Greece super last minute / What price? Where and how to choose travel agency offers?


Greece is a tourist giant. The number of beds, attractions and beaches is amazing. The big advantage of Greek tourism are not only numerous monuments and excellent weather, but also the fact that in addition to the continental part, you can choose here for vacation one of more than 160 inhabited islands.

Greece is extremely popular, attracting not only beautiful views and good cuisine, but above all moderate prices. Of course, compared to the rest of European countries where we go on vacation. However, even despite the reasonable costs of spending your holiday on the Mediterranean Sea, we are still tempted by last minute offers. And what does it look like in reality?

Super last minute in Greece / How to choose the best travel agency offer? Where to look ? What to look for?
Super last minute in Greece / How to choose the best travel agency offer? Where to look ? What to look for?

Last minute holidays in Greece

At the beginning it is worth determining what the last minute offer really is. Often, this term is overused by travel agencies or even tour operators. The real last minute is a holiday, purchased at a very attractive price, usually with a very short departure date.

The cost of such an offer may be up to 60% lower than the starting price.

However, the disadvantage here is almost immediate readiness to leave. For this reason, not everyone will be able to use it.

What is not a super last minute offer?

All other bargains under the last minute banner, sold many weeks before departure, are only a lure for customers. By design, the real last minute offer is so cheap, because a travel agency or travel agent wants to sell the last unused places in hotels or fill the plane to the end.

And it is because of this that significantly reduces their price.

Two months before departure, there is still a lot of time for all the places in the charter to be filled and hotel accommodation sold out. Therefore, only literally a few days before departure, real last minute offers are sold. Anyway, the name itself indicates it – the last minute.

When should you look for last minute offers to Greece?

As for the last minute offers in Greece, on the one hand, looking at the number of hotels and beds, the chance for a good price opportunity is assumed to be greater, because the competition is high. Not all objects can be sold out at a given time. There are a lot of accommodation offers, as well as a selection of flights. However, it must be honestly added that Greece, due to the uncertain situation of other affordable countries, has become number one among foreign tourists. However, holiday offers to Spain or Italy are more expensive.

Therefore, shooting last minute in Greece will be a little more difficult.

Who is the last minute in Greece for?

Last minute trip will not work for people who have a rigidly planned vacation and those who cannot take it overnight. The specificity of last minute trips is that they take place very quickly after purchase. Also, families with school-age children are unlikely to count on a great last minute offer in July or August. Then all over Europe it is the season of trips, so there are many people willing to vacation in inexpensive Greece. Large groups of friends or larger families may also have trouble finding a real last, because of the number of people. Usually offers of this type are for two people (1 room), sometimes only for four. This also translates into the number of seats on the plane, which may not be available for some.

However, last minute in Greece is a good option for two people who have a flexible vacation schedule. They do not mind the lower standard of the hotel or the lack of food, because they intend to visit the most beautiful places of Hellas. Sometimes there are also offers with a flight from one airport, but back to another. Also parents with small children (not school) can find something for themselves among last minute trips, especially since they can go on vacation before the season. For them, May or June is the same date as any other. They are not tied up with school activities.

Super last minute is also a good option for seniors who do not like hot summer holidays. A trip to Greece in October, when the temperatures are still pleasant will be much better and cheaper. Last minute offers are also good for people who are not looking for accommodation in specific hotels. Typically, these facilities are located some distance from the beach, in rooms without a sea view, or with super-catering. You should be aware that these are bargain prices based on beds that have not sold out. This does not mean that they will be worse and you will not miss an offer of cheap stay in a four-star hotel. However, you never know where and what the object will be at a great discount.

Last minute holidays in Greece / What are the prices in travel agencies?
Last minute holidays in Greece / What are the prices in travel agencies?

When to look for last minute deals to Greece?

When it comes to buying last-minute offers in Greece, it’s much easier to buy them at a good price in May or June than in September. Currently in September holiday offers cost almost the same as in July or August. Holiday months are virtually out of bounds at all, this is the peak of the season when most of Europe rests. Last minute offers then are a real rarity, because everything is taken. Travel agencies give promotions on trips rather from May and early June, when traffic is clearly falling.

As for the rest of the year, after the high season (mid-June to the end of September) you can start looking for price opportunities again. It’s getting colder and less crowded in Greece. Another period in which it’s hard to tick off a good last minute is the period of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These are attractive dates, when another wave of travelers is looking for trips again. It is also worth remembering that our picnic is also a “harvest” for travel agencies and then the prices of trips to Greece are pushing up. Although the real season has not started yet. In this case, it may be more profitable to travel on your own.

Important: If you want to learn more about last minute, look at the article about last minute holidays where the topic of opinions, ways of choosing, pitfalls and offers for last minute trips not only in Greece has been described in detail and thoroughly.

Where to find last minute in Greece?

The most last minute deals in Greece are islands, especially Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos and Zakynthos. Interest in the largest and most popular Greek islands is not diminishing, which is why travel and tour operators sign contracts for a large number of beds before the season. When they are not sold, almost until the day of departure, then offers and offers at a real bargain price appear on websites and directly at travel agencies. It should also be added that the last minute in Greece are usually weekly trips, two-week holidays are much rarer, and there are almost no 10-, 11- or 12-day holidays.

It’s best to look for last minute offers in Greece primarily on the websites of travel agencies. Particularly good places to find affordable tours are their social profiles, which are worth following and observing. Last minute deals can also be found on portals that list all tour operators and sites involved in finding this type of vacation. Of course, also on the spot in the travel agency, the employee will inform us about the available bargains. If we leave our email address, we will also receive this type of information to the mailbox.

Last minute trips to Greece / Check tourist reviews and compare prices at travel agencies.
Last minute trips to Greece / Check tourist reviews and compare prices at travel agencies.

Advantages and disadvantages of last minute trips in Greece

The advantage of last minute trips to Greece is that for little money we have the opportunity not only to relax in excellent weather, but also to admire the monuments dating back to the beginning of our civilization. With any luck it will also be the last minute with accommodation on the level, along with meals. The offer for this type of trips is exactly the same as for those who bought them earlier for more money.

The downside to super last minute deals in Greece is that we can’t arrange a departure date. Rarely will you find something during the summer months and you won’t be able to choose the hotel where you live. This applies to both the place (specific town), room standard and type of food. The object may not necessarily be located near the sea or have a swimming pool equipped. So if someone cares about this type of details, then a better solution would be booking in the first minute mode, where there is a full range of dates and type of accommodation.

Last minute price in Greece

Prices of last minute holidays in Greece, as normal, depend on the place, date, hotel standard and food. For example, you can find offers for as little as one hundred euro per person / week in October, but without boarding and in a three-star hotel. For a similar price, we’ll find a week’s stay in Athens in November, but in a 3-star hotel with breakfast. At the largest and renowned holiday organizers, these prices start from 250 euro per person (selected in similar criteria).

Reviews of last minute trips to Greece

We are very interested in the opinions and reviews of travel agency clients who spent their holidays in Greece choosing just last minute offers. Your opinions will be valuable information for us about where and how much cheaper you can find interesting offers to spend your holidays in Greece at the last minute.


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