger cars weighing up to three and a half tonnes, as well as those up to a height of less than or equal to ninety meters, fall into the first (I) category.

Motorway prices in Croatia
Motorway prices in Croatia

Important information is also the fact that from 2017, traveling on Croatian highways between 15 June and 15 September is 10% more expensive than prices on other dates. This is to cover the costs of over-exploitation of roads in Croatia during the holiday season by arriving tourists.

Fuel prices in Croatia

  •     gasoline 95 9.70 kuna per liter
  •     gasoline 98 10.3 kuna per liter
  •     diesel 9.36 kuna per liter
  •     LPG gas 4.30 kuna per liter

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