Athens / Tourist attractions, monuments and interesting places

Athens monuments / The greatest and the most interesting / Attractions and interesting places

The attractions of Athens are mainly ancient remnants of the city’s rich past. The number of monuments, historical places and interesting ancient objects is really large here. After all, the capital of Greece is the cradle of our civilization and the place where democracy was born. However, it has much more to offer visitors. The … Read more

What to see in Rhodes. Interesting places, monuments and tourist attractions

Tourist attractions on the island of Rhodes

Rhodes Island advertised as the Island of the Sun is still among the top three most visited Greek islands. This place can boast not only of almost 300 sunny days a year, but also a multitude of monuments, interesting places and other attractions prepared for tourists that are worth seeing and visiting. It was on … Read more

Beaches on Lefkada: Sandy, the most beautiful and the most popular

Beautiful and sandy beaches in Lefkada / Ranking of the most popular and the most beautiful beaches on the island!

The island of Lefkada is much less popular than the neighboring Ionian islands of Zakynthos or Corfu. However, every year, it arouses more and more interest among visitors. Lefkada is a small mountainous island, it stands out from the rest – a bridge that connects it to the mainland. However, what attracts the most here … Read more

Zakynthos / What is worth seeing and visiting? Shipwreck Bay and other tourist attractions / Map of attractions!

Shipwreck Bay

Zakynthos is an island known mainly due to the Shipwreck Bay. However, it has much more to offer tourists than just this extremely picturesque attraction. Zakynthos is primarily an island with captivating nature and unforgettable views. There are plenty of beaches, high cliffs and beautiful bays, i.e. typical magnets attracting tourists from around the world. … Read more

Prices on Zakynthos / Food, drink in stores, lunches in restaurants and pubs as well as cigarettes, alcohol, attractions and trip prices

Prices in Zakynthos

Is it expensive to vacation in Greece? It depends on how we look at it … For example, prices in Zakynthos are rather moderate compared to other European countries. Of all the most-chosen Mediterranean countries for holidays, Greece is relatively cheap. It is known that it also depends on the specific place where we want … Read more

Greece super last minute / What price? Where and how to choose travel agency offers?

Last minute holidays in Greece / What are the prices in travel agencies?

Greece is a tourist giant. The number of beds, attractions and beaches is amazing. The big advantage of Greek tourism are not only numerous monuments and excellent weather, but also the fact that in addition to the continental part, you can choose here for vacation one of more than 160 inhabited islands. Greece is extremely … Read more

Tourist attractions on Santorini / What to see and visit? Interesting places and monuments

Sights on Santorini / What is worth visiting? What places to visit? Ranking of attractions!

The island of Santorini is undeniably the most attractive of all Greek islands and the whole country. Everyone certainly knows the view with white houses with blue roofs, against the turquoise sea. It is Santorini, considered one of the most romantic places on earth. Very often chosen not only for marriage, but also as a … Read more

Tourist attractions in Corfu / Sights and interesting places that are worth seeing and visiting

Tourist attractions in Corfu / Tourist guide of the monuments and interesting places on the island of Corfu.

Corfu is an ideal place for holidays because of its unique character. The relatively small island is not only lacking in picturesque beaches and nooks, but also the remains of a lush history. The mild climate makes Corfu one of the greenest islands in Greece. However, numerous historic places, traditional villages and excellent cuisine make … Read more

Optional excursions in Corfu: Achillion, Kanoni peninsula, Chomi beach, Paxos and Antipaxos island, Blue Lagoon, cruise to Albania

Optional trips to Corfu

The island of Corfu has been at the forefront of the most popular holiday destinations for years. It is not surprising, because this pearl of the Ionian Islands attracts crowds of tourists every year, thirsty for sun and rest on vacation. The biggest magnet here is definitely the mild climate, which makes Corfu one of … Read more

Sandy, best and most popular beaches on the island of Siros / Reviews and map!

Although Siros is not the most famous island of the Cyclades, it is here that the capital of the entire archipelago is located in Ermupoli. This relatively small island is often the destination of ferry trips from Athens, from Tinos or the better known Mykonos. Something that attracts Siros is the picturesque views, typical Greek … Read more

The most beautiful and best beaches of Skiathos / Map and reviews / How to get there?

Skiathos is one of the charming Greek islands, currently associated mainly with the film “Mamma Mia”. Located in the Northern Sporades archipelago, in the Aegean Sea. This small island (less than 50 square km) is known primarily for its great weather, amazing landscapes and numerous beaches. There are over 60 of them on Skiathos, and … Read more

Olympic Riviera / Attractions, weather, beaches and reviews + MAP

The Olympic Riviera is one of the most popular holiday destinations among tourists from Eastern Europe. It stretches along the west coast of the Thermaic Gulf, on a section of almost 70 km. Administratively, the Riviera is located in the Central Macedonia region and includes several dozen smaller or larger towns and resorts. See on … Read more

What to see in Crete? Tourist attractions, monuments and places of interest

Crete is known not only for its monuments, but also beaches, bays and beautiful views!

Crete is the largest Greek island, attracting primarily with its warm climate, summer lasting until the middle of October and rich tourist infrastructure. Additionally, this Greek island is known for its tourist attractions, ancient monuments, interesting places and a variety of cultural influences and ancient remains. It attracts with its varied landscape with a high … Read more