Zakynthos / What is worth seeing and visiting? Shipwreck Bay and other tourist attractions / Map of attractions!

Shipwreck Bay

Zakynthos is an island known mainly due to the Shipwreck Bay. However, it has much more to offer tourists than just this extremely picturesque attraction. Zakynthos is primarily an island with captivating nature and unforgettable views. There are plenty of beaches, high cliffs and beautiful bays, i.e. typical magnets attracting tourists from around the world. … Read more

Prices on Zakynthos / Food, drink in stores, lunches in restaurants and pubs as well as cigarettes, alcohol, attractions and trip prices

Prices in Zakynthos

Is it expensive to vacation in Greece? It depends on how we look at it … For example, prices in Zakynthos are rather moderate compared to other European countries. Of all the most-chosen Mediterranean countries for holidays, Greece is relatively cheap. It is known that it also depends on the specific place where we want … Read more